• World Wide MLP Movie News Part 2 - Ticket Sales, Events, and More!

    We once again have a bunch of stuff happening involving the movie around the world, and instead of flooding the front page, I'm going to do it like the previous post and compile it all up. Some of it is minor, others are very specific to a certain region. If you missed the first post, find it here.

    Anyway, go get it all below!

    Netherlands Pony Contest 

    An early viewing of the movie  is happening in the Netherlands. Head on over here for the details on the contest.

    South Africa Early Viewing

    South Aftica gets the movie on the 2nd of October.

    T-Mobile Tuesday Update 

    The T-Mobile Tuesday details have been revealed. Tickets will be $2 through ATOM. Keep an eye on the app next tuesday for it.

     SIA Being Dubbed by Pam Gaia in Thailand

    As confirmed over here, pop star Pam Gaia over on Thaliand will be playing the role of Sia. Find an example of her work here.

    Family Friends Party at Marcus Theaters

    Details over here if there is a Marcus Theaters near you.

    Thanks to Squeaky Belle, Kevin, John, Rainbow Fantasy, Jeffrey, and everyone else for sending it.