• More Pony Music! The ride will never end!

    More fan music from the community! Quality, awesome ideas, cool new versions, and a lot of great discoveries all around await you in this post!

    1. Ataraxia - Anaphora
    Vocal - Electronic
    Ataraxia comes back with an enigmatic, progressive and creative track! More info about the deep story behind it in the description!

    2. Altius Volantis - Midwinter Dreamscape
    Instrumental - Trance
    A lovely tribute to Luna from Altius Volantis, with lots of cool elements in this electronic instrumental!

    3. Scraton - Dodge This 2019 (feat. Genesis Wave, Blitz, TheWanderingKit & Kozmos)
    Vocal - Electronic/Hip Hop
    Kozmos and friends give a new life to the classic Dodge This with cool new rapping!

    4. Evgeniy Doctor - Crystal Light
    Instrumental - Trance
    Shining with light of the Crystal Heart, Evgeniy Doctor's new Trance piece is a real beauty!

    5. Drixale - Let It Rain ~ Autumn Blaze Sentimental Trap Type Beat
    Vocal - Trap
    An emotional take on Autumn Blaze's famous song, this Trap beat from our beloved Drixale has got a blissful atmosphere and creative vocal chopping!

    6. Budzy - Marshmallow (Silva Hound Edit)
    Vocal - Future House
    Budzy released Silva's "Rarity Edit" of the cuddly yet bouncy Marshmallow!

    7. Night Blaze - Under Alicorn's Wing (feat. Akio Otori)
    Vocal - Orchestral/Rock
    A beautiful song with ponified lyrics in Russian, with an hybrid rock-orchestral instrumental of many wonders!

    8. Vylet Pony & Sylver - Strangers
    Vocal - Indie Pop
    A blissful and stunning song off Vylet's Homeward album, with much prog rock vibes and amazing vocals! Also check out the newest YouTube release from the album, the hard-hitting Swarm that is a collab with The Living Tombstone and KLRX!

    9. Daniel Ingram - The Magic Inside (Tw3Lv3 Remix)
    Vocal - Drum & Bass
    A pretty interesting DnB remix from Tw3Lv3! Also check out his Hearts as Strong as Horses Remix and Smile Song Remix that are quite creative!

    10. The Melody Bros - Equestrian Roads (Take Me Home, Country Roads Ponification) (feat. Roundtrip)
    Vocal - Country
    An awesome ponification of John Denver's classic by pony friends, and I'm sure some of you will recognize it!

    11. Ashley H - Cornered Confessions (A Pinkie Pie Parody)
    Vocal - Acoustic
    Ashley H's amazing VA talent is doing wonders again in this parody using Hitorinbo Envy's instrumental! It's centered around Pinkie and some of her chara depth as envisioned by Ashley, and it really feels like it's Pinkie singing!

    12. Wubcake - Awesome as I Want to Be (Covering Daniel Ingram & PrinceWhateverer)
    Vocal - Rock
    Our dazzling voice actress Wubcake is doing wonders with her talent once again, this time singing as Rainbow Dash and making for very cute and cool vocals, on top of an instrumental by PrinceWhateverer who covered Daniel Ingram's original song!

    13. Semi-Auto - Mad
    Instrumental - Dubstep
    Suskii and Cyfr teamed up to create a wicked banger released through Never Say Neigh Records! gasp

    14. Alex S. - Party With Pinkie VIP (Synthesia)
    Instrumental - Piano
    It took a lot of work to transcribe Alex S.'s classic into this piano version, and we can see D3LTA's dedication!

    15. Reverbrony - The Iron Juggernaut (Remastered)
    Instrumental - Thrash Metal
    A fresh version of Reverbrony's The Iron Juggernaut, bringing much heavy metal vibes!

    16. Ashley H, TPressleyJ & Friends - Alternate Realities (The Cosine Pitchshifterz Remix)
    Vocal - Hardstyle
    Designed for partying hard, Cosine's spin on the hit Alternate Realities is full of bass and... princesses!

    17. F 109 - Pukak
    Instrumental - Deep Dubstep
    This new release by experimental pony musician of many wonders F 109 shows the power of Deep Dubstep so well, with crispy sound design, haunting vocal work, and an atmosphere like none other! For those not familiar with the genre, I highly recommend Sikkday's mix Break Check 02 - Deep Dubstep, Garage, Grime! The first track in the mix is especially emotional!

    18. Remember Falling - Wayward
    Vocal - Alternative Electronic/Indie Pop
    From her upcoming eponymous album, this beauty from Remember Falling is shining so bright with positive synths and heartfelt vocals, and always with a cool and deep concept around her OC!

    19. Daniel Ingram - A Changeling Can Change (Shining Mane's Remake)
    Vocal - Electronic
    A beautiful and lovely keyboard arrangement for A Changeling Can Change from Shining Mane!

    Note: Since the original video got deleted, you may find the MP3 file of the song here.

    20. Everfree Sovereign - Forgot About Flow
    Vocal - Hip Hop
    Dizzy Inmotion and Mystic Genesis rapping some verses with an insane flow!

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