• General MLP Around the World Movie News - Ticket Giveaways, Early Showings, And More

    There is a flood of endless MLP movie minor news, from local giveaways for early showings, to more recipes based on characters from the show. Instead of flooding the front page with 20 posts, I'm going to compile them up here. Countries all around the world, as well as specific states in the USA are all included.

    Head on down below the break for the news swarm!

    St. Louis Advanced Screening

    Another raffle this time, September 30th in St. Louis is the date. Details over here.

    Phoenix AZ Early Screening

    September 30th again. Details here.

    Ticket Contest in Mexico

    If you are in Mexico, you can enter a contest on the Mexican MLP Facebook.

    Chile Contest for Tickets for October 1st Showing

    They also have a contest going on. Get the details over here.

    Lithuania will Premiere the movie October 1st 

    No Giveaways found yet.

    Montreal Premiere Tickets and Contest

    October 4th is the Montreal early release, and they have a contest over here if you are in the area.

    Poland Premieres on the 3rd of October

    Poland gets the movie a little early too. This Advertisement is the source.

    Colombia Ticket Giveaway

    A premiere on the 30th in Colombia has opened up with tickets being given out by Universa SOFA. Get the details over here.

    Brie Brie Blooms Ticket Giveaway (Tempe Arizona)

    A site called Brie Brie Blooms is giving away tickets at Harkins Tempe Marketplace for September 30th. To enter, hit up this post and follow their rules for the details.

    Argentinian Ticket Giveaway

    A distributor called BF + Paris is doing an event at a comic chain called La Revisteria where free tickets will be given out for local cinema. If you live in the area and speak the language, you can get the details over here.

    Thailand Movie Promotion

    Just a bit of promotion in Thailand. They also have a promo bucket and Pinkie Pie drink holder.

    Pony Rated "U" In the UK. 

    This means it's pretty much suitable for everyone there. Countering our USA PG rating.

    More Pony Movie Recipe - Tempest Shadow Triple Berry Brownie

    Thanks to Brownd, Jeffrey, MLP Forever, Spiderbraids, Squeaky Belle, Raritymlp, and everyone else for the heads up.