• Toy Review: Unboxing My Little Pony: The Movie Promo Treasure Box!

    This is a box.

    This is a big box.

    This is a big My Little Pony box.

    This is a big My Little Pony box dedicated to My Little Pony: The Movie, which will be only on the big screen October 6th.

    This is a big My Little Pony box dedicated to My Little Pony: The Movie, which will be only on the big screen October 6th, and appears to be identical to the one Seth got yesterday.

    This is a big My Little Pony box dedicated to My Little Pony: The Movie, which will be only on the big screen October 6th, and is identical to the one Seth got yesterday, yet surprised the cupcakes out of me when I saw it on my front steps.

    This is a big My Little Pony box dedicated to My Little Pony: The Movie, which will be only on the big screen October 6th, and is identical to the one Seth got yesterday, yet surprised the cupcakes out of me when I saw it on my front steps, and caused me to nearly passed out when I noticed it sent to me directly from Hasbro.

    There is only one response to receiving a My Little Pony: The Movie Promo Box. Time to make a post and unbox this surprise!

    "So what could possibly be in this treasure chest of wonder?" I say to myself in the middle of the night as quietly as possible to not wake anyone in the house up. Oh I hope it is the greatest treasure of all…


    Of course treasure is the greatest treasure of all, that's why it's called treasure. Don't you watch Ducktales?

    Side note: Hasbro really needs to acquire the license to make Ducktales. I need to get my hands on Scrooge McDoc.

    So, that box is actually extremely deep. At it's deepest, it goes down three toy levels… which end up increasing in price and value.

    As I sad, this is treasure! Pony treasure! Very familiar pony treasure if Equestria Daily's coverage of the 2017 New York Toy Fair is anything to go by.

    I am so excited to finally see these toys in person! So where shall we begin.

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Pinkie Pie Soft Plush ($9.99 From HasbroToyShop.com)

    Would you believe the Pinkie Pie plushie came to life and plopped herself on the top of the box? You find that hard to believe. Hmmm … Would you believe she grabbed my arm and wouldn't let go until I placed her on lid? You don't think so. How about I randomly grabbed the first toy out of the box and Pinkie Pie won the human crane game?

    While I wish the mane and tail were more than just single pieces of felt, this plushie is incredibly well designed and is OH SO SOFT!!!  I could easily see a small child using this as a teddy bear when it's time to go to bed. None of the seems felt weak, everything felt strong and solid. Perfect to stand up to a long hard session of being thrown around the room.

    Why do I keep using that as an example to signify how strong a toy is? It's certainly not something I did when I was wee lad and playing with G.I. Joes. No sir. And I definitely didn't throw a hissy fit when my mom took General Hawk away from me for a month after my last attempt making him fly with his jetpack resulted in breaking a potted plant…

    Let's go take a look at what else is in the box!

    My Little Pony: The Movie Applejack Seapony ($7.99 from HasbroToyShop.com)

    I don't care how adorable she looks, I am not going to confession just because Seapony Applejack is giving me puppy dog eyes and can stand on upright on her tail. And is translucent. And sparkly. And would appeal to my sister's three year old niece.

    So yeah, the box is full of seaponies. Which are stored in smaller boxes. It's nothing but boxes insides boxes. And I had my fill playing with the seapony toys in the MLP Area in HASCON.

    Or rather I had my fill watching all little kids play with the seapony toys in the MLP Area in HASCON. Dear lord, it was amazing seeing hundreds of kids give the seapony toys the granddaddy of all play sessions. And the toy didn't break. The burshable hair was in nothing but knots, but the toy itself was fine. These things can take a beating and keep on going.

    Speaking of going, we should probably move on to the next toy.

    My Little Pony: The Movie Rarity Undersea Spa ($12.99 from HasbroToyShop.com)

    Who is the most fabulous toy of the bunch and… has a molded mane!? Apparently Rarity took to heart the idea of looking fabulous under water to a whole new level and decided to permanently style her do.

    Much like Applejack, this toy can stand on its fin. Unlike Applejack, this toy comes with accessories! Which are perfect for taking your pretending to take Rarity to her favorite activity: spa time!

    Under the sea or above ground, Rarity never changes. Though there is one pony who changes all the time. and she's up next on the toy list!

    My Little Pony: The Movie Pinkie Pie Swimming Seapony ($24.99 from HasbroToyShop.com)

    Out of all the toys which were debuted at NYTF, this one was the coolest. We have a seapony, which actually swims! Her name is Pinkie Pie! And she is here to say. She's gonne make you smile and brighten up your day!

    Seriously, this is a major upgrade from the rubber duckies from old. Pinkie Pie actually can swim in the tub! She can swim against the current of the faucet filling the tub! Which is something a rubber duck could never do.

    You see the toy operates on two AAA batteries, which power a small electric motor in the tail. The electric motor in the tail, when it is operating, causes the tail fin to flap, mimicking the behavior of a dolphin tail.

    Now the most impressive part about this toy is that it has no ON/OFF switch. it automatically starts working when it is placed in water. Now, how this works is there are two stainless steel diodes on one side of the pony. Those diodes are the terminal points of a very, very, very low voltage and incomplete electrical circuit. Put the pony in water, or put your thumb on both diodes, and you complete the circuit. Completing the circuit turns on the motor. Take the sea pony out of the water, you break the circuit and the motor turns off.

    This toy is an ingenious piece of mechanical and electrical engineering wrapped up in plastic to make bath time fun. If you're an engineer and are looking for a reason to work for Hasbro, here you go.

    For everyone else, BATH TIME IS COOL AGAIN!!!

    My Little Pony: The Movie Glitter & Style Seapony Twilight Sparkle ($14.99 from Hasbro.com)

    The is a sea pony version of the Styling Size ponies. Aside from being a bigger size than the usual MLP: The Movie seapony toy, the hair is longer and thicker, which allows for more styling options.

    There really isn't too much to say about this one. It does exactly what the classic My Little Pony toys are known for. And of course the toy and stand on its own tail fin, much like its smaller counterparts.

    And much like her smaller counterpart, Twilight is adorable! Just look at her! I almost wish the whole movie was spent with the seaponies in their kingdom.

    Though this next toy is one I wouldn't describe as adorable/cute. It is, however, awesome!

    My Little Pony: The Movie Shining Friends Rainbow Dash Figure ($12.99 from HasbroToyShop.com)

    Okay, now it's time to be awesome! For Rainbow Dash is here! Now the fact she is my favorite pony does not mean I am not going to be biased. After all, it is an objective fact that a rainbow colored mane is simply more awesome than a solid color one.

    Unless that solid colored one is cotton candy pink.

    Anyways, this toy is neat. You press Rainbow Dash's Cutie Mark and she raises her hoof to give you a hoof bump. Or a hoof bump to the pony with the cotton candy colored mane.

    But this toy takes an already awesome idea, and cranks it up to radical! For you see, when the pony isn't left hanging, she lights up! How does this work?

    Magic of course. Yep. It works on the magic of friendship. Hasbro has finally harnessed it into a manufacturing material. It's definitely not operating on a mechanical engineering principle which I haven't figured. No sir. I went to college. I have a Bachlors degree (in English) therefore I know…

    Oh look! There's a bigger toy in the box! Let's go look at that instead of sitting here reading along as I dig myself in a really deep hole.

    My Little Pony: The Movie Seashell Lagoon Playset ($39.99 from HasbroToyShop.com)

    And now we move onto the big ticket item. Which is Pinkie Pie! As a seapony. But she has a playset made of shells! I like shells!

    And so a certain princess under the sea.

    I am of course talking about Dory, played by the massively talented Ellen DeGeneres. Why who did you think I was talking about? Princess Skystar?

    This set is massive. In terms of size, it almost takes up the entirety of the base of the box it was shipped in. It comes with one full sized sea pony, I'll give you one guess as to who, and one baby seapony. At least I think it's a seapony. It could very well be a fish. I couldn't make it out when I look a close look at it in the box.

    The set comes with multiple singes a couple of compartments to store the 14 accessories in. But it looks kind of empty with only Pinkie to reenact the seapony sequence of the film.

    It's almost as if this play set needs to have more than one seapony to really play with it.

    Nah! That couldn't be the case.

    So what's the grand total for the contents of the sparkling box of bounty? Exactly $123.93. If you ever wanted to know what over $100 worth of Pony Merchandise looks like, please take a look. Then proceed to go to Toys R Us to go see it again.

    Overall, this is a wonderful assortment of toys which would make children of all ages giggle in delight. I am one such child, and for the second time this week, I've been giggling I'm a little kid again.

    Though the biggest thing I'm happy about getting is the big old box all these toys came in! I have a feeling that's going to becomes something incredibly hard to find over the next few years.

    Anyways, this has been The Illustrious Q, and I swear the next time I do a toy review it will be once I have acquired the Rainbow Dash Tinker Toy set!  Catch you later.

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