• Community Figure, Koobikitsune, Passes Away

    While the news of season 9 has been spreading across the fandom a bit of sad news has also hit certain sections of the pony fandom hard this week. Koobikitsune (CobaltTheUnicorn), whose characters, such as Dopple and Cobalt (whom you might have seen in various comics on EqD), has passed away.

    Unfortunately Koobi had not been feeling well during the past few months and was suddenly admitted to the hospital within the past two weeks due to liver and kidney failure that came on suddenly and unexpectedly, something he was unable to recover from.

    I admit that I never knew Koobi (save for his characters), but hearing how he touched the lives of so many of our community members from behind the scenes I couldn't let such a noble soul pass on without some sort of tribute to all they have done.

    A memorial service for Koobi will be held on March 22. If you wish to pay your respects to the family you can contact Pony-Berserker either on Twitter or Deviant Art to learn more about attending the memorial service or at least wishing the family your best.

    Rest in peace, Koobi. From what I've heard from your friends it sounded like you were a person I really would have liked to have met.

    Check after the break for memorial messages and art links from folks around the community.

    He was one of the most generous, selfless and kind people I've met in this fandom. He supported me as an artist, worried about his friends and commissioned art to cheer them up. I know he's missed by many. And even though I knew him only for a short while , I feel like I've just lost a good friend." – Magdalene Calbraith “dSana”

    “When I met Justin Blum, he was curious if I'd draw some of his pony characters, to which I happily obliged. Over the span of three years or so, I drew every character he had, some of them multiple times. Through it all we slow built a closer friendship, he would ask how my day was going, and i'd reply with whatever had recently been exciting in my life. Then for him, I would do the same. Justin wasn't the kind of person to shy away from a tough issue, and tried to compromise where he could, for the benefit of both parties.
    He never seemed to want others to be stressed out or upset, and I feel like that was one of his strongest traits as a friend, he was always seeking unity, in an attempt to keep close, a herd minded individual through and through. Justin was one of my favorite commissioners for pony art, and as I write this, I look back on the art pieces I did for him, and I laugh. He had some crazy ideas, and for a guy like me, crazy was just the right amount of sane. “ – Backlash91

    “Justin, Cobalt, koobi, was and always will be a great friend, and I won't forget him. I will keep drawing his characters, so that he lives on.” – Anonymous

    “He helped me raise money for a friend who was broke and going to likely be homeless or in trouble otherwise. With his help I raised 1500 in one night. 500 or 600 of which was just him. The money was a commission even though I just took the money and sent it along. I planned out alot of stuff I was going to do (was going to make him multiple animations with cobalt the oc.) upgraded assets. scenebuilds. models. some he even paid for cause he liked the idea of what I planned to do. funding the stuff I didn't have at the time. I planned to work on some of those coms which is why I messaged him. I'll never have a chance to repay his kindness and patience with things he liked.” – Mr. Tektite

    Cobalt was a backer for Roan and it is sad to hear of his passing :( You are remembered in the book and by many!
    He is one of many who helped to support the game, and I had a good time talking to him about his character years back when I was getting the writing and all the art from artists.
    I'm going to definitely see about engraving his character in the Roan World as a big thank you for his support!
    Roan-RPG / mh47e

    “I learned today that Justin Blum aka koobikitsune recently passed away...
    Now, I didn't know him personally and I have only spoken to him here a few times; yet, every time we spoke he was always kind and nice, even giving me some advice to my MLP OCs.” – heartstorm4ever

    "It’s so sad to hear this news. Cobalt was cool to talk to, the few times I could talk to him. He always had the best commission ideas too. He will be sorely missed…” -  Sirius-Face

    “This amazing person helped me immensely in late 2017 when I almost lost my apartment. He was incredibly good-hearted.” – Amber May (FoxyVox)

    “I had been concerned about Justin for some time; notes that I sent about art he’d commissioned were unread, and he hadn’t commented or liked anything new for a few weeks. It wasn’t entirely unlike him to go out of contact now and again, but he had never disappeared for this long. I put it out of my mind, focusing on work and the demands of daily life.
    One morning, I got a note. It came from a friend of his. It was simple and direct - Justin had passed away.
    It’s sort of a strange affectation of our atomized, “online” life that we have friends who we’ve never actually met. We find out that they’ve gone forever from our lives via notes left in an electronic mailbox. I don’t exactly know the circumstances of Justin’s passing. I don’t think they particularly matter. My friend is gone and I am heartsick at the loss.
    Any of Justin’s many friends would attest to the fact that Justin loved to help people, and was generous almost to a fault. Beyond buying copious art of his massive cast of original characters, Justin engaged in genuine philanthropic work - helping friends move out of dangerous and unhealthy living situations, supporting others who couldn’t help themselves or were down on their luck.
    Really, though, Justin’s generosity was underpinned by the fact that he had what could only be described as a genuinely kind soul. As my patron, Justin and I collaborated on myriad iterations of comics and scenarios for his characters; he was kind and patient in creating our shared vision, never pushy or insistent or mean. Whenever we shared a project, he gave me as much creative freedom as I wanted, but as much guidance as I needed - I could feel that more than anything he just wanted me to succeed.
    In short, Justin was a true gem, a kind friend to all who knew him and a boon to the communities he loved.
    I will miss him deeply” – Pony-Berserker

    “This is just, beyond hard to comprehend. Koobi was one of my first friends online, and one of the longest enduring. He's been so sweet and supportive. And now this.” – Okamiseinen

    "I've known Justin a very long time, and while he struggled with a lot of hardships in his life, he never let that shape who he was. He would often commission artists that needed help just to draw things that the artists themselves wanted to draw. He'd financially aid his friends in times of need, and he's even responsible for me and some of my friends being able to move distances that we couldn't make without help in order to be with people we loved. I owe a lot to Justin, and it warms my heart to see how many others he touched as well. I hope that wherever he is, he knows how many people love and miss him, myself included." - MidoriKuroba

    “This guy, was literally the nicest person you could meet. So few can match the same level of generosity, patience, caring, and kindness. It's so sad to hear of his passing. Go on your way friend...” – fearingFun

    “Oh no, he was so niiiice ;A;!
    He was super supportive of us artists, always tipped well, was always polite and respectful, easily one of the kindest people in the fandom!
    Rest in peace, duder ;n;!” - fristART

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