• Story Updates / Sunset Day Entries - September 25th

    Updatin the fanfics~

    I'm going to go ahead and add a few sunset contest entries that were submitted to. These aren't reviewed by pre-readers, and we probably won't be single posting any from those events due to there already being two posts dedicated to Sunset Day already. Get those below the updates.

    Story: dC/dt ≠ 0 (Update Part 41!)

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: Zeroxion564

    Description: "I asked a changeling once why they would think peace with Equestria was possible. Their response was the title to this book. I had asked a question on politics and gotten a calculus equation in response. Changelings are odd like that sometimes. They see things differently than the rest of us. I ended up pondering his response for a long time and even dusted off my old calculus books to look for an answer. One day it just clicked in my head what he was trying to say. 
    Changelings are capable of change. 
    It was a somewhat redundant answer, and it was a really bizarre way to give it, but I understood what he meant. Changelings, just like ponies, are capable of both good and bad, We could make peace with them, and help them learn to better themselves. That was what the changelings wanted, and ponies everywhere were fighting it. It is for that reason I began creating this book. Within this tome you will find a collection of essays, more like candid stories really, directly from Princess Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship, and Prince Morpheus, leader of the Changeling Hive. These reports detail their lives from the day negotiations began. That is the day the Prince himself began living in Ponyville, and it comes with the story of how he and the little town came to adapt to each other as negotiations were occurring. It is my hope seeing their story will show anypony reading this there is no reason to distrust the changelings so, and, perhaps, it will give you insight into the strange little changelings as well. They truly want peace, and, despite the treaties being signed, we can only truly give it to them when we let go of our distrust." 
    Changing Times, Author of dC/dt ≠ 0

    dC/dt ≠ 0 (New Part 41!)

    Story: Alicornae - The Legend of Starlit Sky (New Part 10!)

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Dark]

    Author: PortalJumper
    Description: Twilight the Wise, Celestia the Bright, Luna the Dark, Cadance the Beloved, Chrysalis the Dreamwalker; the Princesses of Old vanished eons ago, their power taken with them. With their guidance gone the world has fallen into disarray, with only a few pockets of ponies able to even recall them, let alone the times when they ruled fairly and justly. Starlit Sky is one such pony, and after being contacted by a mysterious stranger she has been tasked with bringing the old princesses home to their ancient seat of Canterlot so that they might bring peace and prosperity back to their kingdom.
    Alicornae: The Legend of Starlit Sky (Update Part 10!)



    [Slice of Life][Romance]

    Author: Solstice Shimmer

    Description: Work work work. That's all Sunset cares about. She never complains, but what truly lies inside the young woman's heart? Will a close friend be able to break the walls built around her? Or will she never know what Sunset really feels?


    Additional Tags: Romance Work Drama Sweet


    Author: Undome Tinwe

    Description: On a cold winter's night, two ponies find themselves trapped in a kingdom of eternal summer.

    Once More Into The Night

    Additional Tags: conversation, freedom, seasons, Celestia, power


    Author: Morning Sun

    Description: Hi! Pinkie Pie here! Okay, I shouldn't really be talking yet - I mean, it's kind of cheating to get started here - but I'm going to because I can! Today's a really special day, but I don't want to spoil anything, just that there's someone special...really, somepony special - and I want her to know how special and I've been waiting so long and everything is going to be AMAZING! Sunset Shimmer is going to have the best Saturday EVER!

    Sweet and Sour

    Additional Tags: Pinkie Pie plans a super special day for Sunset Shimmer