• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VIII: Day 22

    While the internet may have made our world seem smaller it has also expanded our horizons by introducing us to all forms of culture, history, and people. Being able to have an open mind and experience new cultures is something I admit I enjoy seeing in this new season of FiM...though it looks like Starlight would rather enjoy her father butting out of hers.

    As for our prompt we netted 93 ponies tonight which brings us up to 3264 ponies now in total, great job everyone!

    While I was thinking of today's prompt I also came to the realization that not only does the ATG (at least during the past couple years) never fall on a holiday, but an important part of the cultures of different peoples are their holidays and traditions! So, for something fun and that should really stretch our diversity today I'd like you guys to Draw a pony celebrating your favorite holiday / Draw a pony partying too hard.

    Our submitter can be found here.

    New Makeup Day submitter is here.

    Good luck everyone!

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    Check on after the break for today's gallery!

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    Tutorials Collected by the Artist Training Grounds Alumni Group

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    6 Octavia's Trip To Japan - OctaScratchRock

    Art image 6
    Today, Octavia's taking a trip to the most beautiful place in the world, and it seems she's enjoying it!

    8 ATG - 21 - Sharing Cuisine - Crimson Winds

    Art image 8
    Zecora shares some of her favorite cuisine from zebrica!

    9 Spirit Life has an open mind - Horceye

    Art image 9
    M.I.N.D: Matcha, gInger, oraNge, Darjeeling Tea blend

    10 I really should try these... - The Vintage Pone

    Art image 10
    Strawberry Sunrise steps out of her comfort zone to try new things. However, don't even mention apples.

    12 - MaiSky

    Art image 12

    13 ATG Day 21: Discoveries - Linzi Howard/ Creative Blossom

    Art image 13
    Will be later replaced with the digital version. Barney discovering his true self, when he sees a particularly good looking stallion ;)

    14 V Fruit Bats - Zypdv-HP

    Art image 14
    She wasn't familiar with them, so I figure this can do...
    these are getting a little too difficult for me..

    18 Cultures - MustachedBain

    Art image 18
    I'm not a robot
    Dang captcha

    19 Always have an open mind? - Ragmo

    Art image 19
    I didn't feel it for the theme today :-/
    Might be the heat, might be that my vacations are over, i don't know.
    Also i have the feeling the camera in my phone pics up greyscale better than my scanner

    20 HippogriffsAreCool - Xander

    Art image 20
    Been wanting to draw hippogriffs/seaponies for a while. That said, I looked at a reference to draw Terramar, as I am unfamiliar with drawing Hippogriffs. Sadly rushed my pony due to time constraints though. :(

    22 Day 21 - Pinkie Introducing Her Friends To Twilight - SadTrooper

    Art image 22
    I think this covers both? xD Pony with an open mind and a new culture :P

    23 ATG 2018 Day 21 Open Mind - tallaferroxiv

    Art image 23
    A quick draw, hope it alright :c

    24 ATG VIII 21 - Tun Rae

    Art image 24
    This colt had recently heard about a new crazy for a TV show, Oh My Human.
    He wasn't sure about it at first, but fell in love with the humain cast of Karl, Dave, Sarah, Mohammed, Jasmine and Yin Su.
    Eventually, he came across an advert for a convention for fans of the show.
    Being brave, he bought a ticket, and decided to try out this crazy culture, with an open mind.

    The end :P

    28 Explanation - Matthew

    Art image 28
    Still fearful of a disbelieving reaction, Lost Colt realises his silence may have nearly cost a life.

    In spite of the absurdity of his tale, however, Wordsmith is all too ready to believe him following recent events. Although she finds it less easy to forgive him.

    29 Open Minded Mare - Pone-Dancer

    Art image 29
    Cinnamon Bun has an open mind, especially when it comes to dating a bull named Benni.
    Benni doesn't exactly agree to this.

    30 Open mind - Drakin Kami

    Art image 30
    He's probably fine.

    31 Sharkpony Culture - Pone-Dancer

    Art image 31
    Twilight Sparkle has visited the shark ponies to learn more about their culture. Her host, a sweet little Dog Shark, has thoughtfully arranged a meal in her honor.
    Twilight isn't hungry anymore.

    33 Scootasea - Gary Mitchelhill (Rapidsnap)

    Art image 33
    Scootaloo loved learning about the seapony culture.

    34 Spitfire At The Feelings Forum - Erika Williams

    Art image 34
    The Wonderbolts started accepting Changelings at the Academy. The Changelings decided to do something about Spitfire yelling at them all the time.

    35 Open Heart, Open Mind - AaronMk

    Art image 35
    Mainlander pone can't seem to get anywhere. Fortunately, he's not alone.

    36 - sharpshadowxii

    Art image 36
    Not the most original thing. I'll try again next time.

    37 Princess Luna with Gir Hoodie (pixel art) - SuperHyperSonic2000

    Art image 37
    Here's a pixel art I recently did of Princess Luna with a Gir hoodie. I hope you guys like it.

    38 A new kind of Family - Korencz11

    Art image 38
    Ah'll make ya an offer ya can't refuse...

    40 How do you get horse famous? - PfH Mod

    Art image 40
    Simple comic for the Equestira Daily Artist Training ground Day 21: Draw a pony discovering a new culture / Draw a pony with an open mind
    Expanding Brain meme Because why not
    Shiren Emerald Oc belongs to @friendlypsycho ​ on tumblr - or on DA https://www.deviantart.com/thatfriendlysomeone

    43 Opinions - Binky T.

    Art image 43
    Just an important message I wanted to share to everyone. Don't be afraid to share your opinions and to listen to others opinions. In this day in age we live in, it is crucial that we learn how to share them. With honor, respect, and dignity- Sharing opinions can open up a new point of view we may not have dared to trek into before. It goes so much farther than anything than you can imagine.Learning how to embrace your own opinions while keeping an open mind to those who have opposing ones is what can help us all progress forward into a better and brighter future where we don't have to fear so greatly of agreeing or disagreeing with others. So please, let your thoughts come out. Speak for yourself and not what others force you to say. With the knowledge we share with and gain from other with opinions, we can one day achieve anything.

    46 Discovering New Cultures - WerdKcub

    Art image 46
    It's a big world to explore!

    48 Yum - Allonsbro

    Art image 48

    50 The Subway - Addelum

    Art image 50
    It was a long day of work; in eight hours I had endured two meetings and five assignments. The day whizzed by in a blur; soon enough, it was time to doze on the train. The light from the overcast afternoon danced on my eyes a bit, but what really opened them wide were the sight of the pony and dragon across the aisle away from you. The purple alicorn was lazily staring at the window, taking in the sights of downtown local Brooklyn. The dragon, small for his age, was immersed in a comic.

    Nobody batted an eye over the two strange riders. This is New York, after all. I had enough time for a glance before the doors opened to my stop. As the train pulled away, you hoped that those two knew where they were going. The fact that they didn't bother to ask for directions was good enough for me.

    51 Trixie Visits a Changling Hive. There is Soup. - dafiltafish

    Art image 51
    I have no idea how many layers I used, but I can say it was a butt-ton.

    In my headcannon there are many different changeling hives, all with their own unique quirks. This one for example resides in a volcanic mountain range and is known for their hospitality towards Ponies.

    54 21-2018 - alloco

    Art image 54

    55 Iori Tells Belle About Japanese Cuisine - TaichiKeaton

    Art image 55
    Being from the human world, Iori shows Belle a little bit of what his culture is like back home.

    57 - ZetaMad

    Art image 57

    58 ATG VIII Day XX - RizDub

    Art image 58
    If anyone has an open mind, it's Tree Hugger.
    I almost went with a literal interpretation of this prompt, but Cherry Berry insisted my pun quota was full.

    60 Mancala Tutoring - Ebby Sharp

    Art image 60
    Pone learns Bao. First attempt at drawing zebras. Good night...

    61 Trying Something New - ZoneSystem

    Art image 61
    Sunburst is out visiting Yakyakistan. While there he decided to try out one of the yaks’ favorite pastimes: smashing stuff!

    62 - Scarfanon

    Art image 62

    63 Lilliputian Ponies - HorizonsBound

    Art image 63
    Daring Do is brobdingnagian following Gulliver to find the Lilliponies

    64 Behold, Mount Eris - Minty Treble

    Art image 64
    I'm not thaaat happy with Daring Do's pose, but I'm still proud with myself for trying something different :D

    65 Mariachi Plaza - EbonyCrystal1986

    Art image 65
    While Ebony was on vacation last year, she decided to do a bit of exploring of her own when she heard the most beautiful guitar music she had ever heard. She soon discovered it was being played by a young colt who had recently gotten his cutie mark after teaching himself how to play the guitar. After introducing themselves, they found out they had a lot in common, including having lost loved ones that were near and dear to them. Later, the young colt had treated Ebony to a private concert, small tears coming to both of their eyes as they sang together, the music bringing back wonderful memories of their loved ones, realizing they were a lot closer than they thought.

    Well this was a hard one to come up with, but thanks to listening to the soundtrack for Disney's Coco for the umpteenth time, guess you can say I got inspired. :3

    66 Worm Rider - t72b

    Art image 66
    Wile on a diplomatic mission to Saddle Arabia, Amira shows the Princess a much revered tradition of the desert dwellers.

    67 Marco Pony meets the Dragon Lord - Benjamin Eric Berlin

    Art image 67
    In the year of our Princesses 1285, the Bitalian explorer Marco Pony traveled to the Far East in search of the legendary Lands of the Dragon Lord. Upon reaching them, he found the Dragon Lord to be a benevolent spirit who eagerly traded for the then-rare commodities of sugar, hay, and cider.

    68 Riddle Me This - B.J. Dazzle

    Art image 68
    Rapidly running out of leads as well as time, Bon Bon's not taking it too well. But by reevaluating the situation WITH AN OPEN MIND, the group may be closer to their destination than they think! Time to explore a NEW CULTURE as we enter the ruins of the Sphinx!

    Starting tomorrow, I'm going to be on a road trip for a few days, and I can't imagine I'll have a lot of time to work on ATG entries. I REALLY want to complete what I started here and finish this story strong, but that may involve taking advantage of the final make-up day at this point. I'm gonna try and work on this when I can, and I'll still be updating the story in order based on Calpain's prompts on my DeviantArt, but if there are gaps in my submissions for a little while, well, that's why.

    70 Egyptian Culture - TheArticPegasus

    Art image 70
    So for the Art Training Ground theme Culture, I thought it would be really nice for Twilight to do a bit of cultural exploration herself! ^^ In this picture she went to experience Egyptian Pony culture with Somnambula who showed Twilight the architecture, traditional clothing, festivities, and more! (Twilight loved it all of course, but the library was her favorite.)

    71 ATG Day 21 Draw a pony discovering a new culture - TechPony

    Art image 71
    This one is really lazy but still funny. I like the idea of Starswirl being naive to this new world just as he fell for the Flim Flam brothers scam. And yes, the equality thing was a little before Starswirl's time, but let's just pretend it's still going on somewhere else.

    72 Ember Wants Snuggles - Neonhuo

    Art image 72
    Ember is being open minded about the much more intimate traditions of ponies. Normally dragons don't do snuggles!

    73 Posey! Front and Center! - Stone39

    Art image 73
    It seems a certain shy Pegasus has found herself in the middle of the Wonderbolts. She seems hardworking enough to not be discouraged by their tough training regiment.

    74 Giraffe Culture - Frith

    Art image 74
    I chose giraffe culture. For the important part, I combined a Rarity walking with a Twilight looking up. The details are from the Spotlight Splash / Rocket Tier page (which could always use more model references, for accuracy, like mane tied above or behind the ear?). That's a canon giraffe, sure looks like a ToysRUs giraffe.

    75 Missionaries - Kishkumen

    Art image 75
    Elder Slide and Elder Shucker are serving in the South Pacific

    77 Welcome - Novaintellus

    Art image 77
    May I learn of your people's history?

    78 Open-minded Applejack - Mister Twister

    Art image 78

    79 ATG 2018 [Day 21]| What are these?!? - BluestFlames

    Art image 79
    This is my drawing for the Artist Training Grounds on Equestria Daily!

    Today's prompt was to: Draw a pony discovering a new culture / Draw a pony with an open mind.

    So I drew Jessica finding a new species of bugs and what they're doing! ^^

    80 Cheese Consuming Cultured Cheese - Sigmath Bits

    Art image 80
    A "cultured" Cheese Sandwich enjoying some cultured cheese!

    84 Meditate - RhythmPixel

    Art image 84
    Does this count? I was thinking of visualizing how I feel meditation is when it asked for an open mind.

    85 Does this Belong in a Museum? - RedQuoz

    Art image 85
    Please remember to display your Horga'hn publicly only if you are seeking Jamaharon.

    86 The Saint - thattagen

    Art image 86
    Hijiri is definitely an old world unicorn. I wonder if she knows Celestia?

    88 Gotta Start Somewhere - Bombom13

    Art image 88
    If overwhelming cuteness is what it takes to break the Chancellor, then so be it!

    90 ATG 21 - Opened Minds and Opened Books - PixelGrip94

    Art image 90
    Got the idea from the recent episode (via Australia) of having Rainbow and Rarity actually sit down and read each others books after the fact...God this entry was late.

    91 Equestria Daily Artist Training Grounds 21a - meto30

    Art image 91
    I'm experimenting a bit with dividing up the sheet into more formal panels and adding speech bubbles around my text. This however has the problem of greatly increasing the amount of paper surface that the texts take up...

    92 Equestria Daily Artist Training Grounds 21b - meto30

    Art image 92
    I'm experimenting a bit with dividing up the sheet into more formal panels and adding speech bubbles around my text. This however has the problem of greatly increasing the amount of paper surface that the texts take up...

    93 Daring Do and the Space Princess - phallen1

    Art image 93
    Space Princess Tr'Xii is happy to let everypony know how open her mind is.