• Random MLP Merch: MLP Movie Song Karaoke Box, Crayola Pony, Back to School MLP Movie Stuff, and More!

    Apparently this pony karaoke machine has some MLP movie music on it. Two songs in particular being "We Got This Together" and "Time to Be Awesome". I wonder what quality level it is? Maybe one of you has picked it up?

    We have a bunch of random merch today! The one above was found at Walmart by Joritz for $70, and below, lots of stuff to go with it!

    Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Jigsaw Puzzle 24-Piece

    Found At: Toys R' Us
    Found By: Jeffrey

    MLP Movie Play-Doh

    Found At: Toys R' Us
    Found By: Cloudy Wishes

    Hot Topic Adds New Pony Random Stuff

    Shirts and more!

    Found At: Hot Topic
    Found By: Scootaloo RainbowDash and Raritymlp

    MLP Movie Marker Toppers

    Found At: Scholastic
    Found By: LaWombat

    Pinkie Pie Adult Coloring Book

    Found At: Sams
    Found By: Nightmare Luna

    MLP Movie Body Pillow

    Found At: Dollar General
    Found By: Destiny

    MLP Bandages

    Found At: Medibadge
    Found By: Jeffrey

    Smile Makers Stickers

    Found At: Smile Makers
    Found By: Jeffrey

    Pony Glasses

    Found At: Costco
    Found By: Machoskater

    MLP Movie Notebooks and Pen

    Found At: Tesco in England / Claires (Pen)
    Found By: Sophie

    MLP Movie Back to School Pack

    Found At: Tesco in England
    Found By: Sophie