• Discussion: Giving Up - Ever thrown in the towel too soon?

    Howdy everypony! I'm back this week with another topic for your consideration. During last week's episode, "To Change a Changeling", Starlight Glimmer didn't know what to do with a certain changeling and wrote him off as a lost cause. As we found out that wasn't the case. Have you ever faced such odds or difficult situation and just gave up only to discover you threw in the towel too soon?

    Please discuss below!

    This isn't big or life changing...well, technically life changing, but with my son being born just a few days ago there was no way in Equestria I was ever going to HasCon this weekend. I had given up on it and stopped paying attention to anything HasCon related.


    as fate would have it, my son wasn't born a few days ago, he was early, over a month ago! Happy, healthy, baby boy and extended family helping me and my wife every step. With thing settled into a routine and everyone recovered, I could have gone this weekend after all but I had missed the registration window. Turns out my wifey Cynder, with the help of other Blog Ponies, had registered me for HasCon media behind my back as a surprise!

    I certainly have more disappointing anecdotes on things I've given up on but just like with Starlight and the changelings, this one worked out in the end!

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