• HASCON: IDW Unveils New Issues for Friendship is Magic, Legends of Magic, and My Little Pony Holiday Special 2017!

    And just when you thought there wasn't going to be an more news coming out of HASCON, IDW Publishing went and delivered to us big time! EQD was there when IDW unveiled new issues for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Legends of Magic, and in a surprise announcement, a 2017 My Little Pony Holiday Special!

    Apparently IDW likes to celebrate the Christmas season with the ponies. Anyways, this year's holiday special is written by James Asmus—whose previous writing credit on Friendship is Magic is From the Shadows in issues 51 – 53—with the main cover and interior illustrations by Brenda Hickey.

    Be sure to check out after the break for all the pony goodness revealed at the IDW MLP Panel!

    It looks like this year's Artist Edition month from IDW Publishing is going to happen in December this year! For the My Little Pony Holiday Special will have this beautiful artist edition cover featuring everyone's favorite ponies reenacting Jingle Bells from the 2015 MLP: FiM It's a Pony Kind of Christmas soundtrack!

    I just love it when Andy Price does art like this. It really is something special to behold!

    And speaking of Andy Price, there was a issue 61 was revealed for Friendship is Magic! This issue is going to be the start of a new two part storyline in a story penned by Ted Anderson with illustrations provided by Andy Price.

    The story is going to be a "united nations" type gathering where all the various creatures throughout the planet convene to discuss the future of the planet. So think a Meeting of the United Nations but with Dragons, Buffalo, Hippogriffs, Anthro Cats, and a pony who controls the sun with a mere thought. Oh but there is a discovery made at the conference that could lead to trouble for our little ponies! A problem that might end up costing Equestria ownership of Canterlot!

    There was one more piece of art revealed for Friendship is Magic! This time a cover by Sara Richard For Friendship is Magic Issue 60 was unveiled! Dang it Sara, why is your art truly, truly outrageous!!!

    The Cover to Issue 9 of Legends of Magic was showcased as well, with art by Tony Fleecs. No details were given outside of it being a continuation of the story arc started in issue 7. Looks like's we'll just have to wait to see what the official solicitation bring later on this month!

    And finally, there was an interior illustration which showcased Brenda Hickey's work on Legends of Magic #6. Bobby revealed something which truly makes this issue one that is really a standout from the other entries in the Legends of Magic storyline. This story is IDW's chance to tell a story about ZOMBIE PONIES.

    Now I'm really looking forward to issue 6 of Legends of Magic! Which should be out later this month!

    And that's all that was revealed during the IDW MLP Panel at HASCON! Be sure to keep an eye out for the interviews I conducted at HASCON!