• HASCON Live Blog! Update Friday Conclusion.

    Borg here live blogging the madness that is Hascon 2017!

    (Note: The 3 panels will be a separate post series later)

    Follow stuff below!

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    Caught Spike on the way to nap time!

    A WeLoveFine booth

    Pinkie with arms...

    Now I found Rainbow Dash!

    Big Fishy Spike!

    Got my passport stamped at the booth!

    Rarity was here...

    My HasCon exclusive mystery box. Spike!

    Other HasCon merchandise! The pin is great.

    Stumbled into the Magic the Gathering Hall. 

    Be on the look out for these pajamas!


    Found Fluttershy sneaking around...


    Mary Jane Begun Story time. Reading her books!

    2:15 PM

    Winning at the game of thrones...

    24 ft Coloring wall.

    Closer look at Tempest plush.

    Okay is not a ball pit. I can't take a pic at the moment but it's a pit full of "Hemka" plushes, part of the HanaZuki section.

    EqG dolls will be on display here after the panel today.

    Found G. M. Borrow living it up. Causing some Chaos...

    Sunset Shimmer sighting.


    Is not all ponies here...

    100 rounds at 4 per second


    One more Nerf...

    In stores today.....


    They just had the VA panel with Andrea Libman, Cathy Weseluck, Rebecca Shoichet and Meghan McCarthy. Fun silliness.

    About to start the Equestria Girls panel. I wonder what they have insert those handkerchiefs...

    9:20 PM

    What a day! Unfortunately we were under strict NDA regarding things we saw inside the exclusive MLP Mane Event. And for some reason I am reporting on back to back panels so I apoloize if I had to take a serious break during my live blogging. So while you know the event had a sneak peek at the upcoming MLP Movie we can't tell you in detail how freaking awesome and amazing it was. I also can't tell you how cool it was to have dinner next to two of MLP's toy creators and things they showed us. I can probably tell you about the goodie bag we got though with a The Art of My Little Pony The Movie book, an exclusive print related to the movie, a Seapony toy (mine was Twilight), a sneak peak to the Movie Prequel book that has already been released, a HasCon 2017 exclusive hard cover collection of 4 Friends Forever (5, 6, 8 & 12) comics, a MLP branded nail polish by China Glaze "Applejack of My Eye", a not MLP branded Weekend Warrior shadow kit, and as many blind bags as I could shove in my pockets.

    Also there were three very big prizes given away at the event and you know one of the winners....

    See you tomorrow!

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