• Open Art Event Submissions - LEAGUE OF EVIL

    This is a villian I'd 100% accept. Especially if it lead to a Somnambula episode.

    This post is dedicated to all the submissions we received for the Open Art League of Evil event.

    Get the open art evil stuff below!

    [1] Source

    by jennithedragon

    [2] Source

    Maniac Mayhem - Maretropolis Mastermind by bakumaru01

    [3] Source

    Twilight Sparkle And The Marevolent Six by TobiIsABunny

    [4] Source

    Wavelength (Siren Form) by darthrivan

    [5] Source

    by Devin on Twitter

    [6] Source

    Starlight Joins The League Of Evil by SadTrooper

    [7] Source

    EQD Open Art: The Worst Villain of All by diamondsong42

    [8] Source

    Dazzling New Recruits (CONTAINS SEASON 9 SPOILERS) by BramGroatonDA

    [9] Source

    Room for 2? (Sketch Drawing) by ToliTheBrony

    [10] Source

    Sympathy for the Devil by GafelPoez

    [11] Source

    Evil for hire by Addelum

    [12] Source

    Hydia by VeryComicRelief

    [13] Source

    Wanda meets Grogar by daimando

    [14] Source

    Malum by CoreyJack1123

    [15] Source

    Vorace - The pony eater by Kyumiku

    [16] Source

    Legion of Doom (Legion XIII) by kirkb1660

    [17] Source

    The Dazzlings joins the team by SiopaoNinja