• Second Life Halloween Pony Events

    The Second Life pony community has a bunch of events happening for Halloween this year. A few different groups have teamed up for candy hunters, story nights, and a battle against the forces of disharmony for everyone to join up on.

    Below the break, check out a trailer along with a list.

    Nightmare Night Disharmony

    Our Disharmony event is happening in the sims of Ruby Hills with their spirits, Carbondale with being overran with armies of the undead and Neighberry where you should fear the fruit. Please reach out to the following people on Discord for additional information!

    Kokuma#7175 for Ruby Hills
    LAMP#6370 for Ruby Hills
    Laura (Piper) Sikes#9739 for Carbondale
    Serendypity#9538 for Neighberry

    Candy Hunt – Neighberry & Trotsdale

    The annual candy hunt in the pony second life community continues for the 7th year! Collect candy in the spooky forest of Neighberry and deep in the Skull Cave! There are exclusive prizes only available during the annual candy hunt. Better grab them while you can the Hunt will be going until Nov 9th.

    For more information please reach out to Seren on Discord.
    Serendypity#9538 for Neighberry

    Nightmare Nights – Canterlot

    A mysterious dock has arrived in Canterlot on the river. Upon it, a Magical Portal! Enter, Fillies and Gentlecolts, To enter the Everfree forest. Many, many surprises await you here.

    *** Dont forget to click EVERYTHING you can.***

    You never know what secrets you may reveal or treats you may find!

    For additional information please reach out to Sakairi on Discord


    Ghost Hunt - Luna’s Empire

    The local trolls have stolen all the candy! Help the community gather the candy back for Nightmare Night by defeating the ghosts! Doing so will net you some amazing prizes!

    For additional information please reach out to Luna on Discord