• My Little Pony: Season 9 Premiere Meetups! Send Them in!

    Want to host a meetup now that we have a date for the opening episode of season 9? We are currently collecting them! Might as well make our final season a party right?

    The deadline will be March 15th, so a week from now for a Saturday post. That should give people plenty of time to plan their schedules around attending a few weeks after.

    Head on down below for submission info!

    For the sake of keeping things simple, we will require a link to either a Facebook event post, or Meetup.com event post.

    NOTE: This is only for physical meetups, not online ones.

    Submit guide: 
    1. ) Open an email to the submit@equestriadaily.com box

    2. ) Title it "SEASON 9 MEETUP"

    3.) Copy paste this and add your info after the colons:


    Meetup/RSVP Link:



    Special instructions:

    4.) Send it!


    Location: Autumn Blaze's Forest Shack

    Meetup/RSVP Link: https://www.meetup.com/Autumn's-Viewing-Party

    Date: April 6th

    Time: 12:00 PM

    Special instructions: Bring a couch


    Again, deadline is March 15th. Get it in!