• Patreon Celebration - September - Cadenza's Castle of Cadance

    Mi-Amore-Cadenza thanks you for your continued patronage! EQD really couldn't keep going nearly as active as it is without you guys continuing to help. If you missed our announcement last month, our Patreon is now tired to Discord, so if you are using our server, be sure to tie your account together so you can get the supporter tier over there.

    Anyway, enough blabbering. Celebration post time! Go get some Cadenza below.

    Tier 1 - A Name and Quote!

    Specially Trained Derp

    Velgot - "Pony pony pony pony"

    Swetter - "Coming at you like a WRECKING JACK"

    Scuba Drew - "The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish."

    Firaligator - "Anyone think MLP season 8 should have more Starlight?"

    Walalaoo - "Good luck with the hurricane guys!"

    Tier 2 - Include an image!

    "Starry and I hope to see you on Fimfiction at fimfiction.net/user/84240/Goldfur" - Bernard

    "Hang on!" - Niels Olof

    "Congratulations to everyone who completed August’s ATG! Remember: No matter your skill level, your work can make someone's day a little brighter." - Luster

    Post a Video!

    "Doodled uses Self-Promotion. It's vaguely effective!" -DoodledPony

    "I just want to send my love to the SeaPony Con people that I met at BronyCAN." - Ekavoo

    "how do you survive in America, the Food was pretty terrible or so damn expensive" - Richard

    All Other Tiers!

    ajnrules - "I Love Rainbow Dash!"

    Ryan - "hope everyone in Texas is safe and to those in Florida, good luck and be safe"

    Cadenza's Love Ball