• HASCON: Equestria Girls: The Panel - Origins, Future, and New CYOA Series!

    WeAreBorg here with the largest Equestria Girls news.  Your favorite high-schoolers are making a splash with new toys and new shorts. The panel covered everything from the history of their creation and how it was planned out, to future plans on the Youtube front.

    Go back to school below...

    So during the VA panel they happened to play a clip from an EqG short called "Overpowered".  We see Sunset Shimmer walking through Canterlot High with head phones reading people's minds automatically resistant front to stop. It seems her powers have gotten supercharged and can read minds without touching people. Bonus: Trixie thinks she's the greatest. Look for this short this fall.

    The Equestria Girls panel was next with all sorts of names and faces: Mehgan McCarthy, Carol Lam, Laura Schutman, and Katrina Hadley among others. The started talking about how EqG came to be. One day Meagan got a call and while it sounded all the rest is history. They made them high schoolers to connect with viewers.

    Quick Notes/Major Points:

    For the new season and toys they got a real professional red carpet stylist to restyle them.

    A 2 minute short about Sunset Shimmer drawing a comic and them animating it was released, based around the Legends of Everfree girls catching a jewel thief.

    Moodboards were used to help conceptualize the Equestria Girls specific characters originally. This includes:
    • Use of the latest trends to style them. Lots of denim.
    • Fluttershy - Flowery 
    • Twilight Sparkle - Men'sware Inspired
    • Sunset Shimmer - Rocker with studs
    • The designer of their clothing was Carol

    Translating these designs to animation was difficult. It's more like animating a paper doll. They had to tone it down to the constraints in Flash

    School Play is a concept coming up

    When asked if there is a Sunset Shimmer doppleganger rolling around, one of the panelists noted that her pet theory is that it was always Sunset's fate to travel to humanland, and there isn't an original Sunset in the world. They are leaving this open in canon though.

    No Discord planned yet.

    Choose Your Own Adventure Series

    A new Youtube series was announced and displayed. It's "Choose your own adventure" style where a coal minders daughter wants to disco.

    In another instance, the audience was given the choice between Sunset, Applejack, and Twilight for a main character to save Fluttershy who is stuck, complete with loads of 4th wall breaking.

    Rainbow Dash is the "Fairy Boot Mother"

    The Choose Your Own Adventure series is expected for November.