• Derpy Day Arrives on March 1st!

    Derpy Day arrives on March 1st coinciding with her annual "Derpy Appreciation Day". Our little fandom mascot has had quite a bit of love over the last year, and deserves more! Go draw her! Go make things with her!

    Submit@equestriadaily.com is the place to send your stuff. Title the emails DERPY DAY followed by what it is, so DERPY DAY - OPEN ART for the open art compilation.

    Expect derpage when the day arrives.

    And in other news

    The calendar has been updated. Our very first Chrysalis day is on the 4th of June, coinciding with Cheese Day because she has cheese legs and insect and love themed days were on top of other days. Yes, this is a discussion that happened over the course of an hour. EQD is a magical place.