• France Releases All MLP Season 8 Episodes Up to 21, in French... RIGHT NOW

    France: Hey Ikealand, we heard you were releasing pony episodes early this month.
    Ikealand: Yeah, we figured it would be hilarious to watch the pony fandom meltdown. And think of all the sausages we can sell once people realize they will have all this free time for the next 8 months to eat them. 
    France: Woah there, sausages? Don't those cause cancer now?
    Ikealand: Uhhh...
    Ikealand: But... 

    And then the next four episodes released
    Soo yeah. All episodes up to the 21st are now available on the french Tfourmax service.  We've officially dumped the season. Will they stop at 21? Or is France going for a worldwide takeover? Find out next time on "This is the most chaotic season ever and what are you even doing Hasbro?"

    I can only guess that this is a hit on Discovery Family or something. An attempt to cancel whatever contract is currently in place that ties Hasbro to them in the USA. There really doesn't seem to be  any other benefit to releasing what is supposed to be a toy commercial that could potentially last half a year ALL AT ONCE.