• Swedish Nickelodeon ALSO Airing the Season 8 Pony Finale Early - August 28th

    You know what? I'm not even mad. Ikea pony is adorable. Just take the season Sweden. Take it, release it in glorious 4k in English, and just get it over with. Who needs episodes when you have that pony up there sneaking into your house and leaving piles of wood, allen wrenches, and screws for us all to create amazing furniture out of? Why bother worrying about finding things to post in our upcoming 8 month hiatus and the inevitable EQD patreon begging when we can just bury our heads in our brand new Ikea brand couch? Maybe we can skip that and just get a sponsorship deal going with them. Who wants daily lamp shade discussions and intelligent reviews on various kitchen implements? I know I do. Take the site Sweden. It's all yours.

    Uhh, anyway... season 8 will be ending in August due to the reveal of the finale airing on the 28th and 29th. Expect a post about it, etc etc. You all know the drill by now.

    Thanks to Ethan for the heads up.

    Don't care posted pony.