• Seaquestria Fest Opening Its Doors in Maryland 2020!

    If you're afraid of pony disappearing after the series ends this year, never fear! A new convention has been born on the east coast called Seaquestria Fest! Based in Ocean City, Maryland, the convention hopes to open its doors for the first time in May 2020!

    Interested in an east coast convention? Well, check on after the break for details!

    Hey all and welcome to SeaQuestriaFest! 

    You might be wondering what in the hay is SeaQuestriaFest? Well, we are a My Little Pony convention for all generations so expect some guests from any generation of MLP to show up to our little abode in Ocean City, Maryland at the Grand Hotel and Spa on May 29th - 31st 2020. The Grand Hotel is ADA friendly. 

    Well, dates and locations are good and all but what kind of activities should you expect at our con? 

    Well, we are near the beach SO SAND CASTLES AND BOARDWALK FOOD! 

    We will have your typical panels to keep you entertained throughout the weekend! (Panel submissions TBD). 

    Maybe a concert? Jam out to some music and good vibes all around! 

    "B-but what about adult content?" There will be 18+ and 21+ items/panels during that weekend, however, you will need identification to prove that you are of age. 

    "Help!! I am being harassed by somepony where do I go to report it?" That is where our security team comes in! They are there to make sure everyone is safe and having fun at our event. 

    Oh, how could I forget about our marketplace where you can buy various amounts of pony swag! (Vendor Submissions TBD).

    The con is by the fans for the fans! We involve all gens of MLP. Our expectations are a more laid back close-knit con that celebrates the fans and the shows. You can also apply to volunteer for us and help make SQF a relaxing day on the beach on our website seaquestriafest.com! You can find us on our website seaquestriafest.com, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SeaquestriaFest/ and on our twitter: https://twitter.com/seaquestriafest if that doesn't fit your fancy then join our discord (Which is conveniently linked in our Facebook and Twitter!)

    Twitter: Calpain