• Letters to the My Little Pony Staff - The Letters! (Part 3!)

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    We close out with 230 or so letters in all. Not bad fandom! This show really did change a lot of lives. It's absolutely incredible that some of you weren't even teenagers when Friendship is Magic began. Some of you graduated college and had kids in the time it has been airing, who are now watching pony right there with you. What a wild ride.

    Anyway, get the letters below! We've got over 100 in this one. If for some reason yours didn't show up in any of the 3 posts, please send an email to the submit box and I'll add it here!

    Dear FIM Staff (from the VAs, writers, storyboarders and ect).

    Thank you for such a great show! FIM has been a great ride and while I’m sad to hear that S9 is the end (OCD, hate changes, but if there’s one thing the show taught me, things can get better if you wait), I can’t wait to see what’ll happen in it.

    I came into this show not knowing what to expect. I didn’t even know what I wanted to do in life but as the show went on, I realized that I wanted to write. Create my own adventures and build up a great story, and while I’m still solar systems from being good, I wouldn’t be where I am now without it.

    Even though the canon source might be closing, the fandom will keep its memory alive for years and years to come. So, from the bottom of my heart and countless others, thank you for 9 years of ponies. And wherever you guys end up, keep giving it 20% more effort and coolness! And, quoting Spice Up Your Life, you all are truly amazing.

    P.S the moon will last forever! Had to say that. X3 Never give up what you guys love! Because even when we get Gen8, I’ll still be enjoying FIM and whatever follows it. Projects are never finished, their abandoned. But sometimes, it’s bigger to end on a high note.

    P.S.S if you guys ever get the chance, give your faults on Flurry Heart if she had the chance to grow up? That’s really the main reason why I hope Gen5 is 10 years later, but we shall see.

    From one brony who isn’t very good at words, Cody2819/Darkness Void.

    You guys just carry with you the fond memories of this show and use them to keep creating something awesome.

    This is a emotional moment. Season nine is just around the corner and we're about to enjoy one last season of hijinks, epic fight scenes, music and moral goodness the show produces and yet I am hesitant to see it all go but I know it's for the best.

    This show has been a part of my life for many years now, I can still remember the moment I discovered mlp and it was magical. These characters captivated me because of their personalities, hobbies, goals, quarks, flaws that made them multilayered and I celebrated them whenever they overcame a personal obstacle and when he/she or all involved learned a lesson and grew from the experience.

    The mlp G4 crew have created a world that is vibrant and expensive spawning many mythical creatures and beasts that populate Equestria, their designs are awesome and detailed. The lore of the ponies and various creatures like griffins, dragons and etc are fascinating and it made me more invested in seeing what other new species and/or mythical creatures they would introduce to the show as time went on.

    The fandom wouldn't have existed without such a wonderful team who brought this show to life and through the ponies adventures and ordeals taught us that friendship is indeed of magic. This left an impact on my life and it'll stay in my heart always.

    I’d like to thank all the staff both past and present for making MLP the amazing show it is today.

    I wouldn’t have made all these wonderful friends and memories if you weren't for your hard work, love and dedication for a series we all hold near and dear. I wish you the best of luck and that your future endeavors shine like rainbows.

    Sincerely draconequusmedia12

    Dear staff and crew of Friendship is Magic,

    Thank you for creating one of most enthralling animated series I've ever seen. When I first saw the show, I thought it was just another dainty television program for little girls, but it turned to be a tremendous narrative with provocative visuals, memorable characters, and thought-provoking themes. I always thought that animation was a impressive aspect in the realm of entertainment and this series proved my assessment. I hope you continue to make art like this masterpiece.

    --Charles "Chaz"

    Nine years... almost a decade. To think that I was in grade school when I started watching this crap and I would be finishing up college now, if I hadn't failed calc like an idiot... it leaves me speechless.

    I'm pretty sure I was the first person in my entire goddamn country to watch MLP and follow the community. It was my first fandom, got me through some rough times and I will never forget it for that.
    I remember the good old days of watching 3 second pony clips on kyrospawn, checking EQD every day and just being plain excited to see what the community would do with the wealth of new lore and characters after each new episode. I was there for every event, every "death" of the fandom, every bit of drama and praise we got thrown our way, every celebrity that praised or insulted us. I "fought" trolls in comment sections and became the jaded, cynical memelord that I am today. I remember the memes about the show being canceled and how we always said the wild ride was never ending and very time, although I knew it wasn't true, I actually believed it. It was because MLP was the one familiar thing that kept coming back and I was always glad to see it return.
    The show and its world permeated my imagination constantly and even now I am thinking of drawing extensive comic book series based on it and create content about it. And it is because of that feeling that I believe the show is not ending. There may not be any new episodes but the world, the characters and the memories are all still there, and will continue to be there while we keep it going.

    All of this, of course, never would have been possible without the people that made it and to them I can only say thank you. The sincerest thank you I can possibly muster, the grand daddy of all thank yous, the thank you that murdered all other thank yous and their families until it was the only thank you left in town. I can thank you that much and it would still not be enough for you haven't simply made a TV show for little kids, you made the supermassive black hole around which an entire galaxy came to circle. You created a vessel around which a community could blossom that would change peoples lives. Marriages happened, children were born, childhoods were enriched, works of art beyond imagination were made and careers were started all because of this show. To say that the effect of MLP was like throwing a rock into a pond is like saying the Tsar Bomba was no more intense than third rate back alley fireworks.

    When I was young, my grandfather, God rest his soul, told me that the only distinction in life that mattered was the one between good people and bad people. I took that to heart and only ever judged people individually. With MLP:FiM you haven't simply created just another cartoon for kids, you have created something great, a step in the right direction, for the fight for a better world isn't just fought with new laws and protests, it's fought by changing people's perspective and I believe that this show has been one step towards a world that is less stuck up and judgemental.

    Again, the only thing we can do is say thank you. And we will never stop doing that. With every piece of fan art, every fanfic, every radio play, animation, analysis video good or bad we will be thanking you. I sincerely hope that you will cherish our work the same way that we have cherished yours, and wherever your careers may take you we all are right behind you hoping for the best so that you may bring the joy that you brought to us to many more.

    Here's to the greatest season yet and not an end but a new beginning for you and all of us, for a bright past and a brighter future.

    Thank you.

    Much of my success on YouTube comes from MLP, however I never really embraced it – and to this day I still hold a grudge. Little did I know I was well into finishing season 1. I denied myself opportunities with fellow bronies throughout the years; only participating in 1 or 2 events. However, those same events and even intermingling aspects of the show, got me to meet people from all over the world. Some even in person.

    The remaining events and social interactions this year I'll participate in. My first and probably last convention I'm sure will be my best.

    This show has allowed me to weep from moments with: My little Dashie, the silence of Derpy, and community happenings; to moments of happiness with: growing in my career, meeting fellow bronies, and seeing all the amazing work from the MLP community alone.

    I won't overwhelm you or your staff with any long messages. I have thousands of stories of the many great things the show has done (even with connecting with my father and close friends), but this time... and only to you will I admit, that I am, part of the “herd”. Lauren Faust did great with recreating the show, Hasbro with the awesome Vocal artists, and the Studio did a great job developing characters millions of people can relate to.

    The community has shown love to the work at Hasbro studios, and how it inspired memorable: art, music, writing, gaming – from industry to industry MLP was there to bring Friendship.

    Thank you for being you.


    Denzel (DatDrizzle)

    Dear MLP Staff,
    Thank you.
    Thank you for creating such a wonderful show.
    I honestly don't know what I would watch, or draw, or think about if this show hadn't been there.
    And sure, while it does stink that MLP G4 is ending, I'm really excited for the future!
    I probably couldn't even begin to understand the amount of time and effort you guys put into making these episodes for the world to watch.
    I started watching when the movie came out so I haven't been here very long.
    But, I've met some of the nicest people ever.
    You guys have truly created something beautiful.
    And I don't think it's going away any time soon. :)
    Keep up the good work!
    I, for one, will definitely be watching. :)

    Best of wishes,

    Hello to the MLP staff from the sunny Mediterranean Spain!

    Saying what does the show means to me is quite a difficult question, because this show has ended meaning a lot of things to me.

    I was still a teenager in high school when the show started, and as a teen you tend to be quite stupid: you have to be always “a grown up”, nobody likes you and you like nobody… but then, I heard about the show.

    At first I thought that the fandom was some kind of big joke and I just ignored it. But at times I would find myself thinking about it, I tried to ignore it but those ponies would still appear in my head. It was almost like the show was calling me.

    Then one day I decide to give it a chance, in hopes that will stop me to keep thinking about the show, the characters, and everything related about it. Obviously, I was wrong and I’m so glad that it was that way. Not only I liked it, I loved it!

    By one way the show, like with many other fans, helped me to take things in life with more smiles and less angry faces, to remember why I like to hang with my friends, simply to live life as a gift and not a punishment. Is not like I had depression, I just was a stupid teen.

    But there’s one particular thing about how the show affected in my life that will make me to remember it for the rest of my life. Almost since I can remember I have loved movies and TV shows, especially animation, but during my adolescence I began to distance myself from the animation in general, thinking that it wasn’t for me anymore. That was one of the reasons I refused at first to give the show a chance but when I did, one part of my life came back to me.

    When I started to interact with other fans of MLP I caught some conversations recommending other shows, some of them animated. I thought, “MLP was good, I should give the others a chance” and I did, and then, I remembered why used to love animation.

    Not only I started to love animated media again I started to get interested in the industry itself, everything new I learned made me want to learn more and then I made my choice: I wanted to work in that world.

    If things go right, next year I will start to study animation and maybe that wouldn’t have happened never if I hadn’t discovered this show. I always wanted to work in the movie/TV industry and I liked animation in the past, so it’s possible that other thing would have ended convincing me to try to work in animation, but it was MLP the thing that triggered that passion and I will always be grateful to the show, and all the amazing people that have worked in making it so great.

    So, with all my heart, thank you. I hope that, if some day I enter into the animation industry as a professional, I will work along people as great as you.

    Friendship is magic but this show is even more magic.

    Dear Princess Show Staffers,

    A few years ago, I was browsing YouTube videos, and came upon one that linked to a meme based on a childhood favorite movie of mine. A related video happened to be that same meme, but linked to the first episode, and the climactic battle with Nightmare Moon. It was intriguing to say the least. I especially liked the art design of Nightmare Moon (though, to this day, still think the name isn’t all that catchy). After watching it, all the sudden, thanks to far more invasive algorithms YouTube used to have, my recommended video page was plastered with all sorts of videos about MLP: FiM.

    I don’t know why I searched it, but when I suddenly saw all this information about how widespread the fan-base was, and “bronies,” I became curious, and then remember seeing it on Netflix. After discovering that the episode with Nightmare Moon was the very first one, I thought “No harm in watching it.” After watching it, and deeming it not insufferable, I looked at the next set of episodes and saw they were less dramatic. So I watched the Ticket Master episode. “Seen this sort of thing before, but it was cute,” I thought.

    It was “Applebuck Season” that had me hooked before I even realized it. That episode made me fall in love with the character Applejack, simply because I could relate to her stubborn streak (not just because of her hat, and accent). Also watching her faceplant and do other slapstick was a real hoot. It made me forget I was watching pastel-colored ponies, and more like… well everyday people just living their lives with no concern for the bigger picture, as has become so prevalent in our society today.

    Before I knew it, I had binge-watched every episode from seasons 1 to 4. During the prolonged hiatus that followed, I got to experience all the content the fans had worked on and released, and was taken aback by how much of it there was. Some of it was stunning, like certain artists, fan-animations, and fan-fictions that yielded memorable characters of their own. Veggie55, dm29, Yudhaikeledai, kKat, Somber, fuzzyvee, Pinkie Rose, EliMonty, Nowacking, the Anons (yes even them), ponyphonic, Acoustic Brony, NCMares, more recently Round Trip, bobthedalek, Robcakeran… the list would fill a novel. Possibly a U.S. government manual for operating a light switch. If I could name them all, I would. There’s that many.

    Just after season 5 got started, I found a link on the fansite Equestria Daily, that linked to Brony Meet-up groups around the world. I found one such group around my home town. I got to meet with these people for the first time, at the nearby theme park and riding one of the world’s tallest and fastest rollercoasters: The Fury 325. After that, I met with them again on a somewhat regular basis, including Bronycon 2015.

    It was the first time I’d ever been to a fan convention, and it was special to me to see many of the people behind the voices, the scripts, and the artwork. I enjoyed meeting Nicole Oliver, and sharing the first-Bronycon-experience with Kelly Sheridan. But it was Cathy Wesluck that moved me the most. I’ve never really gotten to meet someone in the show business that was more welcoming of total strangers than her. It was also cool to meet Tony Fleecs and Andy Price. I accidently got to have a face-to-face conversation with Tony, since I bought one of his prints, and didn’t even realize he was sitting there! He even showed me artwork for the official MLP: FiM G1 Transformers crossover that sadly never materialized.

    But most lasting of all, was the fact that I gained a few regular contacts from my home area, and still talk to them, from time to time. It was being able to create worlds unto ourselves that made all of this special. All of this, stemming from a show about little ponies. And me getting to experience all of this guilt-free, just because I watched one little video that wasn’t even related to MLP. Like the movie would later go on to say “One small thing, can make a big difference.”

    To all the show writers, directors, producers, artists, and animators, from beginning… And to end: “Thank you all so much.”

    To ALL the voice artists, regardless of how big, or small your roles were (there are so many): “Thank you for giving those loveable creatures such personalities, and souls.”

    And to the brilliant Lauren Faust, I say “Thank you. Thank you for showing us what child’s play can really lead to.”

    And to M.A. Larson, “Print this message, sign it, take a picture, and post it on Twitter. In fact, I dare you to do it.” You’ll know if it’s me, who responds taking credit for it.

    I also want to extend a personal thanks to the people of Team Brony North Carolina, for helping to bring some of this stuff to my real life, where it’s not all sunshine and rainbows and clear skies ahead. I especially hold a fond memory of the day we all saw the MLP movie together and then went to Halloween-decorated theme park afterwards. It really was an epic day/evening.

    Special shout-outs for Amy Keating Rogers, M.A. Larson, G.M Berrow, Dave Polsky, Nick Confalone, Joanna Lewis, Kristina Songco, Natasha Levinger, Nicole Duboc, Charlotte Fullerton, Cindy Morrow, Megan McCarthy, Scott Sonneborn, Mike Vogel, “Big” Jim Miller, Jayson Thiessan, and anyone else fitting this theme I have missed. Know that if there’s anyone you needed to know appreciated your oft-unsung efforts, it’s this guy writing this note.

    It’s nice to see that something could be so profound in my adult years, outside of getting married/starting a family. I’m not sure what the future holds, but I do hope that something like this will find its way into my life.

    Farewell MLP:FiM, and God Bless.

    To all those who've worked on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic over the years, I'd just like to voice my appreciation. From day one, you all worked so hard to provide us, the viewers with a show that is truly unique, and defied all odds by lasting for nine whole seasons.

    While I am sorry that the show is coming to an end after all these years, I take solace in the fact that it has given both myself and countless others with hours upon hours of entertainment. You gave us action-packed sagas, comedic moments that made me laugh, catchy songs that stuck inside my head and refused to leave, and of course, dozens of compelling and relatable characters. The Mane Six, Spike, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Zecora, Trixie, Discord, Maud Pie, Starlight Glimmer, and many, many more.

    You also taught us so many lessons in friendship, lessons that, in a lesser show, might have been written as cheesy or patronizing. But you made those lessons solid enough to resonate with viewers both young and old.

    While I won't deny the show has had its low points and weak moments, I've always felt like the positive aspects greatly outweighed the negative, and it is those wonderful moments that I cherish the most, and will hold on to long after season 9 has ended. You all did such good work over these many years, and it is my fondest hope that you will look back on that work proudly in the years to come.

    Thank you for working so hard to produce such a high quality show in an era where quality doesn't seem to matter. I hope the foundation built, if used in the future, continues to produce future generations with care and quality.

    To all the staff of My Little Pony,

    Thank you.

    Two simple words yet they are said with pure truth. MLP has grown to mean so much to me as I know it means a great deal to many others. It has been there when I needed it most and I can’t imagine a life without it.

    MLP came into my life when I was 14. My sister introduced it to me and though she no longer watches it she got me hooked and I am forever grateful for that. I truly became a Brony when I was 16 during year 10 of high school. So far this has been the most stressful year of my life and I can honestly say that MLP was one of the reasons I got through it. I wrote down all of the letters to Celestia and would read them every time I was stressed. And if ever I was feeling sad, I would play the smile song. Something about Pinkie Pie makes you can’t help but smile.

    I have never met another Brony and though I would love to have another Brony friend to talk to about MLP this hasn’t stopped me from using the lessons I have learned from the show with my friends. They have helped me find more joy in life and have helped me face any problem I have.

    I must thank you for creating the beautiful world of Equestria. Though every world has its problems I believe Equestria is a place that is kinder and full of more love and friendship than anywhere else. How I wish Earth was like this wonderful world. But with the beautiful messages from the show I believe Earth is on its was to becoming a friendlier place.

    I want to thank everyone who ever contributed to MLP. To the original creator, Bonnie Zacherle, and to Lauren Faust who created MLP as we know and love it today. To all of the voice actors who brought the characters we love to life. To the writers who created the stories we remember. To the musicians and song writers who captured our hearts through music. To the artists who brought to life this vibrant world. And to every other person who has put forth much time, love and passion to bring us this wonderful masterpiece. You should all feel proud because you have created something that will be remembered by all who have found joy and friendship through your creation.

    And finally, though this may sound weird, I want to thank the ponies, for it is through them that we learnt about friendship. Thank you, Fluttershy, for showing me how to come out of my shell and believe in myself. Thank you, Applejack, for showing me the importance of family and hard work. Thank you, Rarity, for showing me how my creative ideas can positively impact the lives of others and the importance of expressing who you truly are. Thank you, Pinkie Pie, for showing me how a smile can go a long way and how to find light even when times look dark. Thank you, Rainbow Dash, for showing me how to never give up on my dreams and how to overcome the impossible. And thank you, Twilight Sparkle, for showing me the importance of friendship, to never give up on those you love and to share the gift of friendship to everyone in life.

    I am a Brony. What it means to be a Brony is to share the lessons of friendship with the world. It is to show KINDNESS to those who need your love, even the kindness between strangers can brighten the world. A Brony gives GENEROSITY by sharing their time to help others achieve their dreams. They are LOYAL to their friends and family and stick to them no matter what. They express HONESTY with themselves and others. They share the gift of LAUGHTER and bring the joy to every situation. And by sharing these precious elements with the world they create the MAGIC of friendship and in doing so bring a bit more harmony into our chaotic world.

    So, thank you everyone. You may have only created a cartoon show about colourful ponies but you have changed the hearts of thousands of people simply by sharing the Magic of Friendship.

    Your Faithful Student,

    Star Shine


    P.S The show has inspired me to create some artwork of my own. Thank you for giving me that inspiration.


    I start this letter with an apology, I am not the best writer but I will try my best to convey my feelings in the best way I can.

    I am Eternal, formerly known as Eternal Pony I really got involved in My little pony all the way back at the beginning of season three. At the time it was, by far the lowest part of my life nothing that I will get into too much detail here but it was a horrible, dreadful time in my life.

    I remember what I thought when I first seen something about it “Ponies? That show for little girls?” I thought I would never get into it so I ignored it but then suddenly it started to show up in my YouTube feed as I am a avid lover for animation.

    Then I found a certain hippogriff named Silver Quill and the quality if his videos led me to giving the show a chance. I absolutely loved it, the show reminded me of cartoons I watched as a child and the animation was quality work, the characters I started to fall for one by one and the songs I play regularly to myself.

    The Fandom around it was just gravy to the whole experience the Music, the Animations, the Stories all of it was thanks to the writers and staff of what made My Little Pony possible.

    But most of all I must thank the staff for giving and my autistic sister a whole better relationship. We really bonded over the show and we put the lessons to heart, now with my older sister now pregnant and the child on its way I hope to spread pony to the next generation.

    That is a gift that I cannot say thank you enough for, thank you all for making my love for my family and friends stronger.

    Thank you for taking the time to read the thoughts of a Changeling obsessed happy go lucky person I am.

    Sincerest thanks,

    Dear MLP Staff,
    I truly do not know where or how to begin this. I never thought that a TV show, much
    less a cartoon about magical ponies, would be one of the most important positive forces in my life, and yet it is. Friendship is Magic has been with me from the end of eighth grade to where I am now, and by the time it wraps up, I’ll be halfway through college. Every single good memory of my teenage years involved the show or characters in some form or another. I’ve been on wonderful adventures with friends to new places, and I had Daniel Ingram’s beautiful music (along with music made by countless dedicated and talented fans) with me to soundtrack those life-changing trips. Whenever I felt low or insecure, I could always count on Pinkie Pie to make me feel like myself again with her Smile Song, one that I will never forget. Even on my best days, I would always return to the world of Equestria as a way of ensuring my happiness. I still continue this today and will continue long after this generation of the show concludes.

    What Lauren Faust and the rest of DHX have accomplished is truly astounding, and I
    doubt the magic that was created here can ever be fully recaptured. You have all managed to create a show that everybody can enjoy, regardless of age, race, or gender. Better yet, everybody who watches this show will walk away having learned something that can improve their life. Never has there been a show so dedicated to informing its audience on both the basics and the nuances of being a great friend, something that many adults still need to learn. I appreciate, from the bottom of my heart, the lengths at which the writers and directors went to explore the power and value of friendship. The timeless (and of course adorable) characters you created are fantastic role models for children and adults alike, and while they may each have their own flaws to overcome, that’s what makes them so endearing. The audience grows and changes along with

    The social impact that your creation has had is unprecedented, and undoubtedly
    important. Not only have you changed and improved the lives of millions of loving fans, but you’ve even been able to successfully challenge gender stereotypes along the way. Before FiM, many would have agreed that it was “weird” or perhaps “creepy” for a man to watch a little girl’s show, but now that the phenomenon is so inescapable, people are slowly becoming more accepting. I’ve seen it in small-scale among my own friends, and in large-scale among other fandoms and even non-fans. This brings me so much comfort, because I know that even after the show concludes, the fandom will continue on, strong as ever. And what makes it all the more special is that you’ve been able to spread so many precious lessons and observations on friendship through this newfound attention and recognition.

    Moreover, I can’t thank you all enough for fostering the close relationship with the fans
    that you did; it’s another part of what made this whole experience so perfect. Rather than remain distant, you welcomed the fans lovingly and with open arms, letting us all know that it was okay to love the show as much as we do. It made the world of Equestria feel that much closer to us fans, and it was so heartwarming to see episodes such as “Slice of Life” to let us know you were thinking of us. And yet, despite being so involved with the fandom, you were able to perfectly balance things. Even with the nods to the core fanbase, the show’s other, equally important audiences were never left out, nor were any of the valuable friendship lessons lost. In short, not a single moment was wasted in teaching everybody how to be loyal, generous, honest, kind, and optimistic.

    Truth be told, I genuinely do not know what my life would be like had I never discovered
    FiM. As I said earlier, the bulk of my happiest memories from the past five-and-a-half years have involved the show in some way or another. It never failed to make me smile, and more importantly, has always been down-to-earth and relatable. I can identify with all six of the mane cast, and many other fans will tell you the same. Looking back, I can see that the virtues of these characters and the lessons they teach have greatly influenced my behavior for the better. In troubling situations, I always, always find myself stopping to think “What would Fluttershy do?” or “What did Twilight say about this?” The writers, animators, and directors at DHX have succeeded in making the most lovable and admirable animated characters I have ever seen, and they will always be real in my heart. I cannot bear to imagine where I would be without them, as they have helped me through so many difficult parts of my life. No matter what was going on or how down I was feeling, these six little mares were always there to encourage me to go on.

    To all the DHX staff; cast, crew, everybody - thank you. I hope that all of you are proud
    of the beautiful show you have created, and are pleased to have such adoring, loyal fans to support it. You and the ponies have touched countless lives, and will continue to do so for generations. I believe that the characters and lessons in this show will endure for many, many years to come. When I have children, I will be sure to introduce them to the wonderful world of Equestria, and the magic of friendship that awaits within. I look forward to one last amazing ride this season, and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

    Tom P., a fan for life'

    This was something I've dreaded since the leaks and rumors started occurring at the end of 2017...

    I am Sean, some may know me better as SteelPH.
    What does Friendship is Magic mean to me? Well, I suppose I should start with a bit of history here.
    Back in 2010, around when it began airing, my mind was in a very dark place. I had planned out a path toward tying up some loose ends in my life over the course of 2011-2013 before ultimately ending it. I'd noticed that this show was getting a lot of attention, and so I checked it out since I liked the character designs and art style from screenshots. I was hooked.

    Then, 2013 came and went. I was still alive, not even remembering the plans I'd laid out for my own suicide. Time continued to pass and I kept up with the show as it went, loving every minute of it. I didn't understand what was happening to me at the time. When 2016 rolled around, it finally hit me: This show had saved my life. Its positive influence, subtle as it was to me, was undeniable, its lessons helping me better myself as a person. It gave me hope that the world isn't as bad as it seems, and that there are some truly amazing people out there. Coincidentally, this all came to me because I'd come to the realization of how absurdly relatable Starlight Glimmer was, and still is to this day.

    This show also has the honor of being the only piece of media to actually make me cry. Several songs, some big episodes like Crusaders of the Lost Mark and The Perfect Pear, these have had me in tears. Notable, as no other piece of media I've ever consumed has ever had that kind of emotional pull on me, despite a few maybe coming a little close(See also: For The Man Who Has Everything from Justice League Unlimited).

    Long story short(too late!), I'm still alive and a better person thanks to this show. I can't understate how much it means to me, as well my sorrow that it will be over. It was an amazing journey with great characters, good morals, and a strong sense of continuity that's such a rarity(heh) these days, especially for children's shows. It never felt like it fell into a rut or got stale, even if not everything was up to par on occasion. It wasn't afraid to shake up the status quo and kept things moving forward.

    If a retool were to happen instead of a reboot, I'd like it to be a time skip into the future, to see where all these characters, this world, go after the passage of time, maybe follow the descendants/successors of the original cast, but never forgetting them and the legacy they've passed on to their descendants/successors. It would also give newcomers a jumping on point, while also creating mysteries for long time fans. Just a thought..

    I don't doubt Season 9 will be great... However, I was hoping it would survive to at least see its 10th anniversary, especially since I'm not sure I'm ready to say goodbye yet... But alas, such does not appears to be the case. This may change after the series finale, but for now, I'm very, very anxious...

    Thank you for reading. You guys are awesome.

    My Little Testimony

    In early Spring of 2013, my older brother asked if I’d like to watch a new show with him. He’d seen this show all over social media, taking over his feeds with fan-art of pastel ponies both wholesome and horrifying. He was too embarrassed to watch this show by himself, and if I’m being honest it didn’t look like a show for me, either. I had seen things about the show as well and disregarded it as a cute show for toddlers. I never would’ve imagined it would become my favorite show of all time and a Godsend through what would turn out to be the darkest chapter in my life up to that point.

    That show was My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

    We watched the first two episodes on my brother’s 3DS and were instantly hooked. The characters were fun and energetic, and the morals and storytelling were so well executed. Seeing these characters go on adventures and learn new things in such a unique way was absolutely incredible and brought me so much joy. By the time June rolled around, I had collected quite a bit of MLP merchandise and my love for the series was constantly growing.

    Shortly after June began, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was only 10 when this happened and didn’t fully understand how our lives were about to change. She had to deal with a ton of tests and countless appointments for months. In August, it was ultimately determined that she would require a double mastectomy. She had to arrive at the hospital very early on the morning of the surgery, so my brother and I stayed up all night with her. Morning finally came, though, and she had to leave. My dad went with her, leaving my brother and I behind. I broke down sobbing once they left, so my brother took me in his arms and comforted me until I calmed down. We were both exhausted by that point, so we decided to get some sleep.

    I ended up sleeping straight through the morning and into the afternoon. While I slept, my brother took the TVs from almost every room and lined them up in our family room with a different episode of MLP playing on each. As I sat and watched, it was as though I was transported to the land of Equestria and everything that was going on with my mom suddenly wasn’t as painful. For that brief moment, I didn’t have to worry about anything. It made me feel happy and comforted in a way that no other media could at that time.

    My brother and I are ten-years apart in age, so at that time we weren’t very close. Due to the age difference, we were practically on different planets. My mom ended up requiring multiple surgeries over the course of a year, and in that time our relationship grew exponentially. MLP played a huge part in our friendship since we bonded so much over it, and still watch it together to this day. We’ve been through so much over the years and have become so close. So close, in fact, that we often finish each other’s sentences and say what the other is thinking! We’re living proof of a very important MLP lesson: Friendship isn’t always easy, but there’s no doubt it’s worth fighting for.

    MLP helped get me through that rough year and the years following when my grandma was also diagnosed with cancer and I was intensely bullied after returning to school. But through all of that hardship and so much more, I’ve had my relationship with God, my family, and My Little Pony to help carry me through. MLP taught me important values and brought me so much joy. Watching it still helps me through life’s problems, and for that I am grateful.

    I’d like to say thank you to all the staff that have ever worked on MLP. You’ve created a nine-year masterpiece that has helped me through so much more than I was able to write here. It also helped me discover my passion for art and drawing as well, which has become a core part of who I am. I’m 16 now, and this show still brings me so much joy. It’s been an incredible ride, and I can’t wait to see what lies in store for MLP in the coming years. Whatever it is, I’m onboard and hope it brings the same joy and inspiration that Friendship is Magic has brought to myself and so many others.

    I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without these ponies, so one last time I would like to sincerely thank everyone involved with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the fandom it created. I cannot express how grateful I am that this show came into my life.

    Dear people who made MLP the phenomenon it is,
    I would like to thank you all, animators, voice actors, screenwriters, supporters; every and each person who had their share in creating this truly wonderful and influential piece of wonderful art.
    You have been bringing joy into my life and so so SO many people all around the world for the past couple of years and I couldn't be more grateful.
    For this, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

    Thank. You.

    I hope to see more of what is to come from under your styluses/pens/pencils and whatever other means you use and to bring yet another spark of light into our lives. Can't express how much the world needs it nowadays.

    Deeply respectful,


    I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for all the work you put into Friendship is Magic. The show has meant so much to me. From the happiness of watching the show, to the fun and excitement of going the the various Brony cons, MLP has created some of the best memories in my life. You’re work meant more to me than I can ever say. Thank you for everything.

    A loyal fan.

    I have no word to express how much I love this MLP. Characters are awesome and adorable, stories are good, vectors are cute and beautiful. And that show made me meet so much awesome people through the Fandom.

    Thank you, Hasbro. X3

    Dear MLP Staff

    First of all, can I just congratulate you all for the joy you’ve brought to my life and so many millions more. I’m not sure it’s even possible for you to comprehend how big an impact your work has had on us over the past decade.

    I first started watching the show just after Season 4 ended. I’d recently dropped out of university, started a lame job and I was just in a really bad frame of mind. I’d heard about the Brony fandom online and one night, my curiosity got the better of me. I thought “Okay. So, what do they all see in it?” I watched a few episodes and its charm grew on me. I liked the characters more and I started laughing more. But it wasn’t until ‘Bridle Gossip’ (Zecora’s first episode) won we over. When Fluttershy sang Pinkie’s song in that deep voice, I was sold. I was laughing so hard, I knew it was worth my time.

    Over the years, I watched it more and more and eventually, in 2016, I finally attended my first two conventions – BUCK & UK Ponycon. Bother were a good experience in both my personal confidence and my social life. I made new friends and have developed a desire to travel. Years ago, the furthest I would’ve gotten is just outside the little village I reside in. You people gave me that confidence. You got me to grow. And I’ll always be grateful for it.

    But it was sometime in 2017 that I met my girlfriend, who I’ll call by her ponysona name, Tilly. She resides in Texas, but that hasn’t stopped me from sending her messages everyday and making her smile in our video calls. We plan to meet in person sometime this year if cash will allow. Before I met her, I didn’t really have a goal to shoot for. But now, I plan to meet my girl and eventually one of us will have to move countries (undecided as of now), but it’s in the pipeline. The joy we share with our art, stories, gifts and dreams have made our lives so much more worth living. Again, I can’t thank you all enough.

    As for the upcoming G5, I’ll give it a fair chance, but whatever comes of it, I hope it does well, I hope this fandom will stay strong and no matter the outcome, I’ll always have my girl to help get me through.

    I’ll include some fanart of our characters below too for your viewing pleasure. It’s all cute stuff, don’t you worry.

    In conclusion, I’d like to thank you all once more for all the good times you’ve brought into my life, I hope there will be many more to come and I wish you all well in the future.

    Kindest regards

    Hot Rod

    My Little Pony: Friendship is magic (and the Brony Fandom born from it) motivated me to improve myself.
    Whether if I improved myself or not is debatable, but I tried and I'm never gonna stop trying again just because things get hard or because I failed before.
    So thank you, to all the staff and cast for helping to make this show as awesome as it was.

    And Hasbro...
    Please let G4 live on in the IDW comics.

    Thank you for these little pastel ponies

    Who bring joy to our day

    Thank you for sticking with your job

    No matter what haters may say

    Thank you for the songs, the music,

    That always get stuck in our brains

    Thank you for the memorable characters

    That stay on through sunshine and rain

    Thank you for the laughter and tears

    And all that these ponies made us feel

    Thank you for the lessons on love

    And showing that friendship is real

    Thank you for your dedication

    The world that you’ve helped create

    Thank you for everything you’ve done

    For every brony’s sake

    To all MLP:FIM staff(I’m not very well in English but I’ll try my best)

    From unknown to know well

    From no friends to friendship

    From younger to the stronger

    There’re many thing I got from this show and I’ll remember I’m always brony.

    Three years ago,I saw some horse cartoon on TV that I had thought that was just something for kids.

    But something made me feel wonder in this show.I searched about show and watch first episode.The legend that we will remember

    Before i become brony i don’t even think about importance of friends.But over three years I learn many thing from mlp.I grow and know what’re friends mean.My life is changed.I know what’s fanclub

    feel or think and make many show’s fan still be “FAN”.Life skill that I never have,English language skill,drawing fanart,listen to music etc. are also inspired by MLP!

    Every episode is not just for young kids.But it’s a life! It’s tons of thing make me stronger and grown.

    I know the end is coming but I’m never sad. Every thing have it’s time.

    It just show that go but whole heart will stay remember you and love you,MLP.

    Thanks from my heart to all of staff.You are all my great people.If some day I heard your name,I’ll miss of this show.

    From one of Thai brony

    From 12742 km away

    From my heart to you Mane6+all Mlp characters ,and all the creators of them❤️

    “The great candle which light is gone and surrounded with many shining candle.Told that It gave the shine for another.When it’s shine is gone,we will remember that where these shine from”

    My Little Pony has meant a lot to me over the past few years, ever since I got into it between season 5 and 6. It got me through high school when I was having a rough time. It's given me great memories, and inspired me to write my own stories, including a 200,000 word one I am particularly proud of. Twilight Sparkle is my favorite pony, I see a lot of myself in her, and she has always been an inspiration for me since I started watching. This series means so much to me and has had such a positive impact on my life. I feel as though it helped me figure out some of who I am. I cannot express just how much I love the series, and how much I appreciate all the work that was done to make it so high in quality and fun. All good things must come to an end, I suppose. I'm glad to have been a part of it, if only a small part.

    "Dear “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” Staff,

    Well, it seems as if it’s all coming to an end, isn’t it? After all this time the end is slowly approaching, and it’s been one heck of a ride up to this point, for myself and many other bronies. I’d like to take a minute to talk about this amazing show and how it’s more or less changed my life. Let’s start from the beginning.
    I remember when I first got into the show, it all started with a reaction video. A simple video from the “FineBros” channel where teens reacted to the whole brony craze. It was that video that grabbed me. Not because of the teens and what they thought, or the descriptions of brony meme culture, it was the theme song. I found myself returning to the video again and again in the days after watching it to hear the “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” theme song. It felt so stupid to keep listening but I just couldn’t help it, it was like a guilty pleasure. Eventually I decided I just had to check out the show, despite how weird it felt to do so. I started watching and the funniest detail got me to truly give this show a chance, seeing Spike get hit by a door in the first few moments of episode one. I just honestly didn’t expect any slapstick or pain of any kind to any character in the show, and I couldn’t help but laugh. Such a silly detail really got my attention and ended up changing my life. Thanks, Spike.
    Fast forward a month and I’m caught up through season 3. It was around this time that I started taking my first steps into the fandom. I joined a forum, started making pony content on YouTube, worked on an original character, and started trying to draw ponies. I can’t truly say it started my interest in art, but the show definitely furthered it. I never drew as much until I started drawing ponies, and suddenly I found myself drawing all the time and eventually buying a digital tablet to get better. Slowly over time drawing ponies has made me a better artist. In addition, it’s vastly changed my YouTube life. At one point I had a whole channel devoted to the show and making videos about episodes and speculation for upcoming specials. It especially helped me to find my name as the name I chose for my pony persona is the one I’ve stuck with. My channel may not be one hundred percent pony anymore but the name always felt right, and I wouldn’t have created it if I weren’t such a fan. Not only that, being in the fandom also started helping me to make friends. I started to find people who loved the show as much as I did, even finding one of my very best friends all because of this show I now truly loved.
    And now, here we are, the show is coming to an end. This amazing show that has changed my life in so many different ways, impacted me as a person and my judgment towards shows. I honestly can’t believe it, but at the same time part of me knew it was inevitable. Rumors had spread and of course, a series can’t last forever without slowly becoming a shadow of how great it used to be. I’m sure that it’ll end greatly, but of course, the question in everyone’s mind now is, “What happens to us? What happens to the fandom? Is it over?” The obvious answer is, “No.” True it’s ending, but it was an amazing ride and life-changing for so many. That’ll never change. I’ll always love this show, I’ll still make art for the show, I’ll stick around for any new pony content in the future, and when that ends I’ll keep watching fan content. No matter what, “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” will always be a part of me, and I’m eternally grateful for this amazing series and everything it’s done for me, as an artist and a person.
    If there is a generation five -as the rumors say, and this is only the end for this version of the show- then I’m definitely willing to give it a chance. If this show has taught me anything it’s to not judge a book by its cover, because you could be missing out on something great by trying to conform to social norms. In a lot of ways being a part of the brony fandom helped me be more okay with being in fandoms in general. I slowly felt more able to accept my weirdness and the shows that I love because they make me happy despite how it may look to some. It’s even helped me to more accept my love of other shows.
    My point is, whether the creators of the show intended it or not, this show has had a huge impact on myself and many others, and despite the fact that the end is in sight we’ll always love and cherish this show. The fandom will outlive the show by a longshot. If any people who worked on it ever happen to see this, I just want to say thank you so much for helping to make this show a reality. Thank you for making and continuing this for as long as you have, and thank you for helping me become who I am today.

    Sincerely, a lifelong fan,
    Tech Reel"

    Dear MLP:FiM Team,

    at first I would like to say thank you to all staff for your amazing work during those 10 years of creating My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, both to those who worked on it from the very beginning as well as those who started years later.

    My adventure with colorful ponies began a bit more than 7 years ago, February 15th 2012. The fact, that I still remember this date proves that it made at least significant change in my life. Well, during almost 1/3 of my life I were in MLP:FiM fandom, so it's not really strange. I started as first-year high school student and now I'm writing my master thesis. During this impressively long period I could described myself with different words but "brony" was one of those neverchanging.

    You could ask me why I keep watching little girl's show and I couldn't answer. Maybe it's because good written characters, who even being the main protagonists are not flawless, as they were singing back in 7th season, which makes them relatable? Or maybe it's about cartoon's messages, those friendship lessons which tries to help audience being better persons in their lifes. Or maybe I just like to forgive for a moment about gray and boring reality and watch some colorful ponies in their colorful world struggling with their problems which are not always simple but definetely solvable by friendship? Propably every of these answer and many more unwritten ones are equally true.

    And what about the main motto of the series? What the Frienship is Magic means to me? Excuse me for this, but I will go back to beginning of my 7 year adventure. Just before I started watching My Little Pony out of curiosity what kind of girly cartoon draw so many older men's attention, me and my newly classmates made a great, integrate group. However it didn't last long and slowly we were dividing into smaller and smaller groups. It was sad for me, but the ponies kept me strong, however strangely it wouldn't sound. After 2.5 months I decided to go to one of Polish brony meet-ups in my home city, Warsaw, where I've met a new group of close friends. The funny thing, it was pretty random - we just grouped to order a pizza and during eating we just discovered how lot in common we had. We were a great group of close friends and even if not always frienship was easy, it managed to last about 2 years, after which most of us just left the fandom and moved on their lifes. Well, nothing last forever unfortunately. I was also withdrawing from the fandom back then, hovewer not completely. And thanks to this hesitation in leaving I've kept making new friends thanks to which I went back. And one of them, who nowadays is my closest friend, still encourage me to make more and more for local MLP fandom. But every of those friendship, no matter how long it lasted, was part of my life and made an impact on today myself.

    MLP:FiM just from the start encouraged me to improve myself and work for community. I drew ponies, wrote some fancifs, was a fan music critique in the biggest of Polish bronies blogs. I've organized some local meet-ups with equestrian festivals themes, such as the Winter Wrap-Up or the Running of the Leaves. I provide fan made Stepmania/DanceDenceRovolution clone at bigger meet-ups and I've run pony RPG session. And nowadays I'm a team member of the new Polish MLP convention, Kucykon.

    Being in a MLP fandom brought me also many experiences. Variety of fan music extended my music horizons. Going to bigger meet-ups and conventions in different cities and countries were my first journeys without family or class. Ones of the most memorable moments during my mountain trips I experienced with brony friend. Going to conventions abroad gave me enough self confidence for later scientific internship at the other part of the world (and maybe future PhD as well).

    So after those many years I think I can truly say, that your work really changed my life. Maybe I'm not as loyal as Rainbow Dash, honest as Applejack, generous as Rarity, kind as Fluttershy, laughing as Pinkie Pie nor book-loving as Twilight Sparkle (who is by the way my favorite pony for her smartness... and the best looking) but definetely I wouldn't be the same person without them. And for that I want to thank you very much and wish you, whatever you will be working on next, next MLP generation or something else, that your work will bring no less positive impact to other peoples than MLP:FiM brought to me.

    Yours thankfuly,

    Thank you everyone for making My Little Pony possible, it changed my life and lives of million others. I started watching MLP almost a year ago and i'm so thankful that it exists, it taught me a lot of friendship lessons and i heard some great songs too. It also made me laugh quite a lot... MLP taught me that friendship really is magic.

    Dear Horse Writers!

    I started watching the show because of my friend good friend Lexi! And season 2 is where it all started! Watched a whole marathon up to A Friend in Deed! I started watching the show regularly and was loving every bit of it! I made my own fanfics, and one of those fanfics turned into a real book series in it's own world I'm making right now, and hopefully it'll become a TV series! Thanks to the inspiration of Lauren Faust, and the work all of you did, I am aiming to make Harmony Brahs the best of it's time, just like this show is the best animated series of THIS time! I hope all of yous enjoy it just like I enjoyed the work you gave us!

    Though there were times I didn't enjoy the series, I was still grateful for the hard work all of yous did, and I never wanted to complain all this to you. Can't make everyone happy sometimes! But I was still pleased alota times! My enjoyments of FIM are a bit different from what the other parts of the fandom enjoy from it. For starters, I don't care about Derpy. I liked it better when she was a Where's Waldo type character. I never thought she was offensive though, not by a long shot, I did think she was cute! I just didn't know what the big deal was with her.

    I was more hooked into lore and story in the show, and story arcs! I was really happy when Lightning Dust came back around last season so we knew her fate, but I'm still wondering who the Manehattan CMCs are, and an actual conclusion to Babs Seed's story arc. But there were plenty times that we got more continuity with story arcs and with characters like Maud! I love Starlight too! I can really relate to her! I always had trouble making friends, like she did, and that's why she was my second favorite character in the series! But my #1 favorite character of the series is Spike!

    Yeah Spike's character is very favorable to me, but it's very complicated. I mean he's an orphan outsider and all he does his help his friends out, but there are times when I think he gets neglected by them or get taken advantage over. Now of course they're his friends, and they like him, I never doubted that! But there's a difference between actually liking someone, and treating them with respect. That crush on Rarity, it was really cute at first, but it overstayed it's welcome I thought. They're very close friends of course, and I never wanna see that change! He'll always be there for her, and she to him! But why is the crush still there? That crush is a very inconvenience to him, as it SEEMS that Rarity takes advantage of his crush to get him to do stuff for her. Regardless if it's true or not, it does look like it. Even my mom thinks so and she never overthinks stuff! It's mostly because of that crush that Spike's interactions towards his other friends are very minimum. It's mostly just Twilight and Rarity for him, and we KNOW his relationship with them well! I wanna see more of his relationship with Fluttershy and the reason why she's so scared of big dragons, or with Starlight since they're both close with Twilight and have alota great chemistry! Or even with Scorpan, because back in G1, they were close! I always thought Scorpan would make a great father figure to Spike, since he only has a motherly figure. Come to think of it, how was Spike's relationship with Twilight's family? Are they his family too? Being adopted by Twilight would make ya think that her family would accept Spike as one of their own, but we never see those interactions! My biggest concern about Spike though, is that you call him the seventh main character, when it doesn't look like he's actually treated like one, but I'm preying for the last season to prove me wrong! His character description mentioned a "destiny", so that gave me the feeling you had something planned for him! Other than assisting Twilight, what is his purpose? I'm more interested in THAT than his origins! His friends are his family, and being a dragon doesn't matter, but what's his purpose in Equestria? No one ever really asked him. I always thought there was more to him than the show is letting on. Spike's m'boy, and I do wanna see him happy, but not blindly happy. He's got alota potential, and I can relate to him, and I don't wanna see it wasted. In the end, it's his choice, but getting recommendations from time to time wouldn't hurt. I'll stop there! ;)

    I took all your friendship lessons to heart, but maybe a little too literately. I learned alot from this show to become a better person, but it seems this show lets on that, if you don't accept friendship, you're a villain. I know that's not true, but that's what I got from this. I treat everyone like a friend of mine, and I wanna see them happy, but at the same time, I don't wanna seem like a sucker. I treat people how they treat me. And I have a moral code when someone is my friend, they're my friend forever. I've always had friendship problems before watching this show, and that was the main reason why I watched it! I gotta remember that!

    Anyhoo, I don't mind the show ending, but I'm hoping for a satisfying conclusion to fill some of the missed opportunities and end most of the story arcs! If not, thanks anyway! It's been a blast and an inspiration, and I won't forget it! Thank you so much for everything! Can't wait for the final season! :D

    With love, MegaSean45!

    Friendship is... well... many things; A fun conversation, a shoulder to cry on, a pony to trust...

    Friendship is sharing a laugh with another who may need one.
    Friendship is uttering a word of kind, be it with a stranger just as equally as somepony you know well.
    Friendship is being open and honest with the ponies you care deeply for, even if the truth might hurt.
    Friendship is being unselfish, in both attitude and life, with those around you.
    Friendship is staying by someone's side when they need it most.

    All of these things are what you can call friendship. The show that we have all come to know and love has taught us these lessons, one by one, as we have journeyed through it with the ever-present six that constantly find themselves at odds with eachother.

    To think that such different personalities can be friends might seem absurd, but here they are, 9 seasons later; still the best of friends through shared experiences and conflicts. It speaks volumes on their relationships with one-another. Pinkie, with her ability to make anypony smile; Fluttershy, one of the kindest and soft-spoken mares; Applejack, honest, hardworking, and down to earth; Rarity, generous through her actions and personality, however sassy she might get; Rainbow Dash, brash, but always there when you need her by your side in ten seconds flat; and Twilight Sparkle, who, maybe moreso than most, was able to look past her dislike of friendship to form bonds that she never knew she could have; and I think that, alone, has taught each and every one of us all the best lesson about friendship of all.

    Friendship is magic.

    My heart goes out to the whole staff for the wonderful show they all brought forth throughout the years. I feel blessed to know that for almost half of my life, I got the chance to know these wonderful pastel equines, and got to laugh, cry, and share good times along with them and their journey together. The lessons and journeys they all have shared with us will carry on with me through my life, and that alone is something nopony can take away from me. I am so thankful that such a wonderfully simple show could have changed my life for the better in such a large way. Without it, I likely would have never started doing art; never started composing music; and never would have met nearly half the people that I call friends to this day. It's just a strange thing to think of how different my life... all of our lives would have been had Equestria never existed... Mosreso than this, I dont know how else to put in words on the impact that all of the team behind pony has made. From the bottom of my heart, and Im sure many others out there, thank you for the good times, thank you for the friendships, and thank you for all the ponies.

    The graduation day for My Little Pony has come. I obviously sad that this course of journey must come to an end. There's so many things that's currently unexplored, potential songs, story, and character. But, it's been a pleasant journey to be a pastel-colored pony lover. Not only that I learned a lot about friendship, I'm also get some friends, get thing to spend my hard time more easily, have a plentiful of favorite songs and character, and many more. I wish that I could make at least one pony art, but it still hard to me for now.

    At this occasion, I really want to thanking everystaff. Generally, to all the staff, thank you for all of your efforts for building My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to be a beautiful and amazing animation series I've ever watch.

    Special thanks to Daniel Ingram, for creating so much amazing songs. If it isn't for "Winter Wrap Up", I probably won't be a brony right now. I still rewatching and hear all the pony songs.

    Also, for all of the voice actors—Tara Strong, Ashleigh Ball, Andrea Libman, Tabitha, Cathy, John de Lancie, Kelly, and many more—thanks for all of your efforts and love to creating a lively and lovable pony voices.

    For all the writers, not only the current one but also the older writers too, thank you for all of your story to create a engaging pony lives, interesting story to be followed.

    Thank you to all artist, designer, and more, for all of your beautiful design and arts, and thank you to Lauren Faust, for creating a simple, loveable, unique, adorable pony design, story, and personality.

    I'm sorry that I can't mention everyone here. I hope that all of your journey doesn't end here, whatever you're pursuing or anything in the future would be successful and . I'm also hoping that G5 (if it's coming) will be a great G4 successor.

    Thank you.

    I wanna talk about some of my favorite things on my little pony. I won't say it all, because it will be too many.
    I like (almost) all the characters because of it's design, personality, and/or backstory. Currently, Spitfire (and also RD, Twilight, Rarity, Autumn Blaze, Gabby) is/are my favorite characters. Winter Wrap Up, Smile Song, One More Day, Raise This Barn, and many more pony songs(and also tons of EG songs, such as My Past Does Not Define Me, Good Vibes, Welcome to the Show, Cafeteria Songs, Friendship Through the Ages) are some of my favorite songs.
    Winter Wrap Up, The Best Night Ever, Pinkie's Pride, Twilight's Kingdom, The Last Treasure of the Griffonstone, A Hearts Warming Tail, The Perfect Pear, The Hearts Warming Club are some of my favorite pony episodes.

    Thank you for all the staff to make My Little Pony to be a wonderful animation

    Everyone who had part in making FiM a reality,
    Nobody can imagine how much and for how many people this show become an inspiration. Nor is it possible to count all the ways in which it has influenced us. All over the world, people were touched by it, becoming happier, becoming better.
    For me, many times it was a consolation in a difficult time, sometimes even changing my mood completely for the better. Allowed me to find wonderful, beautiful people, full of passion and humour. Got me into drawing, which, despite the fact I can't do well, I enjoy immensely - one of the things the school instead of teaching me, took from me.My forgotten and suppressed love for animation and the pure, simple joy of imagination were brought back. Thanks to the fandom it created, my world was open to countless other shows, to new music, to wonderful books.
    For this, I am forever grateful to all of you.

    To the brilliant team behind My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,

    I just want to write to say thank you and show my appreciation for the outstanding programme that we’ve had the enjoyment of watching for almost a decade. Your efforts have gone above and beyond what the original concept of this show was meant to be about. It has actually changed lives, making both kids and adults alike believe in themselves in a way they otherwise wouldn’t have without My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (MLP: FIM) being there. I for one can certainly say that having had this show there has had a positive impact on me and helped shape my life.

    The colourful and bright animation combined with a variety of simple and complex storylines and the very relatable characters with their distinct personalities has made this show so accessible to generations of viewers. I always found comfort whenever I would see MLP: FIM appear on the television, wherever I was. It cheered me up on the lowest of days and brought even more enjoyment on the best of days.

    I would really like to thank you for the characters you’ve allowed us to get to know and love over the past decade. So many characters in MLP: FIM have such relatable personalities that have helped us to believe in ourselves and accept us for who we are, regardless of our faults, after all, “we’re not flawless, we’re work in progress”. I personally felt I really related to Twilight’s traits of constantly seeking perfection and obsessing over certain issues. It is commendable that you have developed characters that, even those with such large responsibilities and leading roles, have traits about them that show them not to be perfect, but prove you don’t have to be to achieve your aspirations in life.

    The storylines in the programme have provided a variety of simple concepts that bring enjoyment and positivity, as well as other more complex storylines that have tackled more challenging ideas. I particularly enjoyed the role played by Starlight Glimmer after her appearance mid-way through MLP: FIM and her reformation. It has been heart-warming seeing our mane 6 characters develop over the years, for example Fluttershy gaining more confidence and Rainbow Dash ‘toning down’ her over competitiveness and becoming more appreciative of other characters values (I reckon Pinkie Pie though might never change with her hyper optimism on life, and good on her!). I really do feel like we’ve been on a journey with them and they truly have been part of our lives for years, which will make it more emotional when it comes to saying goodbye at the end of season 9, both sad in the fact they will be missed, but happy in the fact that we will all be able to look back on this as having such as positive impact on all of us.

    Finally, I just wanted to conclude by mentioning my own story, I first really watched MLP: FIM mid-way through its life (2015) and the impact it’s had on me has changed my life in so many ways. I really felt it helped me believe in myself and made me want to do much more with my life. I feel I have adopted the elements of the mane 6 in my everyday life now (optimism, honesty, generosity, kindness, loyalty and on the odd occasion, even magic). I wanted to fulfil my dream career ambition, just like Rainbow Dash has done in becoming a Wonderbolt, and I am now training to become a Train Driver, the job I always wanted to do.

    Overall, at this time where MLP: FIM is about to embark on its final adventure, I am looking forward to going on one final journey with our loveable characters one more time. Thank you for the enjoyment and hope you have brought both to me and so many others. It has truly been magic.
    Kind regards,


    To all the staff working on MLP:FiM, past and present,

    Thank you for bringing this show to life. Watching this show has enabled me to find a purpose in my life, and encouraged me to change the jaded individual I had become. Without all your hard work over the past decade, this show would never have seen the light of day, and I don’t know where I would be right now. I can’t express my gratitude enough to show my appreciation for all you’ve done for myself and several others like me. Though I am sad to see the series go, I am certain that you all put your best into making a fantastic conclusion to the amazing series, and I look forward to seeing it.

    Thanks you,

    To the crew behind My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,

    I want to thank every last one of you for your wonderful work on this show. The world you created has impacted my life in an enormous way, and I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done.

    I first discovered MLP in middle school. It was at a time in my life where I was beginning to question myself, who I was, and what I wanted to be. In the fall of 2012, I decided to watch a little bit of this new cartoon the entire internet was talking about. I wasn’t expecting much, I soon became enthralled by the characters, the world they inhabited, and the stories that were told. The next couple of years that followed were some of the happiest of my life, and I look back on them with fondness.

    Around the end of 2014 or so, I began to question myself again. Without indulging on too many painful memories, I’ll just say that I wasn’t comfortable in who I was as a person, and I felt trapped in a maze of self-doubt and anxiety. My love for MLP still thrived, however, and that love led me to online friendships that are still major parts of my life to this day. I even met my loving boyfriend online, and we will have been dating for five years later this summer.

    It was also at this time that I discovered that I was a bisexual transgender woman. On one hand, I was relieved that a mystery concerning my identity was solved, but I was also faced with the enormous challenges of being queer and trans. The environment I was growing up in wasn’t particularly friendly to people like me, and so I felt completely alone. My friends, however, were hugely supportive of me, and they encouraged me to stay strong and be proud of who I am. While I’m still facing struggles to this day, I can safely say that MLP, the work that the fandom has created, and my wonderful friends have made me proud of my trans identity, and have given me confidence and love (friendship truly is magic, or something like that).

    MLP has also shown me my passion for writing. The stories told in Equestria led me to write my own stories, some of which I published online as fanfiction. Obviously, being a beginner and all, I wasn’t very good at it, but the lessons I learned from my fanfiction career helped me into the future, and I am currently attending college to study creative writing.

    To the talented animators and artists, who brought the magical land of Equestria to life. To the wonderful writers, who created enthralling stories about a wonderful cast of characters and the lessons they learned. To Daniel Ingram and the music department, who created countless songs that continue go hard to this day. To the voice actors, for bringing these characters to life through your amazing talents. To everyone else who has ever been involved with the show in some capacity, for contributing to this beautiful show.

    To the fandom, and the great works that they have created. I would particularly like to thank Forest Rain, Aviators, and Shortskirtsandexplosions for the wonderful works they have created over the years that have inspired me and given me hope.

    To Lauren Faust for creating Friendship is Magic, and to Bonnie Zacherle for creating the My Little Pony brand all those years ago.

    And to my loving friends for loving and supporting me. You know who you are.

    Although the show may be ending, I’m proud to have been a fan of it, and I’m more hopeful for the future than ever.


    To Lauren Faust and the mane six

    How many years has it been? I remember I was 16 when I first found out about this show. At first I must admit I was dismissive but as I kept watching more and more episodes I was becoming more and more enthralled, more and more invested… and happy… What started as a mere distraction in my free time became my favorite show before long. I couldn’t stop myself from making time, regardless of circumstance, to watch the new episodes

    I started at season 4 together with a friend. Seeing the mane six overcome all these challenges together as a team and growing as a result was wonderful. It felt like I was growing, in character, as well in a way. What started as a secret hobby for me soon became something very important and precious. Something I could be proud about. Something that helped me overcome some of my flaws as a person

    Several events happened and several years have passed since I became a brony. I'll confidently say that almost all of them were pleasant and nice. I am kind of disheartened that I couldn’t go to any of the major events or meetups but I was content nonetheless. Just being home to watch the episodes live with a friend, discuss and laugh was more than enough for me because something important that I came to understand is that one doesn’t need big, flashy conventions. These are all secondary and optional. What one truly needs is friends, compared to the company of your best bud a shiny convention is just a cheap substitute. Sometimes simple is best by far. It hasn’t always been a cakewalk though. I remember that one time my friend asked me what my favorite pony was and my answer was at the lines of : Ummm, I ehhhhhh, Hmmmmm and that idiot tried to sell me that he chose his effortlessly and naturally. When I returned home the same day I thought about it long and hard but I was indecisive. I told myself that your favorite pony should be picked based on admiration and my personal ambitions. It suddenly came to me but allow me to be a bit selfish and reveal her name in the end of this letter.

    I remember that my friend and I tried to assimilate the virtue that each favorite represented into our daily lives in baby-steps. Obviously it didn’t work, people can’t just force themselves to change regardless if it’s for the better or worse. What we ended up doing is implementing it as something like a code of honor. Small acts of kindness as a reminder that we are striving to become someone better in life. Another noteworthy thing is that I very much enjoy listening to music, various genre of it, so when I joined the fandom I was flooded with many excellent choices both from various artists and the original show. It was simply the best. There were time where I would just shut myself in my room, wearing headphones, listening to music, relaxing while staring blankly at the ceiling. A foolproof plan that helped me through the harsh panhellenic exams, probably the most stressful part of my life so far. I cannot recommend it enough, when you think the world is out to get you, when you feel pressured and anxious just wear your headphones, listen to what you feel like listening and let the rest of the world go to hell. You can thank me after you feel better.

    Last year my bud asked me my opinion about the show, regarding its length and its future. I was like ‘’Heh, you amateur, can’t you see that we’ll probably surpass even the Simpsons?’’ We both shared a laugh but thinking back on it I think I might have been a bit too naive for my own good. Roughly eight months ago we were at a bar talking about the same question and this time attempting to be a bit more realistic with our answers. Unfortunately we ended up deviating from the subject and talked about a plethora of other things. A couple of months ago while discussing it yet again we agreed on an estimate of 10 to 13 seasons. We were yet again a bit too naive for our own good. Earlier today Eugene (my best bud) told me that this season (9th) is going to be the last one. I can’t really comment on, or describe what I felt but It was like an expiration date suddenly appeared, out of thin air, over something I hold dear, something I’d rather not lose. I know it’s something that neither you nor me have control over and there is probably an important reason behind this but it feels... nonetheless. If this unimportant letter makes it, somehow, through to you and you’re still going through it then allow me to be selfish yet again and ask of you to answer me, please, two questions that are really bugging me, 1) What will happen to the Equestria Girls series? 2) Will we see our beloved characters, apart from the mini series, ever again? I won’t tell anyone, it can be our little secret. I’m guessing you are on a tight schedule so I wont reply to you but in case you do: Ευχαριστώ πολύ, it means a lot (mitsaras56@gmail.com)

    Without further ado my favorite character, Rarity. Your time is important so I wont overstretch. There are a lot of things I love and admire about her. She’s chic, influential and owner of a successful company. I wish I can be like that in the future. She may fret about some small-stuff but she’s decisive and determined. She’s unfazed in the face of danger and will go to great lengths for her friends. I am grateful to have met her, even if through the screen.

    Thank you for your time, you inspire us all.

    With best regards,


    When I first started watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the show was well into its third season already. I was in a dark place when I watched that first episode, desperate for something to make me feel even just a small bit better. I wasn’t exactly expecting the show to do so much more than that. By the time I had finished the first episode, and then the second, I knew I was hooked. Over the following days, weeks, and months I began to binge on the show. Every day that I had free time I would sit down and watch more episodes.

    I spent the entire six hour bus ride to visit my girlfriend watching the remainder of season one and all of season two. When I had returned home it was all we would talk about over skype. Together we wrote stories and shared artwork about the show. When we were both finally caught up we talked about the new episodes and eagerly awaited them on saturday mornings. It was MLP:FIM that really pushed me into creative writing, and though that push only really motivated me in the last few years it was the spark that got the creative engine going.

    But this little letter isn’t about me, it’s about the staff that brought Friendship is Magic to life and brought these stories and characters who helped shape my life into being. This letter is about the team of brilliant human beings who shaped a world that could draw someone out of the depths of depression and give them a fighting chance. It’s a thank you to Lauren Faust, Megan McCarthy, and everyone who helped with the production of Friendship is Magic over the years, and the spin offs. From the animators and coders all the way up to the actors and executive producers. You made something that has changed the lives of millions of people.

    It was clear from the very first episode just how much heart and soul was put into the series. Stories ran the gamut from joyful musicals singing about the magic of friendship that you could never get out of your head, down to absolutely heart wrenching glimpses of what it is like to feel you’ve lost your friends for good. The show presented everything from true to life emotional problems, to downright fantastical but no less sinister villains. I mean, how many other shows have presented you with a God of Chaos in all but name? And then actually bring them back after so many other villains were a once and done affair?

    In summary I want to thank the entire staff of Allspark Animation and DHX studios, and Hasbro themselves. Without the show that they had made I might not be here today to write this message. I wish the best of luck to every single member of their teams in the future, and i’m on the lookout for any successors to Friendship is Magic. Until then, time to start the series over again.

    Dear My little Pony Friendship is Magic,

    Before My Little Pony was introduced to my life, I was going through a rough time of my life. I had lost all of my friends entering high school and I knew I was entering a lonely chapter of my life. A year passed, and I was giving exams for school while feeling apathetic for everything around me and with no hope for a future where I could believe that people genially cared for one another.

    But one day while casually scrolling through youtube, my eye caught a glare of unusual internet behavior. There was a video with a clip of my little pony with millions of views. So my curiosity was peaked. I watched the video and dove right to the comments.

    To my surprise people were serious. There weren’t little kids leaving comments about how much they love the show and Instead it was regular memes I expect from people my age and older. Then to the right of my recommended list, I saw the trigger that sparked my journey to my little pony. It was a music video from the bronydanceparty called the smile project. The shock I felt was so immense that I could not believe my eyes. The production quality was over the top for the simpler times of 2014. The realization was starting to sink in hard. ‘’There is a serious fandom of this?’’ I asked to myself.

    So I decided that the next thing in the morning I was going to watch this show in tv and I still remember that the first episode I ever saw was ‘’friendship is magic part 2”. I didn’t think much of it, but I decided to watch another two episodes and I started to enjoy the characters. Then I did a little research on this “fandom” and so I was slowly brought into the world of drawfriends, pony music videos, animations, wonderful music, fanfics, an active fandom, equestria daily (where I am writing this from), conventions, episode streams, episode songs, episode memes and generally the whole brony community.

    In the coming days my only friend at the time caught up to the situation and I managed to convince him to give the show a try. Apparently he liked it, and so we started watching episodes together live. Every Saturday evening at 6:00 we would gather at my room to watch the stream with chips and sodas while awaiting for the episode to start and of course when the episode was playing we would stand-up-comedy every little detail about the episode, I’m talking about memes for days.

    All that content would spark up interesting conversations about what-if scenarios, lore, future episodes/seasons, characters, I mean we were living the hype.

    A few months down the road, like every brony, we would settle with our favorite characters and we would have themed-everything according to them. We even started assimilating parts of the characters to our personality. For me Applejack (my favorite character) really changed my life for the better with learning me the real value of honesty and bringing me strength to overcome my hurdles while maintain hope for the future, something which I thought it was lost for me.

    After that we would do everything the pony way, playing games while listening to fandom music, downloading beautiful pony art every day, ponify everything. It even motivated me to write two fanfic stories, something which I would never imagine myself doing and having so much fun doing it!

    To an inexperienced ear, all this would sound like nothing more of an obsession but that’s just how much friendship is magic means to me and to us as bronies .

    So the years flew by and after forging a lot of memories with new friends the fire was toned down a little bit. I was seeing the brony fandom start shrinking but that does not mean that the creative content was slowing down at all. On the contrary, the artistic value of the interaction between the show and the fandom just pumped up and that was visible through the equestria girls movies the new movie and the countless comics and conventions. So pretty much the show was still living strong

    And here we were, me with my new friends in 2017 going to the movies to watch the new movie as adults, that is a feeling that few men have experienced, because that’s the way we do it, the pony way! The 2018 was even more awesome with making even greater episodes and giving us even greater memories, friends and courage to face the future with hope.

    But here is 2019 with us awaiting for the new season 9 when we are hit with the saddest of news, that truly the tenth year is going to be the last year for my little pony friendship is magic and the last year for generation 4. To be completely honest I don’t want the show to end, I don’t want this to be the last time I see Twilight learn something new about friendship, I don’t want this to be the last time I have Pinkie Pie cheer me up in tough time, I don’t want this to be the last time I’m comforted by Fluttershy’s kindness, I want to keep seeing Rainbow Dash keep aiming for the top, I want Rarity to keep doing her fashion career and I certainly do not want this to be the last time to have Applejack show me the way forward.

    If this is truly the end, then I want to express that my little pony friendship is magic has transcended from just a show about little horses to an idea, to a set of values to follow for the rest of our lives, to an imaginary place where everyone can be happy. When this ends I will never forget all of the cast and Ashleigh Ball for their immeasurable contribution

    Thank you for this great journey

    To the artists, animators, writers, voice artists, musicians, and other staff of Friendship is Magic:

    I hardly know where to begin thanking you all for your labor of love which is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. You didn’t have to do this. Any of this. You didn’t have to care about the quality of your show, and you certainly went above and beyond in your support of a fandom you could have never expected or prepared for. You have restored my faith in humanity and given me a reason to pick myself up and press on during the darkest moments of my life. I will forever remember your characters and stories. You have returned to me the journey of self-discovery that I missed out on during high school when I was just trying to survive my depression. You taught me how to have fun and take myself less seriously, to learn from any situation, to empathize with others, to see my inner worth, to be true to myself, and to watch out for others. Thank you.

    In the early days of the fandom, I watched from a distance. There were the fans who really got into the show; they were the bronies, I told myself. Then, there was me. I wasn’t ever going to be bold enough. Nobody would ever understand me. But in time, as I grew, I discovered my hidden talents for writing. My gift for grammar which I had previously used only for breezing through English classes was put to good use in writing fanfiction, and I found it came naturally to me. I was molded by shows like Friendship is Magic and The Last Airbender, and by movies like The Lion King. It is my newfound passion to be a part of a children’s show like yours, to create stories or write lines for the next Iroh, Mufasa, or Celestia. If I’m lucky, I’ll have the incredible honor of working alongside some of you wonderful people. It’s a small world. Who really knows?

    To Andrea Libman, Ashleigh Ball, and M. A. Larson:

    Thank you for your story/characters in the Season 1 Episode “Cutie Mark Chronicles.” Your timely episode reached me at the absolute darkest point in my life. I projected pretty heavily onto Fluttershy before, but this episode sealed the deal for me. Fluttershy’s backstory made me relate with her, and seeing Rainbow Dash stand up for her was the spark of hope I needed just to beat depression and suicidal thoughts off. Come to find out a year later I had a real life Rainbow Dash standing up for me when I wasn’t looking. I would have never known if I had gone through with my plan. You saved my life. I know I can’t ever make it up to you, but know that I’m doing everything I can to spread hope to those who have it off worse than I did. I won’t be the last link in this chain.

    To Tabitha St. Germain, Claire Corlett, and Cindy Morrow:

    Thank you for your story/characters in the Season 2 episode “Sisterhooves Social.” My relationship with my brother was rather strained growing up, but through your influence, I saved our friendship. I soon introduced him to the show and the fandom, which we now enjoy together. He even went so far as to set his ringtone for me as Twilight’s B.B.B.F.F. song. We now exchange brony merch each Christmas and birthday, and generally enjoy making fandom in-jokes to each other. I can’t wait to go to the 2019 Bronycon this summer with my L.B.B.F F.

    To Michelle Creber, Claire Corlett, Madeleine Peters, and the writers for the CMC episodes:

    Thank you for your stories about self-discovery and the crazy journey it takes a person on. Headcanons abounded as to when (and if) the CMC would get their cutie marks, and I was as shocked as anyone when they finally did it. I’ve seen videos of Claire telling bronies to ignore those who don’t understand and to be true to themselves, and I’ve got some of Michelle’s songs with Gabriel Brown on my phone. Some days I feel like “Here We Are,” and some days I wonder “Are We There Yet?” But thanks to you, I can find a way to pick myself up and keep going. Huge thanks to all of you. (Except whoever thought it was ok to put flashbacks in “Crusaders of the Lost Mark.” Makes me tear up every time.)

    In conclusion, this show has helped me more than any of you will ever know. “Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep” came as a warning not to be too driven by regret. “Daring Don’t” brought me back out of my hero worship phase. “The Cutie Re-Mark” gave me the idea for a what-if scenario that sparked what turned into a 100K+ word pair of (yet unfinished) fanfics. Episodes like “Slice of Life” and specials like “The Best Gift Ever” are the super special “extra mile” sort of projects that sets MLP:FiM apart from a lot of other shows. You guys really set the bar high. In an era of animation where many shows are getting reboots, you did right by yours. I won’t single any out by name, but some shows on other networks are downright nasty to the fans of their predecessors. And you had every right to tell bronies to back down from G4 and leave it for the intended audience. But instead, you took us in and gave us a place when the rest of the world largely didn’t. I can’t think of anything more true to the spirit of the show. Friendship is magic

    With thanks,
    Benjamin “007Ben” W.

    Dear Princess Celestia,

    Imagine everything. That is what My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic means to me. The entire breadth and scope of the human experience. I owe my identity to the show and the defiant sincerity of its fans. For 7 years and 10 days, I have had ponies in the foreground of my mind, at all times. Whenever I see a pony, I am overcome with positive sentiment. That fact has not changed for nearly one third of my life.

    From the very opening frames of the show, I was captivated. To see a world so different, and to look back upon ours, removed. An entirely new perspective on existence. Nothing before Friendship is Magic was able to do that, and nothing has been since. And in this past formative decade, where I still search for my identity and voice, pony is there for me. A space to freely express myself and the things which matter to me, without the burden of existing systems or societal expectations.

    There is a cruel dichotomy in which the thing that means everything to you, can mean less than nothing to someone else. And rather than accept it, they will tell you just how pointless and meaningless your identity is. It is society that has chosen this duality, rather than the acceptance of all identities. The human condition is the urge to indulge in the spectacle of another person’s suffering. In this world, authenticity and sincerity are at odds with standard procedure. Art and commodity have created a bastardized offspring in which innovation is favored over sincerity.

    For me, real tragedies in this world are Twilicorn, the Scruffening, and Equestria Girls. These monolithic events which directly disrupted the formation of my identity. These tragedies are truly authentic because they impact me, and the people I care about. No one seems to see the danger in assigning a hierarchy of trauma, in which horrible things are contested against one another, and the victor is chosen at the whim of societal taste. In which we criticize a person for suffering over the wrong things. And what is the grand conclusion to any of this? An existence in which sincerity and authenticity are mocked by society, by community, and even by the providers. We arrive at the horrific implications of a corporation having a prewritten response on file, ready to be sent to the next suicidal fan.

    It's not people that I resent. It is the uncontrolled power, when we are confronted with these things. The decision to move on, and not look back. The decision to bitterly protest. The acceptance of mediocrity as the standard. The decision to ostracize people with unpopular opinions. The attack on non conventional identity. And finally, our willingness to act on these instincts, without considering the context and perspective of all parties.

    And yet, these terrible events contribute to my purpose. They give me an artistic catalyst. A space to express horror and truth, or at least what I know these things to be. I am an artist. My palette is time, and higher truth revealed from ironic deception. Art where the intentions of the artist are irrelevant, and the audience must create context and meaning for themselves. My art is interactive. It is an expression of my identity, and my identity is forged in ponies and trauma.

    I have come to know tragedy on a personal level. To meet someone at a convention. To shake the hand of someone who would take their own life just a few months later. The horrific nature of online interaction, in which we can speak without looking into someone's eyes. And we can leave forever, without saying goodbye. I have seen Equestria born, and destroyed. I have seen irreconcilable creative differences hurt a wonderful thing.

    Time is the abused tool of the true antagonist: the Human desire for progress. The desire to shed your former self, and destroy your past. To deny what was formerly sincere. To look back with shame and regret. To pave over the worlds we create. This popular taste of favoring the new over the old: nothing more than an attempt to selfishly promote and further one's self, at the expense of those no longer around to defend themselves. We are conditioned to ostracize those who denounce change. And death is only championed for sacrifice in the promotion of change, not as a cost. For me, the past and future are one in the same, and it is the present which I cannot act upon.

    Ponies have saved me from the darkest hours of my life, and even caused some of them. But I will always cherish and cling to that gift. The ability to see a pony and reconsider the things that actually matter to me. Thank you for that gift, the timeless therapy of a pony’s smile. I am forever indebted to this show and community.

    Thank you, for inspiration.

    Thank you, for immortality.

    Thank you for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

    Your faithful student,

    Rarity Advocate

    Hi! It’s Armosk.

    I wanted to thank you all with this letter. I am extremely grateful for the gift you all have given to us over all these years. The show has been a real blessing for so many people, from all over the world. I’ve met most of my friends thanks to it, and MLP always helped put a smile on my face, no matter the circumstances. I’ve been moderating Equestria Daily for years now, so believe me when I say I have seen many many people come together in joy and friendship to celebrate this awesome show. And it has gone far beyond just watching a tv show together. People have grown strong friendships, some people they would call family. The show has been a creative drive for so many. So much positivity has come from this. Positivity that helps many a person to keep on pushing in life. It created a community that I am sure gave a lot of people the feeling they belong. As someone myself who has often felt like an outsider, with little to no friends for most of my life, all I can say is that I am very grateful. So let me just say it again. Thank you! All the dozens of you. I know there are a lot of you working on the staff who don’t get to hear nearly as much credit as others. But let me tell you we appreciate all of you! Thank you all for years full of laughs, ponies, adventures, lessons, music, love, and most of all friendship.

    Things may come and things may go. Some go fast and some go slow. Few things last, that’s all I know, but friendship carries on through the ages! Cheers!

    Thank you for such a wonderful, full of real happiness and fun show that has brought together and made friends of absolutely different people, which inspires us to follow our dreams and makes us happy. Animation, plot, design, music, voice acting (and the magic of a beautiful show, which creates "elements of a masterpiece cartoon" :D ) of MLP:FiM forever occupied a place in our hearts.
    You have shown the world that friendship is truly magic!

    I think that the magic of MLP:FIM goes back to its roots as a wholesome and sweet cartoon. A cartoon that relies on its own merits of storytelling, music, and characters in order to entertain. It is in and of itself a rejection of the appeal to the lowest denominators of humor and entertainment. It is both childish and cerebral at the same time. I could analyze it forever, but that is to miss the point of the show entirely.

    At the end of the day, Friendship is Magic is a magical show, about magical creatures, living in a magical place. A place that is both more frightening than our own world (with enemies from Hydras to Tirek and everything in between) and yet also so much more calming. Why: because above all else, the residents in this magical place know that all you need is Friendship and a strong moral compass, and good things happen to good ponies.

    Somewhere in there are more intricate moral lessons, I could go into detail about how we are all flawed and it is those flaws that make us special, that we are never perfect but mistakes are what make us strong, but you all have created this show: you all know these things. I think above all else, ponies paint a picture of the best that Humanity can be: as a collective force of good, perfect but flawed, different but together harmoniously, individual but joined alike in strong bonds, faced with challenges but always overcoming.
    I think so long as we all remember these lessons: that the Magic of Friendship will last forever.

    To all the creators and staff: I thank you for creating this beautiful thing that brought me so much joy, so many friends of my own, and so much creative inspiration. I truly believe that MLP:FIM was essential to how I developed as a person - how I found morality, happiness, purpose, and how I have succeeded, for all of that: no words of thanks are great enough to express my gratitude.

    -Reinhardt G

    To all the staff,

    This wonderful show that you worked so hard to make has changed my life forever. It has helped me overcome my fears and get through some tough times. Because of you and what you created, I have been able to do things that I was never able to do before and have so many wonderful memories because of it. I will always cherish this show and this fandom. There is nothing that brought me this much happiness and just.... It's hard describe. I just want you to know how grateful I am to be apart of this big family we all built together all thanks to you. One last thing. This show did something else. something bigger then all the other things I said. It saved my life. If I did not discover this show, then I would most likely not be here today. I was headed down a dark path, and this show brought me back to the light.

    Thank You.


    Michael a.k.a MikeBrony

    Dear staff of MLP:FiM,
    Thank you for nine years of inspiration, lovable characters, and a countless amount of adventures. It has been an enjoyable experience sitting on the edge of my seat in excitement each time an episode is aired. I still recall the day I first encountered Friendship is Magic and how I was immediately drawn by the first two episodes that aired back in 2010. One of the many things that capture my attention in MLP episodes is the story. When an episode airs, the story is then supported by the voices, the music, the characters, and the animation that brings it all together. The music featured in Friendship is Magic compliments the story, as well as the characters, and is beautifully composed. The animation instantly captured my attention, and still continues to do so. MLP has made a positive impact on my outlook on life and how I view others. The characters have taught me, as well as my friends, to value our friendships and how to solve a friendship problem sensibly when it arises. Many countless times, I would find myself relating to the mane seven when they are faced with their own problems and go out of their way to solve it. Each individual mare of the mane seven teach different lessons through their personal stories that reach out to the people within the fandom. Pinkie Pie, for instance, would stand up and brush herself off after she's encountered an issue, and always come out of it with a smile regardless. Rarity, in the spirit of selflessness and generosity, will give to others without a moment's hesitation. Applejack, who constantly stresses the importance of remaining honest to loved ones, despite the consequences. Fluttershy, being a gentle-natured mare, had to constantly speak out for herself in order for her opinions and thoughts to be heard by others, especially in the earlier seasons. Rainbow's dedication to both her friends and Scootaloo reveal how much she'd be willing to sacrifice for them. Starlight often felt conflicted with herself when it came to stepping up as the leader and forcing herself to see beyond her past. Twilight, along with her friends, helped others remain faithful in friendship and trust. The fandom that blossomed around 2011 gave birth to a variety of different works of creativity dedicated to the characters of FiM; a few of which being artwork, fan made music, and animation. Getting to experience the growing fandom and interact with others who love MLP as well is one of the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had. I am grateful that I encountered the fandom. It is because of MLP and the fandom that I discovered what I want to pursue for a career. MLP:FiM means a lot to the people in this fandom, and it all began with the collaboration of MLP's staff members to produce the show. I've seen MLP bring smiles to so many people. I am glad that I discovered FiM, and I must say thank you for creating the characters and show that filled our lives with nine years of adventures, fun, laughter, magic, and friendship. Thank you to the entire staff for coming together to make MLP. Friendship will never cease to be magic.

    To All Behind “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”,

    I'm writing you from room 236 of my local hospital. Across from me lying unconscious and sleeping in a patients bed is my wife of three and a half years. She's currently recovering from a severe affliction of pneumonia that came on suddenly and landed her in the ICU for over four days straight, and nearly stole her life. During those terrifying nights when I feared she might leave me, in the late hours as I sat alone by her bed, helpless and afraid, crying to anyone who would listen as the repetitive gush of air pushed into my wife's lungs through the ventilator pump that sustained her life, I turned back to something that, before we met in person, had given me the motivation and the courage to actually take the next step in my life and move forward towards the journey I am now on.

    I turned on MLP. I hadn't watched an episode since the end of season five; not because I fell out of love with the program or the fandom, but life had taken me down a new and stressful path that left me little time to commit to the show. But in the quiet of the night, in desperation for comfort, I watched the entire sixth season of the show. And, I absolutely loved it. I managed to smile and laugh in the most terrifying time of my life. And when it was announced that this show would be ending this season, it truly tore me apartment inside. Because in those moments where my wife lay unconscious, I remembered why this show was so special to me and still is all these years later.

    Back in 2012, my now wife and I met for the first time in person in New York City. We had known each other online for years and we had spoken for a long time about meeting up, but I've never been a very adventurous soul. I was never one to risk anything. And to meet her would mean I would have to board a plane, a then undreamed of idea as I am terrified of heights, and fly across the country to an unknown place. And, being from a small town in the deep South, I feared the culture shock I was about to experience. But, and this may seem ridiculous, because of a flawed yet courageous character like Rainbow Dash, and the messages behind every episode of the show, I was able to straighten up my spine enough to leave behind everything I knew and venture into the total and frightening unknown.

    As the plane readied for take off, I put in my headphones and turned to the remixes and fan music from the fandom. Specifically, I put on the song “Above Cloudsdale” by the YouTube musician SoaringFlight, as it seemed fitting. As the plane took off, I focused on the music and the character and just had faith in the pilot, the plane, and my friend, that everything was going to be ok; and, what was supposed to be a two week visit turned into a three month excursion, followed by a one year prep period where I started going back to school and saving money. We fell in love and I moved to Pennsylvania in 2013 to start a life with her. We were married on July 4, 2015 and have been trying for children for about a year now. I have a career and two wonderful dogs that stay home with my wife all day and greet me when I come home to our apartment everyday. My life is hard, very hard, but it is blessed.

    And a part of the credit for that is yours. You guys have unexpectedly changed lives with this show you created, both directly and vicariously through those already affected by your creation. Words cannot express my sincerest gratitude to all of you for your passionate involvement in the existence of this show and the continued efforts of over a decades worth of consistently exceptional contribution. I'm so grateful I still have season 7, 8 and 9 to experience, and all of the vast amount of fan made content to appreciate for years to come.

    My wife is out of the ICU now and getting stronger everyday. A nurse just thanked me for being here with her everyday, sleeping in the hospital next to her through this difficult time, and stated “...she would not be doing as well as she is if it weren't for me being here by her side.” Thank you all sincerely for changing my life and helping me to become the man I am today. You will never know how grateful I truly am.

    Thank you,

    Shaun K.

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a charming and wonderful show. It has something for people of all ages to enjoy. It has bright colors, lovable characters, and is surprisingly intelligent and complex. As much as it saddens me to see it go, especially since I came late to the party, I've known this show since 2012, and to think that it went this far is nothing short of amazing. It touched millions across the world, and has revitalized a franchise. I wish nothing but the best for the future of My Little Pony.

    Who'd thunk I would be writing this? But that's the wonderful thing about life.

    Dear princess Celestia...

    Thank-you for your 9 years of dedication. The show is good, & now old, & decrepit. It reminds me of Granny Smith. With old age comes tasty cheese.

    It will be sad to see you go, but with with all ending come new beginnings. G5 better be good *cough cough*.

    Back in the 1980s me & my friend didn't yet exist. Friendship means the 1980s when the show was born (kinda). Luckily we never saw G3.5. What we mean to say is thank-you Bonnie Zacherle for creating the franchise & thank-you Hasbro for marketing the heck out of it, my wallet is suffering. And thank-you Lauren Faust for your skills & breathing new life into the franchise when it needed it most.

    Thank-you to the directors, the animators, the voice actors. Thanks to everyone involved.

    Me (Daniel - Jeff) & my friend (Daniel - Jason) became fans of the show back in the middle ages (2014) when dinosaurs were still roaming the land. When we found out that we both watched MLP:FiM we grew as friends and because of the show grew as the best of the besties (Pinkie is obviously best pony(Jeff here, I think everypony is best pony)).

    Daniel/Jeff — friendship means free food :P

    I had no friends. After MLP:FiM I had friends. No friends + MLP = A lot of friends (help)

    Daniel/Jason — I like food :D

    MLP: FiM has gotten me through times I didn’t know I would be able to get through. It’s helped me through depression and has inspired me to grow as an individual. Before I was invested into the show, I was in a school who looked down upon people who were different (That being me) and because of this judgement I grew up not having any friends. As a kid I thought kids like me were normal however I later found out It wasn’t. I was constantly bullied and being overweight didn’t help. This sparking the age of my depression. I physically wasn’t able to speak to people because I often stayed silent afraid of being hurt. This happened almost every day for eight years. I grew more into a shut in and constantly watched other shows to help me feel normal. It wasn’t until the first time I watched My little pony that I was able to fully invest my attention into. The Character Pinkie pie influenced me in a huge way because she was always smiling, and not afraid of the problems that came at her. The next year my Mum brought me along to a Church. I was so scared of going that it brought me to tears because I was afraid of crowds. Later on, that year I had found confidence to help out a holiday programme the church was putting on. It was that day I found my first friend. Then he introduced me to his brothers and I found people who were just like me and for the first time in a while I finally felt happy. Now today I have built a stronger confidence and I’ve gotten rid of my fear of talking to people. And because of the Character Pinkie Pie and because of the Show I’ve grown into someone I never thought I could become. - Daniel/Jason

    Farewell from us & all the best for your future endeavors.

    Thanks from Josh.(Another amigo)

    Dear MLP:FiM show staff:
    It's hard to explain exactly how much MLP:FiM means to me.

    I became a fan of the show in late 2011. This was not a good time for me: I was in the military, working on a nuclear weapons platform. The details of the experience aren't something I want to get too far into, other than to say that it was hard work in a demanding and very often toxic environment. Being continually in the presence of instruments of unimaginable death and destruction was stressful, and some of the people I was there with only made it worse. Options for protecting myself from these negative influences were limited. Most of them boiled down to trying to keep everyone at a distance, and the predictable result was that I had very few friends.

    Being in a situation like that tends to result in a warped perspective and seeing the worst in people. Believing other people aren't worth being around and not having friends because of a negative view of the world becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that's tough to break.

    Then I discovered MLP. The characters showed me that this isn't how the world has to be. Not only that, but MLP and the people that gravitated around it had something more which was crucial: getting involved with the people in the community around this show proved to me that the ideals in the show can triumph in reality, not just on TV.

    Bridging that gap between fiction and experience in the real in order to give us the opportunity to change for the better is what good literature should do. Being part of the MLP community brought better people into my life and led me to the kinds of friends I want, the ones who reflect the values of the show's protagonists - honesty, loyalty, kindness, and generosity. They're the ones who bring you up with laughter, instead of bringing you down with misery.

    Most importantly, they're the ones who prove there's truth to the premise that Friendship is Magic. This is not trivial parlor-trick magic, either; it deeply transformed my life and my experiences with other people. It gave me hope, confidence, and social support. It gave me the strength to change my situation and pursue the things I really want in my life.

    The bottom line here is that MLP helped make me an immeasurably better person than I was without it, and I'm sure this is true for more people than just myself.

    Thank you for everything you've given us.

    I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

    Thank you.

    little pony was originally a show I never intended to watch. Not because it was a little girls show, but because the older generations art style actually gave me the creeps. The show had started around the time of my final high school year and I didn’t even
    know it existed. I had accidentally clicked on the winter wrap up song on youtube right after the episode came out and as fate would have it I decided to give it a chance. Within a day I had completely caught up on the entire series and I began to watch every
    episode as it came out. This show has created so many amazing memories for me and has helped me find all of my best friends. Even though I have stopped watching the latest episodes, it always brings me joy to see it still running and I keep up with the main
    story as it happens. I plan to re-watch the show from the beginning so I can be apart of the farewell this incredible show deserves. I am very grateful for the team behind friendship is magic and am so happy they gave us such a wonderful show that brought
    so many of us together. The fanbase still amazes me today with the amount of dedication and creativity they put out there even after such a long time. I have no doubt that the fandom will continue to thrive well after the show ends and I look forward to seeing
    what the future will hold. Thank you to everyone that was a part of such a magical experience.

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic changed my life. There's no other way to say this. The show did so much for me.

    I came across it randomly on 4chan in late 2010, just after the first few episodes aired. I liked the screencaps and gave it a try. I really enjoyed it, by the time I saw the Winter Wrap Up song I knew I was in love with the show. I kept following it closely, discussing the newest episode with strangers online but also with my best friend. The show brought us closer together and deepened our friendship to a level I didn't think possible before

    I enjoyed the stories the show told, but I wanted more. I started looking at fanart daily. Applejack is my favorite and there clearly wasn't enough art of her. I didn't know how to draw but I wanted there to be more art of her in the world. So I bought a tablet, talked to artist friends and started drawing. A lot. And I never stopped. Through art I met so many wonderful people, I made a lot of friends and eventually even met the love of my life. I drew fanart for an AppleDash clopfic that she wrote and we started talking. A couple of years later I moved across the globe and we moved in together. My best friend flew out here for the wedding and she was my best woman at the low-key AppleDash themed ceremony.

    Thanks to Friendship is Magic I realized art is my passion. I started attending pony conventions to sell my art there. Something that I still do to this day, I'm a full-time artist now and I do all kinds of art in addition to ponies. I met countless amazing people at conventions, everyone always makes me feel so welcome and I feel accepted for the first time in my life. I met friends in this fandom that I still talk to daily.

    For the first time in my life I discovered what it feels like to be happy. I suspect I was severely depressed before Friendship is Magic came into my life, but thanks to the show I opened myself up to people, made wonderful friends that I'm still incredibly close to after all this time, met my wife and discovered what makes me happy in this world.

    Thank you for this. This show and this community turned me into the person I am today. Thank you so much.

    - Rat

    For me, there is something visionary in Friendship is Magic that appeals to those who are drawn strongly to it and that moves them into a realm of experience that transcends simple entertainment value. It speaks with an emotional weight and, I find, especially to those who are at some disadvantage that way. Aside from the attractive look, good writing, and sound lessons that it presents, it gives us a glimpse at something deeper and underlying, again, that moves- it is the power of an idea, an idea that is both inborn in us and that we have need to realize, and that is of a better life and existence than we have known, something more ideal and desirable. I’m not sure if this is an adequate way to actually describe it, but I believe that people who have put something of themselves into the show or as a result of it, would, at the least, describe it as inspiring. The objective of such inspiration, of such movement, is to affect the building or creation of something that honors its source, whether it is outwardly or inwardly, and, again, I believe that is part of the impetus that Friendship is Magic has bestowed upon each one of us, however short or long our journey has been with it and however directly or indirectly its vision and message has been implemented, to do with as we will and as we best can. This is what Friendship is Magic means to me.

    Dear MLP staff,

    Although I only started watching within the last two years, I think there are too many things to say coherently what this show means to me. So, I’ll try my best to subdivide my biggest things by facet. I hope these words can do half as much for you as you have for me.

    Mental stability and happiness:

    Full disclosure, I am a male in college right now. And I don’t know why college is a troubling time for so many people. But it is, and I was no exception. For so long, my academic performance was so close to my identity. So, when I left for school and really struggled for the first time, my mental health slowly declined. There were few things that could bring me joy. I didn’t expect the show itself to bring me such happiness and be something positive to hold on to. But it was, and for that I’m so thankful and indebted to you.

    Social guidance:

    It seems strange that the only people it seems acceptable to teach about friendship are children. But even then, children are largely left to figure it out for themselves. The truth is too many adults can still stand to learn as I have. Because adults get friendship problems too.

    As alluded to earlier, before I found Friendship is Magic, there were few things could make me happy. Among them were my family and friends. Yes, I was skeptical at first, but I kept an open enough mind. And after I started to see what the show was really about, I saw the thing that would keep me watching. (besides the continuity, pop culture references, storytelling, etc.) There was something here that could help me be better for the people I care about.

    I had never been presented with such an accessible and working “theory of friendship” before. Now I can better identify friendship problems and understand how to resolve them. My relationships have improved since, and for that I am once again thankful for the work you’ve done.


    Regrettably, I spent too much of my life either ashamed or fearful. Ashamed of existing as I was and fearful who I might grow into as I transitioned to adulthood. Most notably, I was ashamed of my racial identity, my short and thin frame, fearful of talking politics, expressing my emotions, and of letting people down if I couldn’t muster it in school like I used to. So, I didn’t feel like I needed something else to make me feel more marginalized and isolated. But now I think “Friendship is Magic” was what I needed.

    When I think of an impactful lesson, season 5 episode 4, “Bloom and Gloom” comes to mind. It’s a story about Apple Bloom being afraid of what cutie mark she’ll get. She’s afraid she will lose her family and friends if it’s the wrong one. With Luna’s help she learns to accept whatever her cutie mark will be. She learns to accept and love herself whoever she turns out to be. That’s what I needed to do. I needed to accept myself and stop wanting to apologize just for existing. I’ve still got some work to do, but I’m making my way there. And what you’ve created has helped me become a more whole, developed person. For that I’m thankful.


    Two of the most different and yet inspiring characters for me are Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. One represents where I was before “Friendship is Magic”, and the other where I might be. As a person who still struggles with childhood shyness, of course the character I identified with most was Fluttershy. With her character development being the most consistent and impressive, she’s also the most inspiring character for me. She gives me hope that if she can learn to stand by her convictions when she needs to then so can I. But being able to stand alongside myself seems incomplete if I can’t put myself out there. Which is why Pinkie Pie’s sociability and self-confidence is something I hope to achieve. I sometimes find myself calling on them to guide me in little ways toward self-assurance. Again, I still have work to do, making progress slowly but surely. Thank you so much.


    I might be able to go on about what “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” means to me, but here are my biggest reasons. Finally, I Thank you for bringing me so much happiness, helping me love myself and others better, and helping me on my journey of personal growth. The hard work and care you have put into “Friendship is Magic” goes appreciated more than this letter could ever express. And I wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do next. They’ll be lucky to have you.



    Thank you for nine seasons of laughter, inspiration, happiness, life lessons, hope, creativity, unforgettable memories and friendships.

    Friendship is Magic came to me at a dark time in my life. I was struggling not to flunk out of college. I was angry at the world, I felt sad and alienated, things felt hopeless. But a brightly colored world of talking ponies crafted with care, passion and everyone’s hard work helped me see the world wasn’t so bleak. It gave me hope for a better world. It gave me the strength to push forward and to give others the benefit of the doubt, to try to see the best in others instead of the worst. It has made me a kinder and more empathetic individual.

    My life is now in a much better place thanks to the beautiful world and characters you all worked so hard to bring to life and all the other artwork that it helped create. A “simple” cartoon snowballed into something huge. Something that touched many lives in a deep meaningful way.

    My Little Pony gave me the courage and self esteem to be my true self, because of this I’ve met great persons who I wouldn’t have otherwise.

    Although the show might be coming to an end I will carry the lessons learned, the ideals, the ponies and Equestria in my heart with me every day and I will try to spread the message to others who might be going through rough times. I want to be able to help others, like you helped me in my time of need.

    Thank you all for helping make Lauren Faust’s vision a reality, which in turn wouldn’t have existed without Bonnie Zacherle’s original idea and her insistence on it, despite it originally being rejected.

    I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for these ponies and everyone who worked on them. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything, thank you for giving me a new lease on life, thank you for changing the world for the best, I hope to follow in your steps in some way or another.

    No matter what the future has in store for us with patience, diligence, hard work and our friends by our side I believe we will make it through. Take care.

    Dear MLP staff,

    I just wanted to take the time to thank the MLP and Friendship is Magic staff for all the hard work they put into making the show. It’s meant so much to me over the years since I started watching (January 15, 2016). It has also given me motivation to improve my software development skills dramatically, and also to improve the programs I make. My videos have MLP references in them that I wouldn’t be able to add if I didn’t watch the show.

    Besides that, it has also helped me to be a better person. I’m now a bit more patient and don’t get as aggravated as easily as I used to. Sometimes I even use the breathing exercise Cadance taught Twilight to help myself calm down. I love 99% of the songs in the show (there are a few that I don’t particularly like, such as Giggle at the Ghosties, but I can kinda let it slide since it was in the series premiere and explains what Pinkie generally does).

    Rarity motivated me to do a better job at graphic design and UI organization for my programs as well. Rarity’s mane issues in “It Isn’t the Mane Thing About You” made me feel better about my own hair issues, as I wasn’t sure what was going on at the time. Fluttershy overcoming her shyness has helped me a little in being less shy. I love how Twilight obsesses over things, and sometimes goes crazy, which kinda reminds me of myself. I don’t usually go crazy, but sometimes I have meltdowns, so it makes me feel better that I’m not alone with those issues. Going through college, just thinking about how much work Twilight put in going through her schooling helped me stay motivated to get the best grades I could get. I do, however, get obsessed over things, and sometimes these obsessions change. Derpy helps me feel better about being a slower thinker, being clumsy, and doing things like tripping up the stairs. Rainbow Dash’s episode, “Tanks for the Memories,” helps me feel a little better about losing my cat, but I don’t know if I can watch that episode after the incident anymore because it was a lot for me to deal with. Luna helped me with making it easier to forgive myself, as that’s something that’s hard to do. Scootaloo helped me feel better about being disabled, and that there are certain things you just can’t do, no matter how hard you try. Maud’s behavior is a lot like mine as well.

    I really like how nicely animated the show is, and being animated in Flash shows just how much can be done with Flash (and the custom addins the team uses, if I remember correctly). I’m grateful to God for having FiM be a thing that exists in the quality that it has, and also for Lauren Faust for working on it in the early seasons.

    Overall, the show helped me to be happier and not be quite as depressed, though it didn’t completely get rid of my depression. Without MLP, I probably would still be using the Windows 7 “Harmony” (img0.jpg) wallpaper, even on Windows 10. And of course, I would have never purchased any of the figurines if it weren’t for the show. My favorite figurines are the Molded Mane 6 set, mostly because they’re completely molded. I don’t like brushables, so I probably will never buy any of them.

    I really like how Tabitha St. Germain, Tara Strong, Andrea Libman, John de Lancie, Nicole Oliver, Cathy Weseluck, and many other voice actors/actresses bring their respective characters to life. Especially Tabitha. I can’t get enough of Rarity’s voice (and her singing voice, too) as it’s one of the best things in the show. The people who do the singing voices for each of the characters (if they differ from the regular person to do the voices) are also really good at it.

    I can’t thank the writers, song team (especially Daniel Ingram), animators, production team, and voice cast enough for all their hard work on this wonderful show. I can’t thank the fandom enough for being a great community to be in, either. Sure, there’s drama sometimes, but that’s true of every fandom that gets large enough.

    G4 was really fun so far, and hopefully Season 9 is the best one in the series. I also really hope that G5 turns out great, as G4/FiM has reset the quality bar for the franchise’s shows.

    Thank you for all these wonderful years filled with high-quality, pastel-colored cartoon horses.



    To Everypony on the Friendship is Magic Staff,

    There aren’t any words to express how much joy that MLP: FiM has given me and my family. Like a lot of others who become bronies, I got into the show at a tough time in life when the days just seemed to pass by too quickly and too fast. It made me remember a lot of my own childhood and how I was a lot like Twilight Sparkle.

    When I was a kid I needed to be perfect. I didn’t feel the need to mix in with the rest of the herd so to speak. In a lot of ways I was treated like a outcast. I was a good kid, but I just was comfortable on my own. In high school and college it was more or less the same. I did well in school, but I never saw the need for friends because I felt that it was unnecessary. I thought that if someone was strong on the inside then they wouldn’t have a need for friends. The concept of friendship was just really alien and, for lack of a better term stupid.

    Things got even tougher when I decided to pursue graduate school. I started my Ph.D. in chemistry in 2008. I was engaged, but my girlfriend returned to her home country to get work experience while she waited for me to finish my degree. It would have been hard to support us both and afford a place of our own on a graduate student’s stipend. It was hard only being able to see her once or twice a year. All I could think about was being back together with her and starting our new life together. I retreated inside my Ph.D. research and studies to keep my mind busy so I wouldn’t have to think about how lonely and sad I was. Each day I wished that the 4 years of my studies would go quicker. I was extremely productive in my research and published a lot of excellent publications in my field. I was selected by the American Chemical Society for a prestigious fellowship. In fact, I was the first Ph.D. student at my university to ever be awarded it. Despite all the success and respect I garnered, I didn’t have a single person in my class with whom I really clicked well with. In fact, I don’t think I ever really made a lasting friendship during my graduate school years. Just like Twilight Sparkle.

    I was awarded my Ph.D. in chemistry in 2014. The same year, I moved away from my home state for work. The hardest part after moving though, was of course, having to live alone by myself. My parents went back to Maryland after the move was done. My fiancée had to return to her home country again. Once again it was just myself… and my pet rabbit Yuri. My job ended up being a sham. My research advisor where I worked was unreasonable and difficult to work with. I hated being there. Then in 2015, Yuri passed away suddenly at 10 years old, which is very old for a rabbit. It was a hard blow to me, especially because I raised him since he was a baby. He was like a son to me, much like Rainbow Dash and Tank.

    Things got better after my wife finally came to the US and we got married. Of course, life is often like a boat that surges high and low on waves. Sure enough, in 2016 things got a bit better when I landed a well-paying job. We could finally live more comfortably and build our nest egg together. Three years later though, things changed at work. The leadership team never listened to the scientists on the job. We all felt like we weren’t being listened to, and to add insult to injury, we felt like our research just wasn’t having an impact on the world. We all felt like wind-up dolls on an assembly line, rather than critically thinking and valued scientists.

    When I started watching MLP: FiM in 2018, something magical happened. The story, characters, and especially the music, all made the days feels like they weren’t so bad. Twilight Sparkle’s story seemed so familiar to me, and it made me remember a time when I was just like her. I would ride the train into work listening to all the music from the show. Pinkie Pie’s Smile Song in both English and Japanese were favorites of mine. Whenever I would listen to it on the way into the office, it made me realize that I didn’t need to let myself be pushed down by the bad leadership and the work environment. I made some amazing friendships that I hope last a long time. Indeed, life is so much more enjoyable with them as a part of my day. Even the crappiest job/day/event can be turned around if there’s a group of friends to support you.

    It’s 2019 now, and now my wife and I are bronies and FiM is such a huge and special part of our lives. We welcomed our first daughter together and even gave her the name Celestia, in addition to our plans to take her to BronyCon. MLP: FiM and the fandom of our fellow bronies is woven into our lives forever. They have helped us see the fun in life, as well as the amazing talent that so many other ponies in the fandom have. So many talented musicians and artists!

    This isn’t just a show. This is something that saved countless people from depression, suicide, and the heavy unfairness that is life itself.

    It is a miracle. Thank you all so much everypony.

    Hello at DHX,

    my name is William Bouffard. I've been a brony since July 2011. I became one after I discovered the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic after I stumbled upon fanarts of the show on the internet without knowing what is was first. I've to say when I was younger, I was actually watching G1 back in the 1990s so it was thanks to a part of nostalgia that I checked this new version of the show.

    I fell in love with the show instantly, thanks in part of the history, the incredible characters, the quality of the animation and so much wonderful songs that put you in a mood of well being. I loved g1, but that was so much more! I've to say that the magic and the chemistry the characters had to each others was intoxicating. And despite how sweet and adorable were those ponies, they weren't some dumb horses! Far from it! Smart, funny, sweet, quick, elegant, hard working and magical they were. And so memorable. I can't stop associating the Sun with Celestia and the Moon with Luna. Perhaps no as much with Love with Cadance, though, but I will always remember Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack for the Elements they represented and Spike for how great a assistant and friend he was to the group.

    The show was a work of love and hard work. We could see that you put so much effort, drank gallons of coffee, work late... very late even, skip meals, getting meetings after meetings after meetings, skip important events in your lives (actually, I hope not) to meet this level of quality graphically and of writing. We could see that you wanted the bring us the best of show and for so many years. I don't think we would thank you enough for keeping the show airing on tv for so many years after the actual date it was supposed to stop.

    I never expected to write one day to a team who worked on a cartoon show that I loved for so many years, but you deserved the praises. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for everything! I wish you all the best for your next projects, have great lives and bless you all!


    To the staff of MLP,

    I have been a brony since 2012. Anyone who knows me knows that MLP is a major part of my life. However, I haven't really told anybody how much it really means to me. Given that the show is almost at its end, I would like to take this time to share an example of how My Little Pony has done good for its audience.

    During my sophomore year of high school, I was having trouble with a group of friends. One of them was my best friend since elementary school, the Sunburst to my Starlight. Things got so bad for me that I was in the guidance counselor's office every day or two. This situation went on for a couple of months. During this time, however, another student committed suicide, forcing the guidance counselors to shut out anyone who wasn't grieving for the next week.

    My Little Pony helped me get through this tough time in a number of ways. Both the show and the wonderful community it spawned helped me keep my ability to see good in others. That community gave me friendly people to talk to online while my friends in real life were giving me nothing but heartache. Finally, there was one friendship letter in particular gave me hope through this situation, the friendship letter from Cutie Mark Chronicles:

    Dear Princess Celestia,
    Today I learned something amazing. Everypony everywhere has a special magical connection with her friends, maybe even before she's met them. If you're feeling lonely and you're still searching for your true friends, just look up in the sky. Who knows? Maybe you and your future best friends are all looking at the same rainbow.

    I can't say for sure what would have become of me if i didn't have My Little Pony in my life. Best case scenario, I would have ended up like Moondancer in Amending Fences. Worst case scenario, I would have ended up up like the guy in the second paragraph of this letter. One thing's for certain, I would be much worse off now if My Little Pony wasn't there for me then.
    So thank you for being there for me. You may have quite literally saved my life back there, and I will forever be grateful for it.


    To the people behind one of the greatest cartoons ever, I want to say thank you for bringing “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” to us all, and to me.

    At first, I didn’t like My Little Pony very much, but somewhere in 2012, after I heard about the unexpected yet incredible phenomenon that followed this generation’s airing, the Brony fandom, I became fascinated and decided to watch MLP:FiM, and that’s when I fell in love with it. This cartoon was just brilliant, beautiful, memorable, enjoyable, and I love how it was a story instead of a series of inconsistencies like other cartoons.

    “FiM” has also inspired me. As an artist, it has motivated me to use Photoshop to make artwork of our pony pals, and even trace them with the infamous pen tool. Not to mention, it has inspired me to draw again. As a creative writer, it gave me incredible ideas for fanfictions, and although I only uploaded two, I do intend to continue writing more FiMfics. It has even inspired me to discover new things I never thought about researching, like fashion designing like Rarity, Old English like from “Shadow Play,” and even magic itself. And through the Bronies, where the shadow of toxic masculinity doesn’t exist, it inspired me to be who I am, and not what society expects me to be as a man. It even reminded me that I used to love “girls shows or movies” when I was young, and there is nothing wrong with that back then and now. I can even go to conventions when it never crossed my mind before, like Comic Con. I am proud to call myself a Brony.

    But obviously, it helped me embrace friendship again. Ever since I graduated from high school, I didn’t seek out new friends. But after watching My Little Pony, it changed everything. It got me to join DeviantArt, where not only would I would submit my art, but I also made some friends, some of whom are now among my best friends ever. They appreciate me, as well as my artwork and fanfictions; always been at my side; showed me kindness and care; brought joy into my life; made gifts for me when I never expect them; sincerely reassured me that I’m a good person, that I shouldn’t be ashamed of my shortcomings, and, despite the end of MLP:FiM, that we will always be friends forever. And, through those friendship lessons, I strive to be a true friend.

    The characters of this show also have a special place in my heart. Twilight Sparkle will always my most favorite pony ever. Even if she is the Princess of Friendship, she will always be that intelligent, adorkable Unicorn student I’ve come to know and love. Fluttershy will always be that sweet animal-loving Pegasus I adore. Rarity will always inspire me to be creative. Pinkie Pie will always make me smile. Rainbow Dash will always rock my day. Applejack will always remind me that you can still be friends even if you are opposites. Spike will always prove that no matter what you are, you’re still a true friend. Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer will always be the best bad girls-turned-friends in my book. Discord will still make life unexpected and fun. Princess Celestia will always brighten my day with her loving kindness and wisdom. Princess Luna will always bring light in the darkest of times. Princess Cadance will always warm my heart. Shining Armor will always remind me how great it is to have a brother. The Cutie Mark Crusaders will continue to inspire me to find my true calling. And the Young Six will always prove that friendships can be made between everyone, even between people from different places. And of course, they would never have come to be were it not for the brilliant writers who came up with their stories, the creative animators who gave them form, and the terrific voice actors who played as them.

    Even though this legendary cartoon is finally coming to a close, I am so glad that I came across it and embraced it. I really wish it would have ten seasons instead of nine (friendship is spelled with ten letters after all), and maybe I could enjoy the adventure more, create more artwork and stories, and finish a lot of things I intended to do before it’d all come to an end. Oh well. But I will say this, “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” has been the best cartoon, and it has made such a positive impact on me and the world. It inspired people, brought out the best in them, saved lives, and it gave purpose, happiness, love, and friendship to even those who had none of these. Even after this beloved generation of My Little Pony ends, I hope that its legacy lives on forever, just as the friendships I have made with so many good, loving people will live on too. Thank you again for bringing us one of the best cartoons of all time, and thank you for teaching all of us, and me, a very important life lesson: Friendship is Magic.

    It's hard to ascribe a "placeness" to an idea, especially in pop culture. And yet, FiM is a place. It's one that we inhabit, and sometimes (often) it leaks into what we cynically call the real world, but for the most part it exists in a shared idea between its millions of fans. This is a place where people create, and socialise, and build bonds. It lives in us, and so we live in it.

    Eventually we'll roam away. Many will travel; some will return. The rare, bad times will dim, and the good times take on a rosy cast. Occasionally we'll drive past and think: Ah, we lived there for a while. What a nice place. And though we'll remember those who moved away with the sting of melancholy, the ones who keep it alive are never far from home.

    When I was in college, pony was a means of maintaining connections with old friends. In the years since, it's been about forging new friendships. Because friendship really is magic -- the magic of a good time, that je ne sais quoi where everything just works right. It might not work all the time, and seldom flawlessly, but with the right elements and the right spark, it stays kindled enough to uplift everyone.

    There are people, still small and fledgling people, who were born because of pony. There are ponies printed on pieces of the space station. This thing you created, and this space you helped to build -- it's a big deal.

    This is as much a congratulation as a thank-you. Thank you to Lauren, and Mitch, and Amy, and Tabitha, and Ashleigh, and Rob, and Jayson, and Jim, and a hundred others who built and maintained the place where those friendships could grow. A lot of people wouldn't know each other, were it not for your craft.

    -- Kurozu

    To all of you who made MLP possible,

    I want to extend my heartiest congratulations on not just the successful program you created, but the incredible, impactful, overall outstanding force majeure of a movement it started. I’d also like to extend to you my sincerest thanks for all you have done, both on this show and in the industry itself.

    Little did I know growing up just how many “American” cartoons are actually produced in Canada… and with good reason. You people are incredible! The sheer talent that has come from the Great White North astounds me. I am now of the opinion that the world capital of creativity for the past two decades, at least, is Vancouver.

    I grew up memorizing the cast and staff list (and indeed, many of the episodes) of a little show called Ed, Edd n’ Eddy. In addition to being one heck of a funny show, it inspired me to get creative, write stories, and design crazy contraptions like the ones that often wrought havoc around the cul-de-sac. It was also chock full of characters I could identify with, a neighborhood made of bits and pieces of my personality; this would later be even more true with a certain other show, but I’m getting ahead of myself. It was a catalyst of my imagination, and while I was very sad to see it end, it had a stellar ending, and I couldn’t have wished anything better for it.

    Several years passed; I grew into a teenager, then a young adult. I never lost my creativity, but I did lose touch with that sense of childlike awe and adventure. The world felt smaller, and worse off for it.

    But then, one spring afternoon at college, through a very long and complicated story involving a lot of hyperlink clicking, I found a show called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I had remembered hearing about it before (I regularly watched Pound Puppies on The Hub,) but it was something I had avoided like the plague. I remembered the vicious mockery my best friend had directed at his older brother for liking the show, and I, wanting to fit in, had done the same. But that was years ago: since then, I had completely forgotten MLP was even a thing. Now, at age 19 and in need of a little fresh creativity, I gave the show a chance.

    I soon realized how wrong I’d been.

    I had been trying to remember the name of “the princess” whose wedding they “advertised incessantly” all those years ago. Soon, I found the wiki page for Celestia (and shortly thereafter realized I had my princesses confused.) After scanning that page for information, I went on to read about Luna and her story with her sister. I’ve always been a fantasy fanatic and reading about ancient Equestria and the story of Nightmare Moon got the gears turning in my head like they hadn’t turned in years. I started to fall in love with the lore; then, through an insane amount of link clicking, I had read about most of the characters, and soon realized I may actually like this show.

    After I started watching a few episodes (while no one was looking, at first,) I started to make connections between this show and my childhood. It all started with a face that Twilight made at the end of Shadow Play; I immediately recognized it as an “Eds” expression and nearly combusted internally. Other episodes started to throw that telltale squeaky toy sound effect at me… you know the one. I eyed the credits intently, and, sure enough, “Jim Miller” was among them, as was “Scott Underwood.” My heart flipped. So, this is what you’d gotten up to since I was a tyke? After double checking Google to make sure you were in fact the same people, I also began to spot some key names among the voice cast as well. Kathleen Barr? As in, Kevin? Marie? So now she’s Trick Pony and Best Villain? And Sam Vincent? Double D and freakin’ Krypto the Superdog?! I didn’t even know he could sing! And of course, there’s Terry Klassen voice directing: THAT explains why this cast is amazing.

    I dove headfirst into this unique mix of nostalgia and new, and soon, I was calling myself a brony. It felt odd at first, adoring a show that was made for the complete opposite demographic from mine, but I’ve always said that it doesn’t matter the characters or setting, good is good.

    (Not to mention, HOLY COW that fight with Tirek! When did this become an anime?! I love it!)

    I was enraptured with this fantasy world that seemed so simple at its surface. I wanted to know more about everything and everypony in it. I hoped that it would last forever… but alas, little does. Especially not on network television.

    I’ll be honest, the news hurt me. It cut pretty deep even just hearing the rumors. I had barely gotten a chance to enjoy this fandom, and now the show it was built around, the steady influx of new canon, was ending. But then I realized something.

    Just because the show is ending doesn’t mean I have to quit loving it. EEnE still makes me laugh and think about my childhood to this day, and FiM will always remind me to look at the world through a positive lens and be a better person through those values of Harmony its characters embody.

    If there’s one thing this show, this fandom, this mighty crew of creatives up in Vancouver will be remembered for, it’s the hearts and mind they impacted, the people they got through tough times, and the young ones who grew up learning, perhaps with a parent or older sibling, what it means to be a true, true friend.

    Let’s end this 9-year experience with a bang!

    From the bottom of my happy heart, thank you all.

    With love,

    The Mountaineer Brony

    WV, USA

    Dear MLP staff,

    I want to thank everyone who has ever worked on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. You all did a marvelous job and gave all of us a wonderful show to watch, enjoy and be inspired with. During my time in fandom, I have seen so many people whom it inspired and helped to deal with rough times, find themselves or discover their talents. Moreover, I am one of those people. Your show helped me to deal with stress and anxiety from my university studies and… you know, a war that started in my country not long before I found MLP: FiM. Even now, almost 5 years later, this cartoon still helps me and brightens up my day. In addition, it inspired me to start drawing.

    I’m sure that there will be many people who will analyze and praise every aspect of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. And I agree with them, because every part of this show is gorgeous. However, I want to thank you not only for this and for what I mentioned earlier, but also for one more thing. Thank you for treating this fandom well. I’m sure there are many people in this fandom (including me) for whom knowing that you accept the existence of «the extremely unexpected adult fans» of your work is very important. Moreover, your interactions with the fandom are very cool. In addition, I want to apologize for all the incidents with the fandom that could upset or offend you. That includes criticisms of the show that were too harsh or inappropriate. I don’t think there are people in this fandom who would want to consciously annoy or anger you, because, eventually, we owe you so much.

    In conclusion, I want to thank you again for the great job you have done while working on this show. And although the show is going to end after season 9, I hope that the brony fandom will still be here for many years to come thanks to the bonds that were formed while watching, discussing and enjoying your show «My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic».

    Yours faithfully,


    Dear My Little Pony team,

    Friendship is Magic has brought me so much joy and possibilities I had never dreamed of. With inspiration from Twilight, I’ve made some of the best friends I’ve ever had. I’m studying video production at CSUSM and watching the cinematography of FIM at home has helped me learn cinematic techniques. Since first watching Friendship is Magic in 2016, I’ve written fan fiction for Fimfiction and Brony.com, made fan art, written fan music and a script for a fan film. I don’t know what my life would be like if I hadn’t discovered Discord, and with him, My Little Pony, that fateful October day at Barnes and Noble, but I’m sure happy I did. Though season nine may conclude Friendship is Magic, it’s not the end of the book, only the chapter. I don’t know what’s coming next, but I know I’ll be there! This cowpony ain’t hanging up his hat just yet! I would like to give a great big cowpony thank you to Lauren Faust and the whole My Little Pony family. You’ve really opened my eyes and my heart to something new and magical. We’ve had nine great years of Friendship is Magic and 36 of My Little Pony. Here’s to 36 and nine more pony-rific years. Someday, when I have kids of my own, I’ll be introducing them to the Magic of Friendship.

    Thank you very much, everypony, and may Harmony abound!

    Jonathan M. “Hirsute"

    There’s a lot I could say about MLP and what it means to me. I could gush for hours about how much I love the characters, the world, the humor, the animation, the music, you name it. But I think the best way to say thank you is to talk about the effect the show has had on me personally.

    This will probably sound horribly trite and melodramatic, but MLP has been more than just a show to me; it has truly changed my life, and--I’d like to think--made me a better person as well.

    It’s a bit embarrassing to say that I learned about the value of friendship from a kid’s cartoon, but that’s pretty much what happened. Back in 2010 I was a lot like Moondancer, an antisocial introvert mired in a pit of misanthropic depression; and as corny as it sounds, it was MLP that changed that. It was like a spark ignited within me, and ever since then I’ve tried to be more outgoing and sociable, and while I haven’t had much luck so far, I’m still hopeful for the future.

    MLP not only changed my outlook on life, it also affected the way I look at the media I consume. It reignited my interest in animation, and changed the way I look at kids’ shows, slice of life shows, and female-targeted media in general.

    Perhaps most of all, though, MLP helped reignite my creative spark, in part by way of it’s amazing fandom. Like many, I discovered the show through the fandom; and it was their immense outpouring of passion and creativity that convinced me to give it a try. I was amazed by how they could take nameless background extras and make them feel every bit as alive as the Mane Six. I discovered so many great creators that I still follow to this day. And I can thank the many great fanfics I’ve read for getting me back into writing.

    I think I’ll end with a personal story. Back in the summer of 2017 I was in the hospital with a traumatic injury. My recovery was slow and painful, and at times I didn’t want to go on. It just so happens that that was the month when The Perfect Pear aired. That episode, one I’d been waiting years for, filled me with so much happiness that I managed to find the resolve I needed to pull through.

    So, to Lauren Faust, to Meghan McCarthy, Jayson Thiessen, Big Jim, Daniel Ingram, and to everyone at DHX, thank you for giving us 10 years of this amazing show. No matter what comes next, I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for Friendship is Magic.

    Thank you, oh thank you, for the fun.

    Got it!

    Dear Cast, Crew, and Creator of “Friendship is Magic,”

    I am a brony with autism, and I wanted to thank you for creating an unexpected turn of events from the very beginning. I figured that this show is about to end. So, I wanted to talk about what I’ve learned from you and what I planned to do during the post-FiM era.

    When I first heard about you and watched your very first story in 2013, I thought about how it is possible to build a community like this. Moreover, by hypothesis, I think it is because of the balance of genres, the twists the show brings up, and how epic it is to view a trick and a battle, like anime for example. The animations, actions, and effects were so attractive that my eyes couldn’t handle, and that got me curious to experience what the community’s been doing. I started to follow the social “brony” media, including Equestria Daily and creative artists and illustrators from DeviantArt. Also, before I became part of the community, I became so obsessed with the creativity from the society, including their fan art, PMVs (pony music videos), comics, and many others. And as my addiction to the show and the community continued, I had a feeling that I wanted to do something for the community and you.

    I was thinking about planning a movie before the official one. The film I wish to make is a coming-of-age story with a different theme, but not as an alternate universe. I’m developing it as an audio drama right now, and before I explain the story to you, I want to tell you what this project of mine is about first.

    I’ve been looking at the history of the franchise and lots of stuff the fans have created in the past. So, I thought about creating a story by taking the inspiration of the official franchise, series, and the fan-made works as one. It even includes inspiration from pop culture as well. So, I decided to break down some ideas and references into one major story about life, tragedy, hope, and love, based on the likes and dislikes from the community itself. I know that change can be difficult for everyone, but I think it can play the role of human life. I don’t care about reformation because I may find that villains have broken hearts that they couldn’t fix by themselves. That's where the “magic” of friendship comes in. It may be hard, but we always find the love that never goes away. Love is not just a source of energy nor a toy. It is an important thing that everyone must share and accept that no matter how terrible the future will become. That’s the lesson that I’ve learned from the show and reality itself.

    The story that I’m working is called, My Little Pony: The Unexpected Future, and it’s about a life of a human being, who was transported to Equestria and was sent on a quest to complete a prophecy by bringing the spirits of harmony back together and stop the villain who banished him to their world. I planned this story to be like experiencing a film by one of my favoritedirectors of all, Christopher Nolan. I want to create an experience of memories, life-changing journeys, epic visuals, intense sound design, and when reality meets illusions. I know it may look different than the official series, but as I said before, it is a coming-of-age story with a different theme. If you are curious to know more all about the story, I will send you some information and pictures about the story and experience. In case you want to make a reply to me, I included my Gmail address at the bottom of my letter.

    I wish I could work with you in the future, but I am in my second year of university in England and will graduate next year. It’s sad that “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” is coming to a close and one of you would leave the team because of the closing. However, if I join Hasbro in the future after explaining the story to them, I would like to create a production, build a cast (and maybe invite the official voice actors/actresses), and get started on the story that I always dreamed off. The story may seem like fan-fiction, but I think I want to create an official story and sequel that was first created by a fan. When there’s magic in our hearts, there will always be magic in our hearts because the community, including me, will never forget about what you have created and succeeded. After all, I proud to be a fan of your show, and you should be proud of what you did. I want to dedicate my story to you and the community you have unexpectedly made. I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, that you have given me so many lessons from depression, anxiety, friendship, and most importantly, love. Plus, I’m curious to know if you want to hear more about my story that I wanted to release because I hope you find it very interesting based on my experiences and thoughts about “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.”

    Thank you!

    One of your faithful fans,


    In the 2000’s, I scoffed at the idea of My Little Pony, not knowing that it’d become a major part of my life in the next decade. Not only has it helped me drive my artistic side further, it’s offered a source of escapism with an immersive world that was being built more and more each season, populated by a huge assortment of adorable characters, my favorite being Twilight Sparkle, who is everything Id want in a best friend. Not many series can make me actually make me want to be part of them, and the land of Equestria felt like a second home. I’ve always expected the show to not outlive the decade, but to actually be facing the end of it makes me feel like I’m losing a part of my life. But I havent. I’ve gotten more material than anybody would’ve expected and the fandom is still standing strong, and as long as I have that there’ll still be magic in me.
    Realize that what was supposed to be a vehicle for toys has become a massive hit, with spinoffs and shorts, and a full-blown movie, with the main cartoon lasting over TWO HUNDRED EPISODES. And you acknowledged this and rarely wasted the potential you were given.
    The timing the show came into my life is unreal, and it couldn’t have happened at a better point. I’m forever thankful for everybody involved for bringing me and countless other people this amazing series and opportunity for imagination. I’m super looking forward to what’ll happen with the franchise next.

    Thank you so much for the magic.


    MLP:FIM was an adventure. It was a new universe to explore, and a way to find new perspectives about ourselves. The community created around FIM is expansive and diverse. FIM brought a lot of inspiration to many artists.

    The show itself was a promise of good times. A way to let go of worries and have fun.

    Whatever the future brings, some part of us will always stay with the show. The unity and adventures it brought will never be forgotten.

    Thank you

    TO the Staff of MLP:FiM:

    Thank you for crating this world of Equestria, and the magic creatures
    in it. You have made something special - not just something to meet a
    client's specifications, but something which is very much real, very
    much alive, and whichwill last long beyond the broadcast schedule.

    You've made something which will be REMEMBERED as a living world,
    full of personalities with HEART.

    I've run into more than a few folks who have been hard-bitten by
    life - servicemen back from deployment overseas, victims of fire or
    an unstable economy - somber and bereft of Hope, who when asked what
    is one wish that they could have fulfilled have answered, "I want to
    spend at least one day in Equestria".

    I've seen televicion cartoon shows for over 50 years now. This one
    has been my all-time favorite.

    Thank you all!

    - Michael Burlake

    Dear MLP Staff,
    I would like to thank you for giving me, and to the wonderful fans the show that taught us about the magic of Friendship, is sad that this Gen. is coming to an end, but I hope that the new Gen. will have the same Animation that we all loved and not to be ruined. We're gonna miss you all that you work so hard after 9 years of Friendship, I hope you'll continue what it is that your doing after Season 9 ends. And one last thing, well it kind of sounds strange but, there were many people that want Twilight and her friends + Sunset and Starlight to be a DLC Fighter for Smash Bros from Nintendo. I don't know if you all think that's impossible or it won't happen but, you think you can give it a Chance to see if you all wanna put them in the Game before the show will end? Cause if you do then Millions of fans from the show will purchase it a lot to play them. So please think about that ok, Thanks again Staff.

    Dear Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Lauren Faust, Amy Keating Rogers, Cindy Morrow, Chris Savino, Charlotte Fullerton, M. A. Larson, Daniel Ingram, Jayson Thiessen, Dave Polsky, and other developers, staff, and those on the creative team behind “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,”

    It’s tremendously difficult to sum up all my thoughts and feelings about “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” that I’ve been saying and thinking over the last decade, and to now suddenly write it all into a single letter. But the very fact that I have been thinking about ponies for most of the last decade and am now taking the time to write a letter to show my honest appreciation for its existence and to those who are to thank for making it should say a lot already.

    If I may be clear and concise immediately: “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” is a tremendous work of art and one of the most significant works of art and entertainment ever created, and I must add that I mean this wholeheartedly and sincerely and without exaggeration or hyperbole. I love “MLP:FIM” like nothing else I’ve ever seen, heard, or read, and it has captivated my heart and imagination in an intense and ceaseless love for the magical land of Equestria and all the beautiful ponies that inhabit Equestria, again, like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.

    Thank you, Lauren Faust for so lovingly and passionately crafting a world that is so much a work of art that it went on to - and continues to - inspire multiple generations of artists and thousands of people all over the world. Inspiring them be the best that they can be, spread friendship, generate a whole new renaissance of art, and make the world a better place. Lauren Faust, while it is widely known that you were no longer involved in the show after season two, I hope you are proud of what you accomplished because the show would not have been as unbelievable or as astonishing without your work and your ideas and your creativity and your love.

    “I used to wonder what friendship could be until you all shared its magic with me.”

    “Equestria, the land I love, a land of harmony… Equestria a land of friends, where pony kind do roam. They say true friendship never ends. Equestria my home.”

    With love, honesty, kindness, laughter, generosity, loyalty, and magic,
    A grateful fan

    When My Little Pony came onto my radar, it was just starting season two. Prior to that, the only thing I was focusing on was loss. A family member had died earlier that year. I was just coming to realize I would lose another from a slow descent into dementia. My days were filled with just trying to get through the day, and keep from drowning.

    But time marched on without me.

    As luck would have it, I saw mention of MLP on a YouTube comment. Having grown up with pony, I didn't think I would appreciate having my my childhood memories tarnished. The next day, I needed something to take my mind off things, so I decided I would give it six episodes. Then seven. Okay, if eight wasn't bad, then nine should be tolerable to watch. As should ten. I was in love after winter wrap up. And Applejack was awesome.

    Time marched on.

    I had a really bad day. Then a really bad night. I had too many things on my shoulder and barely had a life of my own anymore, and I couldn't handle it anymore. I was driving, away from home, just needing to think, to keep driving until something changed.

    Then a kernel of an idea popped into my head. A fanfic about the pony I adore and how her friends helping her through her turmoil. The story consumed my thoughts and I needed to write it down. So I turned around and I drove back home. I poured that story onto the page and shared the little shards of pain I could muster to form into words and posted it for the community to read. I got good feedback. But for the first time in a long time I was writing again. I wanted to draw the characters, and tell their stories and talk about them with the community that loved it too. Applejack was best pony, and the Fandom needed more AJ admirers.

    And time marched along.

    I drew little bits of art that wasn't very good but was very much mine. I read and admired other's art, contributed with my own stories. I got a few artists crushes and made a few friends. I was talking to people who could finally understand me without having to delve into the void that was the rest of my life. I finally had something to latch onto.

    Then a story came to mind - one I knew I wanted to write but I couldn't get into words. At least, I couldn't feel at ease enough to write it where I was living. By sheer luck, I was finally getting the help from my family I needed for over a year now, and I took the chance and moved out. Finally I had room to think, room to really spend hours writing if I wanted to. Which I did. In pieces. I wrote that story and put it on FIMfiction. It moved up the ranks until it reached number 3. I died a little. In a good way. We don't need to talk about what the story was… Just that filters were needed to view it. It was popular. Lots of people commented. One person drew fan art for it. Not just someone, one of my artist crushes. I died a little. In a good way.

    He and I started talking, and we never stopped.

    Time marched on.

    We got to know each other. He noticed who I was - I had commented on quite a few things of his. We talked some more. He lived in a different country. We both liked Applejack. I mean, come on, best pony. Then I had a really bad, lonely, depressing day. I took a chance to trust him with my life story. I died a little, in a bad way, waiting for him to read it and respond - time difference and all. And somehow he understood. He was there for me and for the first time in a long time, I didn't feel so crushed and alone.

    We met officially at BronyCon. Waited the days to see each other again. Talked everyday online. Talked things like marriage and our future and ponies, and more marriage and pony. Ponies were involved in the proposal. We're dorks that way.

    Time marched on.

    Things turned sour with the help I received. Blame was being tossed around and most of it landed on me. I was in a bad place. My fiance was the only person who could make me smile after days of worry. He wasn't even in the same country, but he made me feel better. I knew then we would work well together. Then came the day when he left his home and flew across the ocean to be with me. We had an outdoor ceremony ruined on the only rainy day in months of drought - thank goodness for the reception hall. Our Rainbow Dash cake topper was shoved into the icing by one of our guests. It's was awesome.

    Time marched on.

    We built our lives together. He helped piece together what was broken when I lost so much of the life I had before. He helped me piece together a new life interrupted with the occasional sales at conventions - meeting new people over pictures of ponies, people who helped shape our lives and brought us happiness. My husband continue to pursue his art based around pony and Fandom, and while my time got more constrained and I couldn't devote my time to writing fanfiction any more, I found places I could use the skills I honed while taking part in the community. I find little influences of Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie in my characters now. More stories than I can even begin to write down, all given a little speck of life from the ponies that managed to change my life for the better.

    They came at a time when I needed friends the most, and it gave me a community, a husband, a source of happiness in an otherwise dark time.

    While I'm sad ponies will be ending, I'm glad the mark it left on the world. And the mark it left on my life. Even though the story ends here, the people whose lives it touched will carry forward the lessons we learned and the friendships and relationships we found. The inspirations we took from some multi-colored miniature equines who sing happy songs and have the power to change the world around them for the better. We are all so thankful to have had ponies shape our lives.

    And we march on.


    A dear letter to the MLP: Friendship is Magic staff.

    Good morning!
    My name is Alejandro Cano.
    I'm a Brony from Chile.
    I send my regards and respect to all the staff, for making this show one of the best.
    I will never forget your effort.
    Thanks to this show I have been able to make good friends despite my Asperger status.
    I have also learned to be more tolerant of others.

    My favorite pony is Starlight Glimmer.
    My favorite season is 7 th .
    My favorite song is Flawless.
    My favorite episode is Amending Fences.

    My little story with My Little Pony Generation 4.

    I started watching the show in 2010, I saw it together with my little sister.
    I really liked the stories of these adorable ponies.
    The episodes made me laugh, the characters were very memorable, I felt identified with some of
    them, the music was great and the lessons were always the best of the series.
    I saw the first three seasons.
    I liked it a lot when Twilight became a princess.
    In 2014, I stopped watching the show, not because I didn’t like the show anymore but because I
    was very busy with my responsibilities in highschool.
    Due to family issues, I ended up with a strong depression.
    I even thought about taking my life ...

    One day, I saw an episode of season 5 by accident.
    It was Amending Fences
    I will never forget that episode, the scene in which Moondancer accepted Twilight’s apology, it
    was the first time I cried of emotion when watching an episode of MLP.
    Since then I have not stopped watching the show until today.
    The introduction of Starlight and her redemption is my favorite story of the show.

    Thanks for reading my letter.
    May the magic of friendship protect you, always.

    For me Friendship is Magic means Happiness of the kind I’ve never felt before. Like many Bronys I wasn’t in a very good place before I found FIM but everything changed when I did; I felt Happy, motivated, enthusiastic, and inspired just to get out of bed in the morning, I stopped worryingabout stuff, I stopped feeling anxious about the future, I laughed at others pointless arguments about trivial things; I began to enjoy life like I hadn’t before. Ponies inspired me to create and I discovered a passion and telent I didn’t know I had,

    now I’ve learnt skills that have given me dreams and opportunities that I never would have had, all because of a ‘little girls show’.

    Truely I can’t thank all of you enough from Bonnie Zacherle to Lauren Faust to the lowliest intern at DHX all I can say is: Thank You for Everything.

    To the staff of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,

    Greetings, I’m Brotaraft! I’ve been a brony since August 2013. Firstly, I’ll explain how I became a brony. It’s all thanks to my sister who kept begging me to search for My Little Pony. By the time I finished the first episode, I continued watching another, and another, and another. I just dive into the show, and the next thing I know, ponies have become a part of my life, and my “name”.

    My Little Pony is a show where I can get away from this cruel world and step inside a friendly and positive world. It's a great show that isn't cringy like other kids show. It has continuity, character development and world building.

    TV shows, especially cartoons, that has continuity are always my favorites. So, I believe that one factor makes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic appealing to all ages.

    Characters can’t have the same personality for years, so that’s where character development comes in. Imagine if Fluttershy is shy all the time, it’d be boring!

    As time goes on, the universe expands, from new characters, to new species and even new locations beyond Equestria. The writers did a great job creating the universe, which many fans continue building with their own fan content.

    To the writers of the show: Thank you for your endless creativity! You guys can make stories with a lesson without making it too flat, characters with unique personalities that makes those ponies who they are, and discover new places, which never bore us. Some episodes you made were touching, such as The Perfect Pear. I don't think that the previous generations ever did this.

    Like all (or most) bronies, I have a favorite pony. My first favorite (I have several now) is Rainbow Dash, cause she’s awesome and cool! Unlike the other characters, she isn’t as girly as the others. That makes her stand out. I’m really thankful that Ashleigh Ball is filling her voice.

    Ashleigh Ball, you’re amazing! I recently watched the first episode again, and Dashie's voice didn’t change much, although Applejack's voice wasn’t that good back then. But still, the voice acting that you’ve done for the past 8 years or so, is awesome, just like the character herself! When Dash was in tears in the episode Tanks for the Memories, it also, makes me sad in the inside. Thanks for 8 years of Dashie and AJ.

    Thank you Tara Strong for voice acting my second favorite pony. Twilight being nervous or scared makes me laugh, somehow. She's such an adorkable princess! I don’t know how to say this, but your voice is getting wiser as time goes on, because Twilight is!

    Andrea Libman, you voiced two ponies with opposite personalities (and other background characters). It is done very well. Being an extrovert like Pinkie Pie, and introvert like Fluttershy. But Fluttershy isn’t that shy anymore. She has improved through the years, like being angry to the Winterzilla! Well, that’s just one example. Fluttershy is the cutest character amongst the Mane Six, and she’s is the only one character that makes me blue when she's in tears, even if I see the same episode over and over again (Dashie crying only works a few times). Thanks for bringing them to life.

    The music is one of my favorite part of the episodes. Daniel Ingram, the songs you made weren't cringy at all. The song genre you made also varies, and matches the episode itself. I sang those songs randomly, whenever it crosses my mind. Thanks for the music!

    Of course I didn’t forget the animators and designers, who visualize the looks of ponies and many other creatures, and make beautiful landscapes to contribute to the wonderful storytelling. All of you bring the characters to life, visually. The beautiful animation you guys did is what makes the fandom grow in the first place, and the more enhanced animation done in My Little Pony: The Movie. The new design lures us to continue watching the show, including the colorful characters, new pony design (compared to previous generations), and the stunning locations.

    Lastly, this show wouldn’t have been possible without Lauren Faust. Making this show is probably the best decision you’ve ever made. The brony fandom is like no other. They are kind and caring people who enjoys pastel colored ponies, embracing the Magic of Friendship, and make a lot of creative fan content. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible. Like, ever. Thank you, thank you very much for having the idea in the first place. Even you left the show early, the Magic of Friendship lives on to this day.

    Even though I didn’t mention every single person in the Friendship is Magic staff, each and everyone of you matters. I can’t tell how much I really appreciate all your efforts in the making of the show. To every single person involved in the making, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Onwards and upwards!

    Yours truly,


    To the beautiful people who make Friendship Magic,

    I am writing you today that all might know my undying appreciation for your work. You all have created a beautiful world, and have taken great care in filling said world with a bright array of characters whom we have all come to love and appreciate.

    I am quite certain that when reading these letters, you will find many a person claiming how the show has helped them through the most difficult of times, myself counted among them, but I feel it is my duty to restate it. The fact that so many people can so rightly identify you and your work as a source of inspiration and joy is a testament to your talents. I won’t get into the dark hole this show pulled me out of; I instead feel you should know exactly what you have taught me. These small colorful equines have grown so much over the course of nine seasons, and with their guidance, so have I and the rest of this amazing community.

    As far back as the first episode when we were introduced to the elements of harmony; laughter, honesty, kindness, generosity, and loyalty. These elements have formed the base of everyday interactions. And since then, every episode has taught me more and more about not only how to be a good friend, or how to make friends, but important lessons like how to strengthen friendships, how to rekindle old friendships, the only thing the show hasn’t taught me is how to move on.

    Each pony has grown and developed so much throughout the course of this great show, they have become so much more than their base characteristics. Rarity started out as drama queen, obsessed with how ponies looked, but by the end she has proven herself more than capable in any conflict, has shown how she doesn’t just see ponies for how they look, and is willing to put her reputation on the line for her friends. Fluttershy in season one had one character trait; she was shy. But through the course of the show, she has developed to be a pony who knows when to be stern when she needs it, who can confront ponies when she has too, and can really shine in the spotlight. Season one applejack was stubborn, but with the help of her friends, knows when not to make promises she can’t keep. She’s the hardest working pony in Ponyville, and she won’t stop at anything to keep her family safe. Pinkie still has troubles understanding that she has to share the spotlight, and it’s hard for her, but who can blame her. When she is in the spotlight, she is only doing it to make the ponies around her happy. Likewise, rainbow is still boastful, and cocky, but has she not earned that much. She knows when to tone it down, when she needs to slow down. And twilight, our Prometheus, from whom we have learned the most, diligent in her duty to Equestria, and unwavering in her commitment to friendship and the gravity of being the princess of friendship. I think I’ll miss you most of all scarecrow. From the very beginning, twilight was our window into this world, and through her we watched her overcome many an obstacle. We watched her moving into, grow attached to, and say goodbye to the late great golden oaks library. We watched her journey from friendship novice, until she friendshipped so hard she became friendship royalty, and the ripples of that friendship are still felt today.

    I have personally watched these ponies grow and develop for the past seven years of my life. I’ve known them longer than I have my best friends, friendships that I attribute to the lessons they taught me, and in turn, you taught me. For that I am grateful, and owe you and them a debt I could never realistically repay. I consider all of these colorful equines, not just the mane six, to be like my friends, making this all the more difficult. I’m honestly very afraid of the future without pony. The prospect of one day waking up and not knowing their names is terrifying. I’m more afraid of that than I am for the next generation of pony. I have the utmost faith that if the next team to take over pony takes the same care in building the world and telling compelling stories as you have, I believe it is possible to replicate your success. That being said, it won’t be the same, it won’t hold the same weight as Friendship is Magic holds for me, and the rest of the fandom.

    Each pony’s unique journey was diligently created and brought to life by you beautiful people. I cannot understate the invaluable service you have done for me and for everyone else who was gifted enough to be touched by this show. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank you all for creating this awesome show. I love you.

    Dear All My Little Pony Show, Comics, and Franchise Staff both Past and Present,

    I was first introduced to Friendship is Magic in 2013 by a computer lab tech at a community college I used to attend and at first, I didn't think much of it - it was a cool show that I was starting to get hooked on and I decided I would continue to watch as new episodes were released. It wasn't until I discovered the fandom while doing research for an essay that I started to realize what exactly I was getting into, and even then I did not know the full extent of MLP's impact on my life, only that it would be huge (I returned and told the lab tech the same; that she introduced me to something that would change my life for the better). I even met a friend at college while wearing an MLP shirt! Having now transferred to a university after community college, I’ve also met several amazing friends on campus who are MLP fans as well.

    Within one year I was already attending my first ever convention, BABSCon 2014, which was fairly close to me at the time (I lived in NorCal). I had no idea what to expect, as I still knew little of the fandom and wow did I get a great introduction. I had the time of my life that weekend, and I knew that it was something I wanted to repeat.

    One year later, my family was moving to Oregon, meaning I would be leaving the home I grew up in for 17 years of my life. This was especially hard for me, as I was leaving behind everything that was comfortable and venturing into an unknown world. It was then that I discovered the Portland Bronies, a relatively active group at the time, and after taking a vacation to Portland for a couple weeks one summer I was introduced to a lot of Portland and Seattle fans at a huge meetup. This made the once-strange world seem a lot friendlier, and I was finally starting to look forward to the new changes in moving rather than dread them.

    I was convinced by one of the Seattle Bronies to apply for the Director of PR position at Everfree Northwest, and to my surprise I was actually hired! It was this experience that convinced me to consider staffing conventions, something else I would have probably never done if MLP had not existed, and something which I continue to do today (currently with BABSCon – the same convention I was once an attendee at).

    Since then I’ve volunteered at a total of seven conventions – four of which were MLP conventions, and one of which took place in Canada. MLP through the various conventions I’ve attended has encouraged me to travel and see the world more and given me a good reason to do so! Through volunteering, I’ve made SO many friends at various conventions, learned lessons in both friendship and life, and had the opportunity to discover more of myself in the process. These trips have also encouraged me to take bigger and bigger steps outside of my comfort zone and away from my home, and soon I will be taking my first-ever solo trip across the country to attend BronyCon and explore the east coast for the first time (I haven’t even visited the east coast in 15 years).

    And there’s the music. Without the show, I would not have discovered my love for fandom music and remixes, become a volunteer DJ on a station called Sonic Radioboom and then another one called PonyvilleFM, where to this day I still host my show that has been on air for over four years! As a result of joining PonyvilleFM, I learned to DJ for the first time, performed live on air, at parties, and even had the honor to perform at a few MLP conventions, something I’ve dreamed about since first attending them. I even got the opportunity to perform in a room full of virtual ponies in the online multiplayer role-playing game Legends of Equestria! I’ve met several real life and internet friends through both PonyvilleFM and another podcast I used to be on as well, many of which I still chat with regularly.

    I honestly don’t know what direction my life would have taken had Friendship is Magic not existed and continued for so long. So many doors have opened to me because of the show and the fandom it created, and I’ve done so many things that I otherwise would not have even thought to try. It’s helped me progress through life, overcome challenges, and become a better person. It’s taught me lessons that, even though the show as I know it is ending, I will carry with me for the rest of my life and will pass on to whomever is willing to listen (so most likely my kids).

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much for creating, developing, and producing such an amazing and life-changing show (and movie!) through its music, lore, storytelling, animation, and everything else. And for making such beautiful graphic novels/comics that I thoroughly enjoy reading, exploring every page for all the awesome details. I am forever grateful.

    I hope you will remember us as you move on to your next project, and I wish you all the best of luck.

    The magic of friendship will never die.

    Thank You,

    - Bolt the Super-Pony

    Dear all,
    I know i missed the deadline, but i just wanted to say that i owe a lot to the creators of this show. I'm sure it's within each one of us the desire of being a better version of ourselves; for our own good as much as for the others, the ones we love, the ones we meet, the ones we share this beautiful and hard world with, and MLP:fim helped me to strive toward this very goal. It kept me strong in times of hardships. It, somehow, gave me more than words can explain.
    So, thank you.

    Dear MLP staff, I really enjoyed all the laughter and the magic you brought back to my life. I spent three years in DSS prior to the show and coming back home was a big step and all I felt was apathy and anger for all I had been through. When my mom told me about the show and the fandom of bronies that it had created I had to see what the acclaimed magic of friendship was all about. Needless to say, I really enjoyed it and I was addicted to the poppy and peppy ponies from the first episode. It inspired me to let go of my past and to reach out to people and start living all over again. I’m now a poet, Writing off my laptop in my bedroom, but taking weekly commissions nonetheless and I found a few good friends since then and the best friend I had for the last three years has even become someone much more important in my life. I wish the show and all the magical adventures of my friends, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Starlight Glimmer, Sunset Shimmer, and all the rest could continue on forever but as it is, I’m so glad they all were a part of my life and I hope you will find more stories in other places to inspire and encourage more amazing people. Thank you for all you created and God bless you.

    I was a sad, lonely depressed guy before I watched ponies with my only friend left that fateful day. I'm still sad and depressed sometimes, but I know I'll never be lonely as ponies have given me so many friends. They have showed me the true magic of friendship. I now go to conventions and meet with fellow fans, and I am happy to be so comfortable around people I know have at least one common interest.

    I have since dedicated my spare time and resources to saving the magic of friendship, Universe willing, I will save all I can for eternity. Thanks for the friends I wouldn't have met if it were not for ponies. Thanks for the life I wouldn't have lived. Thanks.

    Dear MLP and DHX staff,
    Hi, my name's Joshua and I got into MLP back in mid 2014. At first it was just a show I thought I'd check out because I wanted something new to watch. I didn't know what I'd think of it. But as I began watching the first season, I was captivated by the characters, the world, and the stories being told. The voice acting was great, the way the show taught the friendship lessons and built on itself as it went on was just great for a show meant for a target audience of girls ages 6-11. I fell in love with the show, and I loved the songs as I grew more attached to it. My favorite's always been Rainbow Dash, and Scootaloo my favorite CMC.

    I was shocked to hear that there were a ton of grown men, teenager boys, girls, and adult women into the show as well, and creating their own content. Who knew this would happen? It's incredible!

    Every season that went by, every Equestria Girls movie, special, and short, I always liked or loved, and now it's still as strong as ever and I continue to love it. When the MLP Movie came, I was impressed by how the staff and Hasbro were able to make this happen, and it reflected the show's themes perfectly and more with its incredible animation.

    Now, that season 9 is coming, I am certain the staff are working to make it worth it in the end, but I'm sad it's ending, though I am confident they want it to end on a strong note. Who knew how far you people and the show would come when it started out? What I'm saying is, thank you. Thank you voice actresses/actors for delivering great talent to the screen, the dedication of the staff working on the animation (which got better every new season), the writers for making the characters, the world all the more memorable. Good luck with the last few months of MLP left for all of you and let's all enjoy this final stretch of the journey for all of us. Don't be sad it's ending, there's a lot more to come, and be happy it happened because who knows where we'd be without such an amazing generation of My Little Pony?

    Friendship is indeed magic after all!

    Best and warmest regards,

    Dear DHX:

    I would like to take a minute to thank you for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The show—as cliche as this sounds—has truly changed my life forever. MLP: FIM got me into writing and drawing, and because of it I have become more creative than ever before. The show has truly become a part of me: from when it aired in 2010, when I was merely 6 years old, to today in 2019 when I still enjoy watching it. My words might be lost to this giant post of letters, but to me, FIM will always bring back memories of my childhood, as well as memories of this fandom, which I only found in 2016. In the span of these 9 years, I have met amazing people, gone to countless ponycons, read beautifully written fanfics, (read some pretty bad ones too) come across truly inspiring stories and characters I have come to relate to and love, and even found my love for music.

    So...yeah...MLP:FIM truly has changed my life, for the better.

    So for all of that I thank you.
    Fellow fan and friend,

    Dream Chaser (Ava)

    To the Cast and Crew of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,"

    In the summer of 2011, I was on vacation in New Seabury, MA, when I came across a little show called "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." From the moment I saw my first episode "The Best Night Ever," I knew that I was going to be hooked on this show for a very long time.


    Whoever thought that a show about talking ponies would play a major part in my life on the levels of Disney and Nickelodeon? I've been blessed and fortunate to have met and befriended so many people with the same interest as me.


    Personally, I don't see this as the end, I see it as a new beginning. Not with the show ending, but introducing all 221 episodes to new faces that may never have even heard of something like "Friendship is Magic."

    Thank you all again for creating a legendary animated series and I wish you all the very best of luck in the future!

    Sincerely yours,


    Brony from Massachusetts

    To everyone at DHX, Hasbro and the amazing and talented voice actors, writers, artists etc of MLP:FIM

    This is probably one of the hardest letters I have personally written but I just wanted to share my thoughts with you all. I came into the fandom in late 2016, At the time my life was really on the rocks and didn’t have much going for me. Now I had seen bits and pieces of the show through some YouTube videos and didn’t think much of it at the time. One night I was sitting down with a friend who was a Brony at the time and told me “You need to see this show, Record a couple of episodes and I guaranteed you will notice a difference with you life.” So I took his word for it and came back home and recorded roughly 5 to 6 episodes for the next day. Next morning I grab my cup of coffee and sat down to watch it, First episode I saw was Buckball Season which caught my interested rather early on which rarely happens when I start watching a new show. I thought to myself “Wow, this is actually a show I could get into easily” and 6 episodes later I became a Brony and was hooked on the show. The friendship lessons that have been taught throughout the show have been such a big benefit to me and have taken those lessons to heart. The last few years I have become a better person and a better friend to everyone around me. I attended my first con back in 2017 at Equestria LA for my birthday and it was such an eye opening experience and the most fun I ever had in my life. I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of you during these past couple of years and chatting with you about the work you put into the show and I just wanted to say Thank You for all that you have done and gave me new hope again in life. I hope Season 9 will be the best ever and I wish you all nothing but the best wherever you end up next in your careers!

    Sincerely, Taylor

    P.S Starlight Glimmer is best pony!

    FIM means a lot to me, It's how I made my friends, it's how I kept my friends, and it's what kept me going in some of my darkest hours, I can't say much more than that. It kept me going when I was at my worst, and if it weren't for FIM, I'd be a goner.

    Dear My Little Pony Friendship is Magic staff,
    my first contact with the show was when Sonic Rainboom (S1E16) was aired (THANKS M.A. Larson).
    This was the first episode I've seen of My Little Pony in generall and I liked it so much, I gave another episode a try.
    Not long after, I've seen all 16 episodes by the time - and i wanted more.
    I've found new friends and awesome artist who also like the show.
    This show and the people behind it managed to create something that is not only enjoyed by girls, but also by boys, woman, man, parents; people of all ages and genders.
    When this show will end in ~2020 it was part of my life for 9 years(!!). I'm looking forward for the next generation of ponies.
    I'm a MANLY MAN; but I know, on the last episode I will shed tears for this show. Tears of sadness for the end of this shows journey and tears of joy for what this show has given to me - no other show has managed such a reaction in me.
    See you in season 9, in the next movie and for a new start in the next generation.

    28 years old fan from germany
    Erik 'Ragmo' F.

    This is my message to participate, I thank you in advance for the attention

    Well ... I do not know where to start.
    I never imagined living an experience like the one I experienced when entering this magical world of "My Little Pony" many memories I have in my mind and heart, many joys, smiles, tears, crazy moments, but above all, total gratitude for having known to those little ponies.

    I never thought that I would feel like a child again when I saw a caricature, to feel alive again, they made me wake up a spark in me that I thought had died ...

    ... four years since I started in this world, along with my favorite character Pinkie Pie, who dedicates me to expand her message of smiling to life, to collect it and take semi-professional photos to provide a minimal part to the fandom that I owe everything.

    It is painful to say goodbye, I would like to write a longer message, but the tears are present, it hurts to say goodbye, but the memory and the occurrences, will live until the day I must leave this world ...

    Thanks My Little Pony

    To the staff, current and former, of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic,

    I was vaguely aware of Friendship Is Magic throughout the years, mostly through its dominating online presence. I never scolded it, being a big Powerpuff Girls fan (among other things considered "girly" for boys and young men), but didn't quite know what to make of it. I remained vaguely aware of its popularity, but remained basically unaware of the show's actual content itself

    Then, in 2017, I saw the Movie. Then I watched the first two episodes. Then more. And more. Before I knew it, it was Christmas and I'd watched the whole show.
    So if you were intending to bring new viewers in the show with the Movie alongside delighting existing fans, mission accomplished.

    My story with the show isn't as remarkable as many others you've probably heard. It didn't cure me from a depression, or prevent a suicide, or lead me onto a career path, or anything like that. At best, it got me through a rough year of final college.
    And yet, it's a part of me now. Down to my core. It happened gradually as I was working my way through episodes, but by the time I realised it was a part of me, I knew I was here to stay. I never doubted I would like the show, now with the glowing reputation it had. But never could I have guessed that it would leap to the top as my Most Personally Important Animation.

    Now, not a day goes by where I don't do something Pony related. Sometimes something small, sometimes something big. But always something. These six magical cartoon equines and one baby dragon, along with countless others, they're a part of me. It doesn't take much within anything FiM-related to get me to tear up now, and that is not something I can say about anything else.

    Would I be any different today if I hadn't gotten into the show? Maybe not. But it's made my life better. The characters, the stories, the songs, the gags, the visual style, everything. The complete lack of cynicism combined with the above specifics has made it something truly special. Magical, even. It actually delved into all sides of friendship, transcending well beyond simply being a moral-centric show. Friendship isn't always easy, but it's always worthwhile, is my main takeaway from the show. And it taught me that that is something worth reinforcing. Always.
    It's all combined in a way that makes it not only a show for everyone, but a show that basically has its own niche. There is no other show quite like it, which might go some way to explaining its everlasting popularity and impact. It certainly goes a long way towards explaining why it's remained so close to me when many "better" shows and movies came and go in my mind.

    I... I'm sad that it's ending. I'm sad it's ending only 2 years after I came in. But it's the best kind of sadness. The only reason I'm so sad is... well, because this cartoon and everything surrounding it have become such a big part of me. Feeling sad like this... it's what makes life worth living. I'm only sad about this because it's made me so happy. Even if I were the only one for which this were true, that would still be a thing of beauty.

    Yet, I'm not the only one. Far from it. You're probably heard similar stories, and many better ones, from hundreds of thousands of fans over the years, if not millions. For so many to be touched so much by a cartoon that, according to societal norms, is only for little girls... that's the real miracle. A timeless miracle. Even now, when it's popularity is theoretically in decline, the support for it and the fandom is still so much bigger then one could fathom. It legit rivals, maybe even surpasses, pop culture icons that have remained omnipresent for decades at this point. And it's all thanks to you.

    You are the reason for this timeless miracle. You are the reason millions upon millions of peoples' lives have improved so much. You are the reason we all unconditionally love Twilight, Spike, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, the Cutie Mark Crusaders and many more. You are the reason your work has become an irreplaceable part of our lives. You are the reason that this show persisted as strong as ever while many others came and went.
    It's thanks to you that many of us have made our closest friends. It's thanks to you that many of us have had the best years of our lives. And it's thanks to you that we can attribute this timeless miracle all the way back to a show set in the magical land of Equestria. A show that taught and reminded us all that, yes, Friendship is indeed magic.

    Never would I have thought that the show would actually earn that subtitle, but there can be no doubt that it has.

    It's not ending, not really. All the episodes and movies will always be here, as well as the comics and the wealth of content the fandom have created. The effect your work has left will always be here. These ponies will always be here. Whatever the future for My Little Pony past Friendship Is Magic, what you all have done will never fade.

    There are no words that can truly encompass how grateful I am for what each and every single one of you has done, no matter the supposed "significance" of your individual contribution. So these seven will have to do. One for each of the seven main characters.
    Thank you. Thank you so, so much.

    Cartoon Karma

    P.S. Applejack is my favourite. Out of all of them, she's the one I wished the most were real, available to be a friend of mine, and me of hers.

    To the creators of MLP: FiM:

    I first discovered the show in ~June/July 2016 when my sister started watching it on Netflix. At first I was like “you’re watching this show?” But then we started watching it together and I was hooked. She blew through the 5 seasons they had on Netflix at the time in a few weeks, then I started watching it from the beginning.

    I was addicted. It only took a month or so to finish all of them. I started looking up the show songs on YouTube and discovered the fandom music. (The Moon Rises and Lullaby for a Princess are still some of my favorite songs). I have all the show songs downloaded on my phone and a fair amount of fandom songs too.

    I found the DeviantArt pony community and was amazed by the sheer amount of awesome artwork so many people were making. I was learning photoshop in school so of course I had to make some pony stuff with my new skills. I learned how to do inverts and spent a lot of time editing others’ artwork, before moving to tracing others’ old drawings, to using bases, to finally making my own drawings and line-art. Just recently I spent over a month drawing a scene from Lullaby for a Princess, and I’m so happy with how it turned out. https://www.deviantart.com/delphina34/art/ATG-Day-28-Lullaby-for-A-Princess-777937125

    I fell in love with some of the shippings and spent a lot of time drawing them, especially Soarindash! https://www.deviantart.com/delphina34/art/ATG-Day-29-Soarindash-Hearts-Hooves-Day-Special-785559861

    The color palettes of these two characters just worked together so well! I made many original designs based on their color combinations (different shades of blue with rainbow). https://www.deviantart.com/delphina34/art/Soarindash-Mandala-Digital-Version-781575253

    Not to mention, the fanfics! I’ve been following this 2 million word oddessy for 2.5 years now, and I still check it every few days for a new chapter. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/194448/piercing-the-heavens
    It was one of the first ones I ever read and I still love it. This fandom has come up with so many amazing stories.

    Discovering this show nearly 3 years ago has definitely changed my life for the better. It makes me happy: after a long day at school or a bad day at work I can come home and watch ponies and feel better. Seeing what other people have created inspired me to learn photoshop and now I plan on pursuing digital art as a career, something I never would’ve thought of before discovering MLP. It’s given me a creative outlet and a perpetual source of new ideas. I’m also (slowly) learning how to animate; if G5 is anywhere near as successful and long lasting as G4 was, I might even get to work on it. That would be awesome!

    My neighbors have a 5-year-old son. Almost every day he comes over to our house because he loves to watch ponies with me. It took him a while to learn all their names but now he steals my plushies and toys to brush their hair! I’m sure he’ll be watching G5 when he’s a little older. I definitely plan to.

    9 seasons is really impressive. Nobody expected it to last so long, but I’m really glad it did. This has been a journey I will never forget or regret, and I plan to keep drawing ponies long after the show is over.

    Here’s to Season 9,

    To The MLP Staff, DHX, Hasbro, Lauren Faust, Bonnie Zacherle, and everyone who was involved in MLP big or small

    Your show, it really helped me a lot, I had very bad social anxiety to the point where I didn't want people to be my friends because something inside told me they don't want me as a friend, but it wasn't until I watched my first episode of MLP that I realized having at least one friend is better than having hundreds, I used to envy people who would have more that 100 friends or that they are so popular that everyone wants to be their friends, I'm not the popular type, I'm the guy that people usually don't want to hang with, I did make one friend who was into Mlp just like me, and he introduced me to more friends, but sadly he decided that since we have nothing else in common we couldn't be friends.....I was upset, not because he left me but because he forgot an important lesson in mlp: "It's hard to believe that two ponies who seem to have so little in common could ever get along. But I found out that if you embrace each other's differences, you just might be surprised to discover a way to be friends after all." Eventually I found a new best friend and he has nothing in common with me, like zero, but we've been best friends since, well I forgot but it's been a really long time, even though I had my friend I was still struggling with social anxiety, I still felt lonely, but to feel better I just popped in one of my Mlp DVDs and enjoy it to get those negative feelings away, idk what I'll do now since the show is ending, I really wish I made more friends and gone out more but I couldn't do it, but I'm just glad that I got to make a very special friend thanks to this show, if I haven't watched it I probably would of been a very lonely pony, that being said I just want to really thank all of you guys, you guys made a very big impact in my life, even if I'm still struggling, but I'm not struggling as bad. I'm going to miss your show, and I can't wait to see what Hasbro has in store for MLP, I'm sure G5 will be great, people just need to give it a chance and not judge the book by its cover, I know it's getting long so I'll just say this last thing, I really appreciate your hard work and making everyone happy and I hope we all made you happy, thanks for making me smile again.

    Sincerely yours,


    Dear MLP Show Staff,

    Thank you for all the heart you have put into making the show as special as it is. From the carefully crafted characters and continuity of stories to the delicate handling of difficult life lessons, it has truly been a magical adventure.

    I started watching in 2011 and the show has seen me through some difficult times–MLP helped me to keep going in times when I felt all hope was lost. All too often I have found myself asking: “What would Twilight Sparkle do?” The messages I have learned have impacted every aspect of my life and I have made so many great friendships through a common interest in the show. The show, the fandom and the comics all have inspired me to work at improving my drawing and creative side; gave me the courage to face personal challenges that I would usually hide away from; and gave me insights into how to be a better friend.

    All the experiences that I have encountered since I started this journey into bettering myself and, above all, learning the value friendship will forever remain dear to my heart. I wish all the show staff all the very best in the future!

    Your faithful student,

    Solar Spark

    For all the fanfiction and >greentext I write you'd figure I would know how to format a letter.

    Turns out I've never written a letter in my life but I can't think anything more important than making sure I get this letter out to show my thanks for... well everything. And now I'm really afraid of messing up what I'm trying to say because my feelings for this are just so strong. So that said:

    This show really got me out of a dark spot when I was homeless in high school. Mom kicked me out on my fourteenth birthday and all of the ugliness that followed for the next few months was kept in check by the first two seasons of cartoon ponies I managed to watch at the public library. If it weren't for what I learned from Twilight and the girls I don't think I would have made the friends I had that eventually took me in through all that and I would've truly been on my own.

    Furthermore, down the line FIM ended up introducing me to my future fiance because of a conversation about what I was watching. Now I'm a father and engaged. I've never been happier and I don't think fourteen year-old me could have seen myself where I am to day from that bus bench.

    I've got real friends, real family and a real future because Twilight taught me that I need to learn to rely on others.

    I have a future because Pinkie Pie taught me I need to smile even if it isn't for myself.

    I have a future because Rainbow Dash taught me that real friends will stick with you no matter what and that you need to do the same for them.

    I have a future because Rarity taught me that staying true to your principles is more important what others think of you.

    I have a future because Fluttershy taught me that gaining confidence happens one little step at a time.

    And finally, I have a future because Applejack taught me that being honest with yourself is just as important as being honest with others.

    So to the staff, Lauren, Twilight and the girls and to my friends,

    I used to wonder what friendship could be. Thank you.

    Dear FiM Staff,

    I became a fan of MLP quite by accident around five years ago. I wouldn't trade the experience for the world. The show has meant something my friends and I could bond over, something that drew in new friends, and a new outlet for our creativity (we have a couple of artists in our group, and I love to write!). Also, the show has been a beacon of positivity, fun, and light whenever the world comes crashing down around me. It has kept me feeling young in a time when everyone is telling me to grow up, even when I feel nowhere near ready. Thank you so much for everything.


    Lane / Sonatina

    Dear MLP: FIM staff,

    I grew up in the 80’s watching wholesome cartoons. Cartoons today just can’t match that. Until I found MLP. It is the one show that I’ve found that has great characters and awesome songs. It’s the only show in a very long time that actually has not only a story line, but every show has a life lesson in it. No other show today, much less kids shows, has that. That’s why it took off the way it did. The lessons of friendship portrayed in the show resonates with us all. And like Twilight said in the first Equestria Girls movie, it’s the one thing that can truly unite us all. And that’s completely right. It has inspired me to get into writing fanfiction and my own fictional stories that I can sell one day. It’s the only modern kids show that I’ll watch because it’s that wholesome. So, thank you all from Faust and everybody that made this show possible. A lot of shows come and go, but rarely do some touch the hearts of so many. And rarer still are the ones that linger on far after the last episode. I truly believe that this show will continue to linger and be shown to spread “The Magic of Friendship” far after the last episode has aired.

    One thing that the fans enjoyed were all the “Dear Princess Celestia” letters. And even though these characters aren’t real. This series is so well written and touched the hearts of so many that we wish those characters were indeed real. That way we could write our own letters. Here’s some of mine that I wish I could write.

    Dear Princess Celestia,

    You don’t know me, but you, your sister, and all your “faithful student’s” close friends has impacted me and helped me to become better than I was. I’m glad that the old saying, ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely’ doesn’t apply to you. So many can learn from your kind motherly rulership. Thank you, your highness, for striving to create a better world for everypony.

    Dear Princess Luna,

    The greatest enemy is and shall always be oneself. I’m glad that you reached out to your friends and let them help you conquer your own fears, doubts, and guilt. You are an inspiration and glad that you are the keeper of the night. I can think of no one better to watch over everypony as they sleep. Your night sky gives peace and rest to all and it’s only because of your night that they can have that peace and rest. Thank you for your wonderful nights.

    Dear Princess Twilight,

    You have come a long way and have touched the hearts of so many on your journey. The lessons that you have learned has spread far and wide. To many other nations and many other languages. Friendship truly can unite us all as you have said. It is also the foundation of any relationship thus creating a stronger community. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all.

    Dear Princess Cadence,

    Upon a foundation of friendship grows love and I’m glad that you are the “Princess of Love.” Our hopes that you and your family continues to be an inspiration to others. For there is no greater love than this: That somepony will give their life for their friend or loved one.

    Dear Pinkie Pie,

    The Element of Laughter. Thank you for spreading your laughter, joy, and cheer to others. Laughter is the best medicine, as the saying goes. Some may not feel wanted because of one reason or another, which is why I enjoy the friendship you spread through your laughter, cheer, and joy of meeting new ponies.

    Dear Fluttershy,

    Sweet, kind, and gentle Fluttershy. The Element of Kindness. There is great strength in kindness and great courage. That such gentleness to tame dragons and calm manticores is just one of your traits that makes you a natural beauty to others. Thank you, Fluttershy for your kindness.

    Dear Rarity,

    The Element of Generosity. Generosity, elegance, and beauty becomes you, M'lady. In my world, where “being a lady” is being frowned upon, it gives me great joy to see you strive and succeed at being a true lady. A lady that encourages a man to become better and greater. Encourages him to treat a lady properly and respectfully. You have a special gift Lady Rarity and even though you search for jewels. Your price my Lady Rarity is far above the jewels you seek.

    Dear Applejack,

    The Element of Honesty. As the saying goes, ‘Honesty is the best policy.’ Not only are you honest, but a hard worker. Traits which is needed in today’s world. Traits that strives you to befriend others with an open hoof. Traits that make you an inspiration to all around you. So thanks to you, and the whole Apple family for that inspiration you show others.

    Dear Rainbow Dash,

    The Element of Loyalty. The lessons that you’ve learned has shown others what being a true loyal friend is really about. Lessons that have inspired others to be loyal and stand up for their friends in the face of adversity. You are an awesome mare Rainbow Dash. One that I’m glad you can live your dream at being a Wonderbolt to spread it far and wide. Along with the awesome Sonic Rainboom.



    Thank you very much Lauren Faust for making Friendship Is Magic, the same goes for everyone who worked on it as well rather it be the storyboard artists, the writers, voice actors, etc. I would also like to thank Bonnie Zacherle for starting the My Little Pony Franchise because Friendship Is Magic never would have existed if it weren’t for her. I’m sure a lot of people have expressed that this series helped them to open up and make a ton of friends and while im certainly happy of those people, I am unfortunately not one of them.

    I started watching the show back in Fall of 2013 and to be honest, some of my reasoning was for escapism. While this series did make me a bit more talkative with others I could never really get much of an active social life outside of school as I could just never feel motivated to do so especially as the way things are now with me being busy with college. That being said though, watching FIM and some of it’s fan made content always gave me the feeling of joy and optimism. While I was saddened at first to find out the show was ending, I quickly became all right with it.

    I think the show has been going for long enough considering it will have run for 9 seasons with 221 episodes by the end, besides there’s always fan content. Also, because of the sense of optimism the show and fandom has made me feel over the years, having FIM finally end might give me the extra push to get more motivated with life and social interaction. Once again thank you to everyone who worked on this show and I hope the series ends on a high note.



    My Little Pony Friendship is magic changed my life so so much ever since I've first started watching it back in 2014. It was fun, taught me many things, I've discovered many artists and most importantly it was one of many reasons that lead me to meeting one of most important people in my life. It gave me character I could relate with, fun, interesting and amusing story and definetly one of my favourite characters (and fictional ships) ever! Almost every character is relatable, well developed and taught throught! The whole staff did amazing job on it and even thought I didn't get a chance to meet them I've followed their work outside of MLP too and they are all amazing artists and kind people! I'll always remembered how my sister and me waited for each episode and watched it together as it aired for the first time, commenting and having so many inside jokes. Also many fun youtube shows from bronies (Bronies react, MLP in a nutshell etc), songs, watching panels, art, reading fictions, Eq Daily, comics and all the fun famous bronies! I am sad it's ending but I'm forever grateful and happy for everything it's done and for the memories! I hope season 9 will be epic!

    Hello, this is to all of the staff who have worked on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

    This message has something important yet simple which I need to tell you, and that is...thank you. Thank you very much for all you have done.

    2013 was a very tough year for me, I was getting bullied a lot in school and my friends weren’t treating me right, they were pretty selfish and cruel to say the least. In the summer vacation of 2013, I discovered the brony fandom, which I found to be peculiar at first, but I figured that I’d give the show a watch since it isn’t right to judge straight ahead. I ended up really enjoying the series. I binge watched the first 3 seasons of Friendship Is Magic in just 1 weekend, and I absolutely adored it to pieces.

    Through 2014 to 2016, I went through the rest of my high school with Friendship Is Magic, and although I occasionally was mocked for enjoying the show due to my age and gender, I didn’t let it bother me. I left my high school in 2016 and began my college experience in the same year. I made a lot more friends, and I feel like I owe Friendship Is Magic a huge thanks due to me being able to make new friends. In high school, I was shy and secluded, but Friendship Is Magic taught me to be more out there in making friends, and the final years of my time in high school were actually better for me because of that aspect.

    Thank you very much for creating this wonderful change. It was my favourite television series of all time, and this show will always make me happy, and fill me with many wonderful and optimistic memories. Most of the episodes were fantastic, and even the episodes I didn’t enjoy as much I still appreciated due to the hard work that was put into producing them.

    Thank you for reading, and thank you for creating a heartwarming masterpiece of a show


    I just want to say thanks a lot to all the people over the years who have worked to make Ponies what it is. I'm not even really sure exactly what time I jumped aboard the ship of MLP FIM but it was somewhere around Season 3. I had started to see the pony avatars on the internet and I knew a few people who had stumbled on the show and somehow one night I was reading the Know Your Meme entry about Vinyl Scratch. At that point I decided this was the sort of weird thing that fit with my nerd image and I contrived to watch the show.

    I'm not even kidding. I decided I was going to like MLP because I thought it was the right kind of weirdness. I didn't really care if it was even interesting. I was going to like it. Yeah well it turns out it was really easy to like the show since it was genuinely very good.

    I can't really talk about how MLP changed my life or anything since I really don't think it did. The only thing were maybe it did change me was in the area of self confidence and personal image. I've always been fairly comfortable with myself, but I think Ponies has really sealed it. It doesn't matter what other people think. My happiness doesn't depend on random people I don't know approving of my interests.

    Lastly, I want to say thanks a lot for making a show that little kids can watch and enjoy without driving adults crazy. I don't have kids, but I live with my sister and her 1 year old boy. He loves MLP and so do we. It's just a home run no matter how you want to look at it.

    Thanks for all the work for so many years. It's been a pleasure to enjoy your long labors, and it will be a pleasure to keep enjoying for years to come.

    Captain Dorja

    To all the wonderful people who worked hard to give us the wonderful show that we all know and love so much, I just want to say thank you. I cannot put my true appreciation into words and I will not waste time trying, but please know that you've made such a big difference in my life and I will always remember that. If you told me ten years ago that I would fall in love with a show about pastel colored ponies I would have thought that you were crazy, but here I am because somehow you all managed to do that, and then managed to keep the train chugging along for nine wonderful seasons. No show has made me laugh and feel the way MLP:FIM has, and none even come close in terms of longevity. You've given me new appreciations for a great many thing and enjoyment far beyond my wildest expectations. You have given me great joy and made my world a better place to live in, and made me a better person for it. Aside from the show itself, you have taught me things, made me laugh and cry, and most of all, given me a community that I can be proud to call myself a part of. I love you all and I cannot thank you enough. I can also never truly repay you, and I will do my best to pay it forward and spread as much happiness as I can with others much as you have all done for me. I wish you the best of luck in wherever you all continue from here and I really hope that working on the show has given you as much joy and life as it has given your viewers.

    And remember, just because the show is no longer putting out new episodes does not mean that it's over. It will live on through you, through me, through the brony community, perhaps through syndication, and most importantly through all people who will continue to spread the magic of friendship through our own worlds, one element at a time. Ponies will remain a permanent part of me for as long as I live, and I know I'm not the only one. We'll miss the show, but we will continue to celebrate it and enjoy what we have. We also may have a wonderful fifth generation of ponies to look forward to, and regardless we will look forward to seeing what else you will all work on. You are all awesome and we can't possibly thank you enough!

    Thank you for everything!

    Dear MLP Staff,
    MLP has done a lot for my life in the past seasons. I was introduced to it when a friend linked me to a "which pony are you?' survey. I got twilight sparkle, as I carefully think out my steps. From there I grew curious as to whom she was, which lead me to watching the show, and learning about the mane 6 we all know and love today.

    This drew me to a small group of MLP friends, whom I still talk to today. The show shaped how our friendship grew and gave us a base. We still RP as ponies today, I'm Sky Pie the simple brown stallion pegasus with a red mane.

    We've been using ponies to help each other when life is rough, thinking about the kindness of Fluttershy or just the general ideas of friendship and standing by each other, loving each other as friends despite differences.

    The ability to make OCs your own has really helped too, as unlike most worlds it can be easy to imagine your own fitting into the world, select a color, give him or her a mane, give the pony a race, and boom you can fit right in. Ponysonas are really cool and flavorful! I even have a (horrible) fan-fic being written which I never thought I'd do for any fandom.

    Without ponies, I wouldn't have known these friends, and wouldn't have had the show to look at for ideas and support during the rough past few years. The characters inside deal with real life issues and despite living in a fantasy land are relatable to adults and children alike.

    Thanks for all 9 seasons of ponies. May generation 5 learn from generation 4 and expand on it so it can too be awesome and unite people together once more.

    -Sky Pie, Royal Guard.

    To everyone who worked on Friendship Magic, this is a massive thank you for making an amazing show that has built an amazing fandom. It's because of you all that I've been able to fight through some really dark times in my life and has even saved me from a suicide attempt in the past. Because of this show I've finally been able to come out of my shell and done the exact same thing Twilight and Moon Dancer have done, made some friends both online and offline. And because of the show I have gained the confidence to draw again and even start on music producing because of my inspiration from the many fandom musicians like Synthis and Vylet Pony (granted I'm still an amateur but still.) Joining the fandom was probably the best choice I've ever made, and on top of that I managed to finally meet some of the crew of both them and my favorite cartoon Ed Edd n Eddy thanks to the cons to show my gratitude in person. Cheers to G5 and thank all of you for the wonderful experience.

    Best regards, Party Favor's #1 fan, EddictedBrony :

    For the Entire Cast and Crew of My Little Pony(Shout outs to Tabitha St. Germain, Andrea Libman, Kelly Sheridan, Nicole Oliver, Vincent Tong, Chiara Zanni, Rachel Bloom, Kelly Metzer, Jim Miller, Nicole Dubuc, Sunni Westbrook, Mark Acheson, Peter New, Rena Anakwe, Andy Price, Katie Cook, and Lauren Faust)

    I want to personally thank you for your hard work on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I first got into the series sometime in 2011, after looking at a fan video that crossed over the series with Team Fortress 2.

    Since getting into the series, my skills as an artist and a storyteller has expanded, and I have become more dedicated to these skills(Mostly in art, but I am pushing myself more into fan fiction). It was a very fun ride from beginning to end, and I wound up having many favorite memories of the series(Including Tirek's adaption into
    the series as a more dangerous villain).

    But the one thing that I will not forget are the memories of meeting many of the cast and crew at various conventions here in San Diego and Anaheim, from Equestria LA to Pacific Ponycon and the world famous San Diego Comic-Con. To those that I met, you were a real blast in person(Especially you Tabitha), and for those that I didn't meet, I hope to meet you one day, have a fun chat, and maybe challenge each other
    in a game of Smash Bros Ultimate.

    I hope that the spirit of this series continues after the show is over. I'm already doing my part with tons of Fanart and fanfics to come. If shows like Animaniacs, Justice League, Adventure Time and Star Trek can have fandoms that last beyond the life of the show, then I know the Spirit of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic can last beyond the end of the show.

    Till All Are One


    Dear MLP Staff,

    I started watching the show in 2015, when I was in high school.

    School is draining because I’m on the autism spectrum and I’m always overwhelmed at the end of the day. One day, to unwind, I went channel surfing. I stopped on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic because the colors were nice and it looked kind of cute. I didn’t expect to get hooked on it, but the three-episode block I watched ended with Equestria Games.

    The lesson Spike learned about forgiving himself struck a chord with me. “No matter how many times others tell you you're great, all the praise in the world means nothing if you don't feel it inside. Sometimes to feel good about yourself, you gotta let go of the past. That way, when the time comes to let your greatness fly, you'll be able to light up the whole sky.”

    Growing up, I was bullied relentlessly, often by people I trusted. I had abysmally low self-esteem. I still struggle with depression and social anxiety to this day, which can be very isolating. Seeing Spike mess up as badly as he did and still be the hero in the end was encouraging and I’ll be honest it made me cry a little. I decided to check out the rest of the show.

    My brother saw me watching it one day and decided to check it out. He ended up enjoying it too, and it became a way for us to spend time together. I was afraid of what Mom would do when she found out, but she was just happy that I was happy.

    MLP gave me the encouragement I needed to make friends in real life. I found a group of people I really connected with and we’re still close even though we’re in different colleges now.

    When I was in college I again felt isolated, but MLP was a constant that helped brighten up my days. During hiatuses I became curious about other animated shows and this led to an enthusiasm for animation in general, not just MLP. This in turn has helped me creatively because I learned to break out of my comfort zone.

    It took me some time to join the fandom, and I started by just posting a few PMVs here and there, but eventually I met online friends, which I didn’t think was possible. My social anxiety has become a lot more bearable.

    A lot of things have happened in the past few years that have shaken me to the core. Shows like MLP are bright points in my life that help me remember that life is pretty okay despite all the bad things that happen or could happen. Even if there are no more new episodes, Equestria will always be there.

    Thanks for all those 9 great seasons of MLP: FIM! Really sad to see it end, but this show is even better than all those other cartoons. Let’s all show our support for the last season together!


    To anyone in any way associated with making MLP G4 happen: thank you from the bottom of my heart. Pony came into my life during a time of great darkness and uncertainty. It, and its fan-community, has helped renew my foundation of self-confidence and pointed me back toward the light. I am a better person both to myself and others because of the bright and optimistic adventures of these colorful equines and their friends. Equestria is a wonderful world to explore through either official or unofficial media; thank you for making it so from beginning to end!


    Dear DHX staff,

    At the beginning of 2013, I met someone who would eventually be my friend. Didn’t really care much about him at the beginning, but 6 months later I found him again, as I discovered that he lived close to my house, so after hanging around with him I ended up inviting him to my house and proposed to watch MLP. I thought it was a bit stupid at first but I watched the first two episodes and I was hooked, I actually ended up enjoying those characters and the world they lived in a lot more than I thought. And it was thanks to a friend who introduced me to more new friends. It was like if I had new friendships close to me and it was partially thanks to a Brony.

    I am usually a bit numbed, emotionally speaking. If something good or bad happens to me, I always feel that I could get more exited about it, to the point where I am not sure if I am really grateful about what I have or if I really care about something when I lose it. However, watching your show always makes me feel a bit better, for how wholesome it is and for how it never really gets cynical, while still being a fun show with likeable characters and good morals.

    I like how Twilight Sparkle evolves so much throughout the series; from being someone who does not care about friendships to someone whose life became bigger and better thank to her bonds. How Rarity not only manages to be a better character than I initially gave her credit for but also manages to prove time and time again that she is dedicated and generous, while having a good dynamic with Applejack (if Twilight is heart of group, AJ is the backbone), which represent how some people can get along despite, or maybe because, of their differences. Along with Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, who also represent different ways of acting and relating, while also managing to feel important. As for Rainbow Dash, I also like how she is still cocky but more developed than at the beginning, but I will also remember her for the episode “Tank for the memories” because it reminded me when I lost my pet due to old age and how they addressed it in a good way while still being a light-hearted episode.

    I am also grateful because of the community of fans that this show has, for all the animations, songs, art and all the stories about people whose lives improved thanks to this show, whether it was because of the episodes themselves or from the people that they met thanks to the community.

    Anyway, I could go on and on about how this show made a positive difference in me, sometimes more than I realize, but I think that I have already written everything I really wanted to express, so I will just conclude by saying THANKS FOR EVERTHING, YOU ARE ALL WONDERFULL PEOPLE AND LUCK IN WHATEVER YOU WILL DO NEXT.


    To those involved with making My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, I’d like to give a big hearty thank you. As this journey nears its end, the memories will continue and new adventures wait in the horizon. Many are saddened with FiM concluding in Season 9, myself included. Upon reflection, the past years have been more enjoyable with MLP.

    Friendship is Magic to me has been a beacon of light. Throughout the show I have grown to care and love all the characters. The cultural references and Easter eggs are clever and not forced.

    For my family, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic has provided generational enjoyment. My Father, my nephews, and I enjoy the show. This enjoyment expanded into attending Pony conventions, then staffing, and ultimately running the video gaming department at multiple conventions. We treasure the opportunities to meet the show staff. New friends have been made through MLP FiM.

    As a collector of various toys, the My Little Pony brand provides a fun and colorful flare. Over the years I’ve amassed a large array of official and fan made merchandise. The sight always gives me a smile.

    There is much more I’d like to say, but I’ll leave it for another day. Until then, I’ll savor ever new episode until the last.

    Thank you,


    Hey, I wanted to send my letter to the mlp staff. I hope is not too late. Thanks.

    It seems it was only yesterday, when on December 17 2011 I was watching my first episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It is hard to explain how something that I found by accident would change my life forever. It felt that I got back something that I have lost a long time ago, my happiness. From that moment on, a long journey would begin, a journey that let me to explore my mind and fight my depression back, it also allowed me to meet many interesting people that I am proud to call my friends. Therefore, I want to say thanks to all the staff of MLP for all the great adventures that I have the opportunity to watch these years. Thanks for bringing joy into my life with each episode, each song, each character, all the emotions that I felt and most importantly, all the lessons that I have learned. I don’t know if you would read this one day, but I’m sure I have put all my heart in these words. Now a new cycle begins and it is time to see what the future is bringing to us, but this generation will have a special place in my heart.

    Even when the journey ends, we will carry on.


    Hello! I love My Little Pony. I've only started watching it in the past two years, but it has shaped the way I've lived my life; inspiring me to make friends, to show kindness to others, and to see the good in the world and in those around me (something that has always been very difficult for me). I just wanted to say, thank you. I can't express my appreciation enough for this show; this clean, wholesome, uplifting TV show you have all worked so hard to make, especially in this age where very little of anything is clean and/or uplifting. Thank you!
    I especially am a huge fan of all of the music in the show; I tend to listen to it most every day, whenever I've got some free time and need some cheering up, or after a long day at work, the music always brightens my mood. :)
    Thank you thank you thank you!!! <3 ---daydawn="" all="" flare="" hr="" i="" love="" you="">
    Dear crew of DHX Media and everyone that worked on Friendship is Magic, even for a little.

    THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for all the happy moments and all the great emotions you made me feel with this show! It truly shaped how I see life and how I make art! Hope someday I will be able to inspire others with love and friendship so much as you inspired me!

    Hello, my name is Alex.

    I want the whole staff to know that your cartoon is more than just entertainment to many of us! For me it was many things. It started when I watched it for the first time with my niece. At first I ignored it but after several episodes I realized this cartoon had real life values in it. This might not be as important to most but for me, a boy who suffered from aspergers and ADHD, I struggled with any kind of social contact whatsoever until i watched this series. It helped break down the social process in a way that was more understandable for me and for once I could actually read body language because the ponies had very expressive faces. Even to this day i struggle with body language but according to my fiance I am doing much better now!

    I want you to know that this series actually improved my quality of life because I have made countless friendships since then and others now consider me the social guy in the group. I may not always understand sarcasm but at least I can fit in a group now without feeling out of place.

    The show has also provided me somewhere to actually make friends and burn some of my free time between college classes. It has given me so much entertainment and the amazing community has brought me so much joy as a whole. MLP fanfics got me to become an avid reader and finally try my hand at writing. Probably half of my music is MLP themed.

    Well to end this I want you thank you so much. You have done so much good for children and autistic people around the world. It will have a good and lasting impact for at least this whole generation!

    Sincerely, Alex

    Dear DXH, the writers, the VA’s, everyone,

    Thank you for the show that you gave to all of us. Your words have touched many hearts and lead to the creation of an entire fandom celebrating your lives. Your testimonies through your gifts of animation, artistry, storytelling, editing, composing, and so much more have given this world a gift. Many now say that this fandom will disappear when the final bell rings. But I believe that this fandom has just beginning. We have all given more than a million in all currencies to help others and will continue to live the words of Scott Kinnersley as Ambassadors of Friendship across this great world.

    From the bottom of my dear heart, thank you. Know that thousands have come to the call of your voices. Many have given and gained so much because of your little action. We will always remember what you have given us and will pass it onto others. Indeed, we will remember you all forever.

    Your gifts to me have been even more precious. A guide through your stories, I have grown in confidence, in identity, and in spirit. I have begun to write and have been able to interest some of the people I admired. I was able to meet some of you in return and thank you for your work. I have sung my heart out to the tunes of friendship and have gained some knowledge in that same field. I have found a purpose in this life thanks to the show and I want to share that to all of your one day, whether that be in person or through this letter.

    Though the curtain may fall, though the battle end in heavy losses, the flag of our friendship will never die. Before I leave this letter off, I want to share a bit of my gift. The small way of thanking you all for what you have given me. Vocal Score Pony made a lovely song for the closing of the show and I have decided to cover the poetry aspect of it, with my own take on said poetry. I hope you enjoy, cause...

    The show may end but we do not
    The songs we’ve sung left in our hearts
    Mem'ries, forever we have won

    Our journey starts anew
    Our Elements though dulled pull through
    Ambassadors, we carry on the fun!

    We all were lost, shadowed and alone
    Told to be something that we all didn’t own
    We knew the cruelty of those that don’t play fair
    Many did come, deep depths of despair

    But a light did shine, a simple sweet joy
    They told us “go away, we don’t play that game anymore”
    But as we searched we found sincerity
    A show made by so many, My Little Pony

    The show may end but we do not
    The songs we’ve sung left in our hearts
    Mem'ries, forever we have won

    Our journey starts anew
    Our Elements though dulled pull through
    Ambassadors, we carry on the fun!

    The sacrifice of finding our peace
    The blissful truth that lies beneath
    A landscape filled with innocent flair
    Other’s judgment cruel, our kindness didn’t care

    Now we trek on, across world we once knew
    Finding beauty cause we learned it from a show, from you
    We make our paths as brilliant as theirs
    Those ones at DHX and the stories that they shared

    The show may end but we do not
    The songs we’ve sung left in our hearts
    Mem'ries, forever we have won

    Our journey starts anew
    Our Elements though dulled pull through
    Ambassadors, we carry on the fun!

    Though the sands of time begin to fade
    Farewell that gilded screen, we spent our Saturdays
    We’ll now go out and share all that we now know
    We owe it to them, the staff, the actors, all of those kind souls

    The show may end but we do not
    We sing the songs left in our hearts
    Mem’ries, we’ll carry on our way

    The path may split ahead
    But as one passing always says
    “I’ll meet you again another day!”
    We’ll remember and forever we’ll remain

    Signing off now, but to return always.
    Jade Muse/Dallin
    Proud Brony and Member of the BYU Men's Chorus

    Hello Friendship is Magic staff members,

    The show that you’ve made is something special. It’s quite different from anything I’ve ever seen before, and we fans have you to thank for it.

    Without each of your individual contributions, the show wouldn’t have been the same. It all comes down to one word: detail. This show was all about the fine details present in every frame. Thank you for every small nuanced facial expression, every naturally flowing animation, every risk taken, every small note in the music, every experimental idea that worked out (or didn’t work out) exactly the way you wanted it, every carefully chosen word in the script, every sculpted feature on a toy, every line that was spoken with attention to detail. Thank you for those who worked in the background, doing office tasks behind the scenes that kept the creative team’s ideas flowing. No matter what type of detail, you helped make the show what it is. Thank you!

    You know you’ve made something special, like Friendship is Magic, when it has universal appeal that goes beyond just one group of people. Especially these days. These days, our entertainment interests are fragmented. Nobody watches the same stuff anymore. There’s too many options! Too many options that try to attract a narrow group of people. It’s rare to find something that appeals to everyone’s sense of what’s entertaining. The result? We don’t share shows in common. We don’t talk about shows like we used to because everyone seems to watch "their own thing." We don’t make friends over shows the way we used to. (Despite being only 22 years old, even I have noticed this difference in recent years. It’s sad.)

    But Friendship is Magic is different. It’s got something for everyone. The youngest fan can find something to smile about, and the oldest grandparent can find a scene to laugh along with. Sure, the show’s main audience is young girls. And it does an excellent job of appealing to them; I always smile when I see a piece of Pony merchandise worn in public by a young child. I was so happy to see so many children heading into the movie theater on my first, second, and third viewing of the movie. But this show doesn’t stop with one group of people. Instead, it attracts people from all walks of life, and that’s rare these days. Parents can have just as much fun watching this show as their kids. In fact, adults might have even more fun watching the show thanks to how the episode’s appeals are so timeless. This show is an instant classic. You’ve proven countless times that a show aimed at young girls (this genre of show doesn’t always have the best reputation among adults, unfortunately) can have sophistication, grace, imagination, intelligence, wit, drama, complex plotlines, nuanced character relationships, humor, maturity, and fun. And the show has all those traits not only in the eyes of young girls, but also in the eyes of many other people, young or old, female or male.

    You’ve given children (and adults) inspirational role models (and friendship role models) in Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Starlight Glimmer, Sunset Shimmer, and all our other friends. Those children have grown up with you and have learned valuable lessons from your show. When they grow older and start making important decisions in our society, they’ll do so with the characters and lessons from this show in mind. Thanks for being some of the best teachers around! To this day, important women in society cite the Nancy Drew novels as being influential in helping them be who they are today. I think Friendship is Magic has been that role model for children over an entire decade, and it will continue to be for decades to come.

    When I was watching the theatrical movie, there was a little girl who was in tears thinking that Twilight had died in The Storm King’s storm. That demonstrates how much kids care about these characters.

    Personally, the show helped me through some of the most difficult months of my life in 2015-2016 when I was nursing my childhood cat (together we saw my first-ever episode) and then after her death. I’ll never forgot how you shined some light in my life during those dark months.

    We live in a world of barriers between different demographics and nationalities of people. It sometimes feels like it’s a world spinning toward disaster in terms of how people get along with each other. But in the midst of all the chaos, here’s a show that creates bonds between different groups of people in so many ways for all sorts of reasons. And it’s really quite special to have been following along with the show and the community the past few years.

    Thanks to your work on the show, you’ve spread goodwill and friendships around the world more than anyone can account for. You could spend days/weeks/months scrolling through the Internet, learning things about the community that has blossomed around the show. You’ve inspired fan artists to make all sorts of creative works: music, drawings, videos, stories, comics, cosplays, lifesize plushies, etc. You’ve helped many people, including myself, awaken their creative interests. Thanks to the show, I’ve felt extra inspiration to do something meaningful with my life and my creative talents that will help the world be a better place. You’ve inspired me to write stories that, like FiM, will resonate with many people. I want to create something that helps people find the truth about how to be kinder, more generous, more loyal, more honest, more empathetic, more laughter-filled, more magical people.

    Thank you again for making something special that will last in our hearts forever. Take care of yourselves as you move on to new projects in life. We wish you the best! :)

    Stay magical,


    Thank you for creating this tremendous show. I watched the show firstly
    out of amusement (to investigate what all these pony pictures around the
    Internet were about) then with interest by the end of the first two
    episodes. Half-way through binging I discovered the concept of 'brony'.
    It was truly fun watching as the show staff came to notice the extended
    popularity of their creation and even engaged with their fans online and
    at cons. It was also heartening to see the show maintain a steady and in
    many noticeable ways an upward level of quality over the years. The show
    itself was an influence that unlocked a tier of happiness that is still
    difficult to describe in its nature. Perhaps its biggest power was its
    demonstration, in a fictional world, of neglected but amazingly simple
    truths such as 'one can be happy' or 'one needn't fear'. In a sense it
    is upon this rock that people built a church. The show will end but let
    the happiness stay. Thank you sincerely, all the creators of FiM.
    (And Sibsy, for commenting on my comic!)
    (Also Cindy Morrow, for answering a question I had on a stream!)
    In friendship,

    Dear MLP staff:

    Though as I get older words are coming with more difficulty. I want to offer my heartfelt thanks for a show that has come to mean so much to me.

    I watched season one with some skepticism, but then it felt like an act of rebellion against a burden of toxic masculinity to order seasons two through five. And personal relief to watch them. Then waiting for six, seven, and eight to come out. And discovering the wealth of music and art in the fandom. The stories of adventure in a framework of friendship, reconciliation, and redemption are joyful in a culture that mocks all those things. I needed them so much. Whatever happens in the future you have done good. Thank you.

    - submitted by One Speed

    Dear my little pony staff

    I wanted to thank everyone for everything through the good and the bad it gives me hope and everything it’s too bad that it’s ending for a new gen but no matter what they always have my heart and they’ll be with me forever

    Your faithful fan

    Aurora Dusk

    Dear MLP staff,

    Hi. I'd like to say that MLP: FiM is one of my favorite shows ever and it made me a better person, and a little less depressed. For the first year I got a positive energy from it I can't describe, and a few parts of the show actually made me feel absolute joy. I would really like a definitive conclusion with Queen Chrysalis in Season 9, preferably in a similar way to the kings (I waited 7 years for this and it's on the same level as Avengers: Endgame to me, it still bugs me (no pun intended) she's still on the loose after all she did), but I loved Seasons 1-6 of the show and will continue to rewatch them after it ends. (And I also really like Silverstream and Ocellus)

    Thank you for giving us such an awesome show, as well as the only creature cute enough to rival kittens (namely Fluttershy).

    I strongly urge you to make the show's popularity well-known after it ends so it's never forgotten and more people around the world will be aware of what kind of show it truly is (there are still millions in the dark), and it can find its place as a show even those who haven't seen it have heard of (like Star Trek). That way, it will never die after it ends.


    Dear MLP staff,

    I wanted to say a big « Thank you’ for that wonderful show. It was nine fantastic years of ponies and rainbows. Frankly, I really appreciated the show since the start of season 6 but it was 3 years of pure joy to watch and re-watch every episode.

    Thanks to that show, I discover more in friendship than a little shy guy like me can find out. Thanks to you, I discovered a new world among the bronies where I can share that new passion.

    I’m not good with words but let me say to you all : Thank you again ! All of you and all the characters I learned to love gonna miss you so hard.

    So, « What means MLP for me ? » It means all the lessons that show learned to me through every episode.

    Sorry for my approximate english but I hope you’ll understand my resentment.

    Again, thank you all for everything.


    To all the staff members that have worked so hard on MLP: FiM over the years, including Lauren Faust, as well as those that work on the IDW comics,
    I joined the fandom around late 2011 or early 2012. I was looking for a new fandom to join, and realized that My Little Pony had a surprisingly large amount of popularity. Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to watch the first two episodes simply to see what the fuss was all about. Immediately, I found myself intrigued by the story of the two sisters, and found the characters to be lovable, and Nightmare Moon a fascinating villain. So I continued to watch the second episode, and continued to be impressed, such as by how the elements of harmony came into play in Everfree Forest, and how they defeated Nightmare Moon even without the orbs representing the elements. I have been hooked ever since. I also love how the show addresses real life issues, such as school bullies (Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon) and the lessons that it teaches, while obviously meant for children, still manage to be told in a creative and fun way. As the show has progressed, its developed many of its characters greatly, including even the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who originally felt pointless, but slowly gained their own unique personalities and traits, especially Scootaloo’s sisterly relationship with Rainbow Dash that was officially established in season 3, Sleepless in Ponyville, which still remains one of my favorite episodes. Even villains like Discord, who seemed like good one-time villains, especially Discord being a parody of Q from Star Trek, have had good use made of them. He may not be an enemy any longer, but he still has that random chaotic humor that we originally loved about him. Even alicorn Twilight, one of the biggest controversies amongst fans, has ultimately developed her character for the better, with said development being most noticeable in Twilight’s Kingdom, still my favorite episode.

    I’m slightly more behind than the rest of the fandom, and haven’t attended as many conventions, largely due to my work schedule, but am caught up with most of the episodes, and attend conventions in my local area, Illinois, as well as in Milwaukee, WI. And I can say with ease that those conventions are every bit as much fun and welcoming and an opportunity to make new friends as everyone else says. I’ve met the majority of the VAs, episode writers, as well as the comic staff, and they’re always super friendly and warm and welcoming, and it’s evident that they enjoy their work on the show and appreciate us as fans. Heck, upon talking to him about it, Larson even told me that he didn’t like the way the writers made him handle the episode Fame and Misfortune, that he would have preferred to use out-of-town ponies to represent the rabid fans, as well as had other, non-rabid ponies to represent us normal fans. Admittedly, I can be a bit timid, much like Fluttershy, when it comes to interacting with general fans and making new friends, but like her, I’ve overcome it to an extent, and it’s largely in part because of the fans that were kind enough to greet me first, and compliment me on my cosplays, and friend me on facebook, and the friendliness of the staff I’ve met, amongst so many other things. With the show coming to an end, I do feel like my timidness more or less limited my interaction with the fandom as a whole, at least until recent years, but I’m thankful for everyone that’s helped me through it, as well as to be part of this fandom at all.

    There’s so much more I want to say, about the amazingness of the comics, the amazing songs, Lauren Faust having started it all, etc. But as I’m writing this with the deadline coming to a close, I’m going to end here, and say thank you all. Thank you everyone. Every single staff member and fan alike. Thank you all.

    Dear Hasbro Studios, DHX.

    We have fun with the MLP show that Lauren Faust has created.

    Friendship is everywhere with those who are kind to you. It was the most important thing for this show between these characters since I saw it in 2013 and that's how it started all my life.

    The most famous character of all Twilight sparkle, Rainbow dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, the cute Dragon spike and including Sunset Shimmer. I always love them since I see them every day in the show and Sunlight will always be my favorite. There is no time to cry, the show will always be on the Internet, the DVDs when the show is over.

    Speaking of season 9 everything will be fine, we know it's a friendship story about ponies based on G1. And let's hope it ended with friendship things.

    Dear Princess Celestia...

    Or should I say...
    Dear Hasbro and DHX.
    I can't thank you enough.
    MLP:FiM gave me so much, that I can't even name a hobby, which is not somehow connected to the show or the fandom.
    It's all started with characters. I started to learn vector graphics, then it slowly came to video-editing and CGI.

    I've watched all the episodes. Some seasons even several times. But I really wanted more. That's how I started to love books again. I've never read a book since I was 10 years old. But because of fanfictions I started to read them like crazy.
    Each brony meetup or a convention was a huge relief for me. As a brony, I didn't want to talk much about my interests. So I was shy back then. But conventions were a whole another story.
    I started to help organize them in my city, and then I became a staff member of the largest Russia brony convention. I've met a lot of people who was behind all the work. Mostly voice actors.
    The ones who give life to their characters. The ones who inspired me to learn more and go forward with my hobbies.

    Thank you.
    All of you.
    Especially Elley Ray (MistMane) who inspired me to take everything from life. Do what you want to do. Don't be afraid to try new things in your life. You will get your cutie mark eventually)

    I'm glad that one day I saw the show. I learned a lot. Here I am now, 7.5 years later... I can't imagine myself without that "pony" part. Everything I know, everyone (almost) who I know and love, everything I can do, started when I first watched the show.

    I don't want to say goodbye yet. I'm sad that the show will end at some point. But I'm happy that it all happened to me.

    Thank you.

    To everyone, past and present, that has worked on or contributed to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

    Thank you, sincerely.

    The positive effect that can be seen on thousands of people, young and old, has been utterly phenomenal. Not only has this show brought us years of entertainment, it has created hope, solidarity and many lifelong friendships between people who may have otherwise never met.

    What this show means to me? Friendship, and empowerment. I’m confident this stands true for many others too.

    I don’t think anybody could have ever predicted the fanbase of the show becoming as massive, varied and amazing as it is, and although it is time for this chapter to draw to a close, I know the book is still very much unwritten. We’ve come to adore the characters and rich world of Equestria that this generation has given us over the years. Wishing all of the best for generation 5.

    This show and the community around it has made a slice of the world brighter, it’s going to stick with us all for a lifetime.

    Nothing left to say except i’m looking forward to season 9, what’s in store for the future, and playing more MLP:CCG!

    - GloomyJD

    Well the time has come, we never liked thinking about this day coming, but the end of Gen 4. It sure is sad, but if I had to look on the bright side of things, I'd say I was happy the way everything turned out. Since I have autism, people have treated me different before and still I think a few times today. But after watching your show...it changed everything! It helped me realize I had purpose, that by treating others with respect and kindness I could improve not just myself but help and improve others lives! It made me look at myself and see how i could change for the better and I believe it has.
    No matter what any naysayers say, if a show meant for younger people could bring out so much kindness and love in the world, then they need to look at themselves.
    Also it was partly because of your show I met my best friend.
    So from the story's of the mane 6 to the CMC and every character I got to meet,
    The world is better because of what you all did, and I thank you for sharing it with us.
    Your friend

    Thank you for creating the show that we all love. Thank you, Lauren, for starting off this generation. Thank you, Daniel, for the awesome songs. They are one of the big reasons I love this show. Thank you to story writers for creating the stories that draw us into the world. Thank you to the artists that bring the world to life for us to see. Thank you to the voice actress/actors for bringing the characters to life. Thank you to everyone that just silently works to make this show as amazing as it is. Thank you for everyone in the background running the show to make sure the show actually came together. Thank you to all of the staff past and present. I'm sorry that I didn't name a lot of people, but know that you all play an important part in creating this amazing work of art.

    I can't really express my gratitude any better than I have above. You all have my utmost thanks.


     I know that I'm three days late, that my email shall be deleted and ponies will be annoyed by my ignorance - alas, I shall have a futile attempt at my Thank You.

    Dear FiM Staff,

    I'm so thankful for the show, for the fandom. Even though most may not consider me a proper brony, due to my age and the fact that I'm a girl, I still feel like I belong, somehow...
    And that was all because of YOU. You made stories, comics, skits, web series. YOU helped the fandom make their own stories. I learned so much. I learned about forgiveness, about forgiving myself. When my depression came to me, the show reminded me that I was worth something. The dedication of writers, animators, voice actor, comic artists/writers, et cetera, is what made the show so amazing. Outstanding.

    The haters out there, who complain about clopping, who think that the fans are degenerates and that the show is trash - they don't know of your devotion towards spreading Love & Tolerance through MLP FiM. 
    Thank you. 
    Thank you. 
    Thank you.
    So much.

    Honesty will show the world what truly we stand for.
    Kindness will follow through to heal the world of sore
    Laughter will remind us all of blessings here today
    Generosity will enrich our souls and those along our way
    Loyalty will uplift the lonely and we shall heed its call
    Friendship's magic, harmony's power
    May it find us all.

      For starters, I know that the deadline was February 22nd, but I'm not friend with English language and because of this I incorrectly translated the name of the post and didn't pay attention to him. Only today I learned that the reception of letters already ended, but all this means a lot for me, so l would still like to speak. And I'm very sorry if tis letter somehow hinders you.

     Like for many bronies this show is VERY(x999999999) important to me and the fact that it ends is very sad. But it's better not to think that everything will END in nine seasons, you need to think that everything will end in NINE SEASONS. For 8 years we were pleased with new content, but, unfortunately, everything ever comes to an end. In this regard, I would like to express my deep gratitude to everyone who worked on Friendship Is Magic, thanks to which we had a series that brought together such a huge number of people, and fans who carried the ideas of the cartoon through the years. I'm happy to be part of something so big and very proud of what our community has been able to achieve. Thank you staff for all you do for us, thank you bronies for support of our beloved staff and thank you EqD for the opportunity to speak.

    Much love,