• (Updated) Two Songs from the MLP Movie Karaoke Machine Appear on Youtube

    Up to this point we've heard only a little bit of the karaoke songs from the MLP Movie Karaoke Machine, giving us a tiny taste of what to expect from the movie. Those were only in low quality so far and it was hard to hear what exactly was being said but still added a bit to the hype train.

    Well, tonight, thanks to a dedicated pony fan, we have the songs from the karaoke machine here for you to listen to and in really high quality! One of which is the Rainbow Dash song It's Time to Be Awesome and the other being the song We Got This.

    Get them both after the break and a big thanks to Logan for sending them in!

    Big Note: As stated in the descriptions of the videos these are apparently not the final versions of the songs and if they sound a little off it is because they are not sung by the usual singers.

    Update 2: Daniel Ingram has no idea what these are. I guess they were created specifically for the book?

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