• Episode Rewatches - Set for Saturdays at 10:00 AM!

    A feature a lot of people have been requesting over the years that we didn't really stick to is the Episode Rewatch. Now that the show is over, I think it's a good time to revisit the concept. Watching pony episodes alone is something any of us can do, but doing it with a bunch of others while reminiscing about these old stories we all spent so many years celebrating is a different feel altogether.

    We've teamed up with derpi.tv to make our Saturday mornings a little but more interesting! 10:00 AM PST was the time with the most votes in the poll we ran, so that will be the official time going forward.

    Instead of a single episode each week, we are going to be running double episodes. There are over 200 to get through, so we've got more than enough to keep the concept going.

    So prepare for today! We start it off with the two-parter that got this train rolling in the first place.