• New Equestria Girls Dolls Revaled From HASCON

    The new Equestria Girls dolls that were teased yesterday have been officially revealed. The first set includes the mane 6 and sunset, which is probably no surprise to anyone. What do you think of these vs. the old ones? They seem to be much more detailed.

    Each one is 11" tall, sold separately, and the description from Hasbro's presser can be found below the break.

    Press release:

    Imagine fun, fashion-forward scenes with friends from Canterlot High…in a brand new look for Spring 2018! Inspired by entertainment, the 7 dolls in the My Little Pony Equestria Girls Classic Doll Assortment I and II look true-to-character.

    Each doll is wearing a personality-inspired classic outfit: Applejack comes in a country chic outfit, complete with cowboy boots; Rarity rocks a runway look with a gem-printed, shiny top, and shiny jewelry accessories to match; Pinkie Pie wears a fun party dress with party balloons printed on top; Sunset Shimmer shows off her edgy style with a studded-faux leather vest and trendy ankle boots, Fluttershy wears a flowy dress and sandals fit for tending to animals in a garden, while Rainbow Dash sports bright colored bracelets, shoes, and leggings with funky stripes to match her wild and adventurous streak and Twilight Sparkle wears a more conservative and studious look with a trendy glasses accessory. Every outfit incorporates their cutie mark…with lots of fashionable flair!

    Thanks to Andrea for the heads up.