• More Pony Music! Flavorful treats from the community to enjoy without moderation

    This time too, a lot of great stuff to check out! Find what you're looking for, or just listen to all the interesting pony songs that got released in the meantime in the community!

    1. PREY - Tempest Shadow
    Instrumental - Trap
    Prey has been quite active with new music releases recently, and this pony track about Tempest makes awesome use of vocal samples from her and makes for such a fitting character theme for her antagonist role in the movie!

    2. AnimatronicPony - Don't You See
    Instrumental - Experimental
    A tasty track with an intriguing concept, it delivers such a spooky and haunting atmosphere. Don't You See? It's just at the other side of the screen...

    3. Mike Staley - Flying ("Crying" Parody)
    Vocal - Classic Pop
    A ponification of Roy Orbison's song Crying, this lovely tribute to Scootaloo was sung with the heart! Also check out Mike's other recent ponification Party At Pinkie Pie's Place (Party in the USA Parody)!

    4. Complete Disregard for Pony Life - The Marvelous Misadventures of Loc Dogg and Shining Chord
    Instrumental - Experimental
    Under his alternate alias, DAϟH provides an intriguing experience of sound that has got a cool concept!

    5. CisumClassic - The Odyssey of Starlight Glimmer
    Instrumental - Epic Orchestral
    Perhaps inspired by orchestral musicians in the community making similar music such as Jyc Row, CisumClassic goes the Epic Orchestral route and delivers a grand and progressive tribute to Starlight's arc in the show!

    6. Luna Jax - Home
    Vocal - Acoustic Pop
    A wonderful acoustic piece from Luna Jax straight from Ponies at Dawn Enigma!

    7. TheHappyPony - A Dark Night in the Everfree
    Instrumental - Chillout/Dark Ambient
    Recreating the atmosphere of the Evefree Forest marvelously, TheHappyPony presents us a trip through the forest in musical form, with many spooks lurking in the dark!

    8. Koron Korak - A Gift of Friendship (feat. Makenshi)
    Instrumental - Pony Progressive
    Me and Koron did this track together IRL at my place! Well, Koron is the one who actually made the music, but he let me contribute by choosing all the instruments, deciding the direction of the track, and making adjustments, as a surprise gift for my birthday! Read Koron's description and my comment on the video if you want more details... and if you're not afraid of lenghty text! We hope you'll like it! I envisioned it as just the kind of progressive music that I love the most and using all my favorite instruments, and Koron did absolute wonders with it!

    9. WoodenToaster Vs. The Prodigy - Pinkie Must Lie! (Agents of Discord Mash-Up)
    Vocal - Breakbeat
    Another of the tasty treats from Agents of Discord's Habitual Liar EP, this mashup works so well and makes for a cool concept too!

    10. NYMUND9 - Retaliation
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    An epic orchestral theme for the villainous Cozy Glow from Nymund9!

    11. Shining Mane - A Tribute To FIM
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    A grand and emotional tribute to the show from Shining Mane, in the form of a 7-minutes orchestral composition including choirs!

    Note: Since the original video got deleted, you may find the MP3 file of the song here.

    12. NeoN & Xavi - Penumbra (Agents of Discord Remix)
    Instrumental - Breakbeat
    Originally made for the Penumbra remix competition, here's Agents of Discord's funky spin of the original! It's part of Agents of Discord's Surprise Party! EP, released through noise.horse!

    13. Skelter - The Other Side (feat. Musica Note)
    Vocal - Chill Trap
    Skelter amps up his game with Musica Note's vocals! And always with tasty Trap percussions and bass.

    14. ROKII - SmartPony™ (Full Album)
    Instrumental - Electronic/Ambient
    Rokii aka Jupiter Maroon just released a new album, full of fun and bouncy electronic tracks, as well as a few Ambient experiments that add some personality to the album!

    15. Astrolázuli - A Thousand Years
    Instrumental - Electronic
    Astrolázuli shared a love letter to the community that they made in 2014! It's also inspired by that beautiful art by Oliminor and there's many awesome and rare artworks to be found in his gallery!

    16. Reverbrony - Hell Spawn
    Instrumental - Heavy Groove Metal
    A brand new track from Reverbrony! Go get your dose of heavy riffs and stylish solos in a progressive format!

    17. MirroredReality - Sunset Dreams
    Instrumental - Tropical House
    A sweet and sunny tropical track fitting so well to Sunset! Savored best while gazing at the sunset on the beach of some tropical island, and having a picture of Sunset displaying on your phone or laptop nearby.

    18. GrazySmash - Lost Night
    Instrumental - Electro House
    Stylish, fast, and wicked!

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