• Random MLP Merch: Bags, Posters, Puzzles, Exclusives, and More!

    We have a ton of random merch appearing, primarily from the movie but some just general release. Everything from puzzles to body-length one piece clothing thingies is appearing. Time to deck yourself out in cartoon horse, 3D style!

    Go get it all below.

    Pony Books

    Found At: Dollar Tree
    Found By:  Duel Monster

    Posters for the Movie

    Found At: Walmart
    Found By: Felix

    Russian Books

    Found At: Moscow Book Exhibit
    Found By: Fler

    Walgreens Exclusive Toy

    Found At: Walgreens
    Found By: Jeffrey

    Foil Pinkie Baloon

    Found At: Giant
    Found By: Jeffrey

    300 Sticker Pack

    Found At: Framwinkle
    Found By: Walmart

    Birthday Card Set

    Found At: Framwinkle
    Found By: Walmart

    Movie One Piece Thing

    Found At: Khols / Sams
    Found By: Victor and Featherflare

    Rarity Twilight Play Doh Set

    Found At: Walmart
    Found By: Mindrig

    Found At: Eaglemoss
    Found By: Jeffrey

    Discord and the Ponyville Players Gets a Different Cover in Russia

    Using MLP Movie vectors

    Found At: Ozon
    Found By: Polina

    Movie Bandages

    Found At: Walmart
    Found By: Jeffrey, Amanda

    Tempest Shadow Shirt

    Found At: Hot Topic
    Found By: Jerffrey

    Movie Bag

    Found At: Tesco
    Found By: Loganberry

    Drink and Play Set

    Found At: Walmart
    Found By: Amanda

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