• Pony Community Soapbox #136 - Fearing the End, Infinity War pony, and Artists Need Feedback!

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    Headlines this week:

    • The Debate of Unicorn Sci-Twi and her Missing Wings
    • Are you at all scared for the final season?
    • My little pony Infinity War
    • Pony Fandom Creators Need Feedback 

    And get your soapboxes below!

    The Debate of Unicorn Sci-Twi and her Missing Wings
    By Astral Phoenix

    Not sure if I did one of these topics already but it doesn’t hurt to start another, especially when some time has elapsed.

    As many of us have seen in the new EQG special Sci-Twi has finally made it into Equestria, however, she appears as a Unicorn and does not have her wings despite that she gains them when she ponies up. I’ve been hearing on how this is a continuity error but I'm inclined to disagree on that cause it was never fully established if Sci-Twi was a full fledge Alicorn like her equestrian counterpart.

    Remember most of the times that Sci-Twi had ponied up it’s always been with her friends, together! Unless we actually see her pony up by herself and still have her wings that’s where I would begin questioning on it.

    The way I see it is that the girls use the power from Princess Twilight and transferred it into Sci-Twi since “Legend of Everfree”. So now every time they pony up Sci-Twi becomes, well what I dub as, a Semi – Alicorn.

    Basically, what I think is the girls still carry Princess Twilight’s magic and as they share it with Sci-Twi that’s how she gains her wings, but the fact she will still have them if she ponies up by herself is still completely unknown at the moment.

    Are you at all scared for the final season?
    By: FlareGun45

    So I really enjoyed the season premiere - but it did have it's issues, and the only real issues I had with it are personal issues. Knowing this is the final season does excite me for new episodes and I admit I'm good with moving on, but at the same time, I'm terrified with the season. Despite the crew say of giving it their best (which I will always be grateful for all the work they did despite not always doing what I like), or the amount of theories I find, or the amount of confidence I have, I've never been so scared of MLP has I am right now!

    We all put our hearts out to this show cause it's helped us out in our times of need, and we've looked to this show for guidance, but this is the last chance for the show to make a great impression! I put so much attention on Spike that he's the only thing I really care if anything happens in the whole show - and that's my own fault, but not something I could turn back to now. I wish I could, trust me.

    There are two sides going on in my head: one says "this season is his, he'll be the hero and no one will expect it" and another says "no he'll be cheated AGAIN, like always"! It's 50-50 right now. I don't WANT to resent this show cause of something stupid like this - but these things happen! You pour heart out onto something and if it isn't what you expected, you feel betrayed. Not blaming the staff for their choices and I respect their decisions regardless of how much I either love or strongly dislike them.

    For different reasons, are YOU nervous about this season? You can admit it, no one will judge you! Or at least shouldn't, cause we're human beans have feelings and emotions after all! ;)

    My little pony Infinity War
    By: indiana

    With season 9 finally on it's way, I feel like it's time for new theories. Right from the beginning there is something that caught my attention and it's possibly the key to the season finale. Is it just me or did Grogar look a hell of a lot like Thanos? All that's left for him to do is to say "Fine, I will do it myself" later in the season and funny enough, I think that is exactly what he will say. Mark my words ladies and gentlemen. But why do I think that exactly? He mentioned something about a bell that is missing from his collar. Could it be that we have a situation where Grogar already has the "infinity stones" but doesn't have the "gauntlet" yet? And if that is the case then the reason why he needs allies now is for them to find or retrieve the bell and as soon as they are done with that, Grogar will no longer need them and there will be a betrayal repeat like in the S4 finale. Not only that but some reformations may also follow depending on the exact circumstances. What do you guys think? I would love it if that were the case.

    Pony Fandom Creators Need Feedback
    By: QuantumCEL

    I've been involved in both Brony and Furry fandoms and one thing that has always bothered me about brony is the lack of feedback. I don't know if it is because we do not have a dedicated community art site like Fur Affinity and instead only have something like e621, but people very rarely post feedback on anyone's actual pages. Usually Deviant Art or Twitter are light on comments compared to a furry artist on Fur Affinity gets. Even if it just a small bit of appreciation, it helps a lot to know your art is loved. There are a lot of people only viewing and clicking fav without anything else.

    Thanks for reading.