• HASCON: Season 8 News + Better Season 7 Clip

    Borg here with some more tid bits from Season 8 as well as a 2nd attempt at a panel recording of the Season 7 clip of "Its Not The Mane Thing About You" without an announcers voice in the middle of it.

    Grab both of these below!

    Okay so before you get lost watching a YouTube video, here are a few more highlights for Season 8:
    • Look for a Cheese Sandwhich cameo
    • G. M. Berrow wrote a Season 8 episode she is super passionate about and her favorite episode overall. Maybe more book tie-ins like in "Daring Done".
    • Josh Haber's favorite pony is The Great and Probably Going To Be In Season 8 Trixie!
    • Derpy won't get a featured episode like Episode 100, but she will be around, likely more than season 7.
    • There will be two-parters, and that's plural, so it sounds like we return to the opening and closing episodes being epic two-parters. So expect You-Know-You that we saw in that animatic to be in one of these!
    • Bat ponies replace the Mane6. Kidding. I'm Kidding.

    Here is the clip for "Its Not The Mane Thing About You"...

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