• HASCON: New Season 7 Images

    WeAreBorg here one last time as HASCON wraps up and everypony is headed home. Discovery Family had a booth at the con and we're doing fun silly little social media things but where also showing off a commercial real. I got a few images for you to preview before you see it on the channel.

    Grab your commercial alerts below!

    Okay let me break some of these down for you and his the episode they are from.

    So I'll start out with least site but I think this is a scene from "Once Upon a Zeppelin" or "Uncommon Bond". I could be wrong.

    Fluttershy is on top of Twilight in this scene. Likely from "A Health of Information".

    You missed Applejack falling here into Pinkie's party dungeon. Rather sure this is from "Secrets and Pies".

    This is clearly from "It's Not The Mane Thing About You" with Rarity here hosting in Twilight's castle.

    This here where Twilight is cringing from a brony encounter is from "Once Upon a Zeppelin".

    These have have to be from a "Health of Information". Which doctor Fluttershy. I need a toy of this...

    "Once Above a Zeppelin" which should air right after the My Little Pony Movie.

    And put course the scene before the Zecora Hut clip we saw from INTMTAY.