• FLUTTERSHY Music: Yanamosuda - Think Of Fluttershy [Jazz/Lounge]

    Yanamosuda is especially known for two things. His love for Fluttershy, and the comfy jazzy pieces that he writes while thinking of her! In continuation to the feelings expressed in the must-have album Little Energy, the lovely musician conveyed his love for the yellow pegasus once more in this Lounge track designed to play as a BGM when he thinks of her, and it just does absolute wonders at accompanying all that tender love along the chill vibes. This track could be imagined as both being performed by a Jazz band inside a cozy piano bar in Equestria, and playing in the background during a loving scene between Yanamosuda and Fluttershy, and that is so very wonderful! Do catch up with previous releases from the musician on his channel if you haven't already, it's a real gold mine! And the beautiful artwork of Fluttershy in the video was drawn by Yanamosuda himself, as he's expressing his love for Fluttershy that way too! Check it out on DeviantArt along other lovely pony artworks in his gallery!