• More Pony Music! Trip to Manehattan, Equestrian Skies, and Somnambula!

    It's that time again! Come check out the many more musical wonders from pony musicians in our community! On the menu, many treats from familiar faces as well as lovely musical endeavors from undiscovered musicians! Begin your journey after the break!

    1. DeaDmau6 - Scattered Dream (feat. ConversePromise)
    Vocal - Melodic Dubstep
    Very lovely and cute female vocals in this bright yet punchy Melodic Dubstep track!

    2. 4EverfreeBrony - Luna-by
    Vocal - Piano Ballad
    From The Highest Tower, this is 4EverfreeBrony's lovely "Luna-by" lullaby to Luna, sending her support in her daily routine! (Glad she will get some well-deserved vacation, going by what we've learned from the S9 premiere.) Also check out 4EverfreeBrony's remake of Birdsong featuring Relative1Pitch, his first pony song ever, themed around Fluttershy and part of the new album Music In The Sky!

    3. Reverbrony - My Catharsis
    Instrumental - Acoustic/Metal
    Finding Catharsis in music, Reverbrony did wonders with this beauty soothing the heart!

    4. H8_Seed - Petrified (NYMUND9 Remix)
    Vocal - Electro
    Unexpected remixes of classics are always so awesome! This is Nymund9's tribute to Petrified and he went all-out with recording the new vocals himself!

    5. Prey - Manehattan Boulevard
    Instrumental - Blues
    An utterly delightful Blues gem to picture the charm of the big city!

    6. Nicolas Dominique - Warden of the Sky
    Instrumental - Chillout/Ambient
    A very celestial and aerial track, taking us to the heavens with such emotional sounds and melodies! Also check out Space Walk from the musician, about Pinkie exploring space!

    7. Vylet Pony - Monolith to a Halcyon (feat. Namii & GalaxySquid)
    Vocal - Synth-Rock
    Another much refined and unique track from Vylet's album Homeward! Also check out Harbour (Pts. I & II)!

    8. DJT - Godesses In Crime (feat. 4EverfreeBrony & Chord Catcher)
    Vocal - Future Bass
    If you somehow missed this masterpiece from Ponies at Dawn Enigma, grab it along the whole album while it just got its YouTube release! Incredible instrumental and vocal wonders await you, as well as sensual Rarity greatness!

    9. Daniel Ingram - The Pony I Want to Be (Etherium Apex Remix)
    Vocal - Progressive House
    Released prior to Flight of the Wonderbolts, this remix of Diamond Tiara's emotional song sparkles with the musician's proficiency at electronic music, for a beautiful new rendition!

    10. Odyssey Eurobeat - Luna (Royalpony Remix)
    Vocal - Hardstyle
    A much heartfelt and momentous remix from Royalpony, this Hardstyle take on the "first original pony song ever" is quite starry and hard-hitting too, bringing much renewed party spirit!

    11. The Rainbooms - All Good (Pinkie Brayn Remix)
    Vocal - Electro House
    Uploaded on Browny Brony's channel, Pinkie Brayn's remix of the EQG song gives much "feel good" vibes and it's such a shining and welcome treat, extending the feelings of the girls!

    12. Chiptune Brony - Love, Beauty and Harmony
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    Released after Date with Pinkie Pie, this gorgeous composition is full of love and is meant to reflect a lovely concept stated in the description!

    13. Shuffle Horse - Hypnotic
    Instrumental - Trap
    Shuffle Horse's putting us in a trance with the deep, hypnotic Trap vibes!

    14. Lorris - Rafales
    Instrumental - Drum & Bass
    A tasty Omnipony-inspired beauty of a track from Lorris, delivering such heavenly melodies while bringing all the hard-hitting-ness in the drops!

    15. Cloud Hop - Whirlwind
    Instrumental - Epic Orchestral
    Cloud Hop is back with an epic and emotional progressive gem, inspired by Equestria's pegasi!

    16. Night Blaze - Happy Ending
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    Night Blaze's heart-warming tribute to BronyCon is so lovely and tender, and all those soft melodies are just making me melt over the course of this track's amazing progression!

    17. AnimatronicPony - Dream Of Harmony
    Instrumental - Experimental
    The first song inspired from the latest episode Uprooted! AnimatronicPony experimenting on the concept of that shared dream from the intro of the episode is so lovely!

    18. Forgiveness & Anguish - Another Day Away
    Instrumental - Future Garage/Chillout
    Another musician making their much-welcome comeback, and with such an inspired and unique track! The atmosphere and soundscape in this are just amazing!

    19. Yellow Tune - Cleopona
    Instrumental - Electro Horse/World Music
    For those craving for Egyptian pony vibes from the Somnambula episodes or from OC designs in fanart such as Cleotrotra's, 174UDSI/Yellow Tune got us covered, with a spiritual successor to his previous track Somnambula!

    Omake/Bonus: SDreamExplorerS - Oblivion Highway Narrated WIP Compilation

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!