• HASCON: Final Day Live Blog

    Borg here with a day of live blogging pony and non pony fun.

    Follow me below...

    M J Begins teaching foals and The Illustrious Q how to draw dragons...

    This is how Q is doing... 

    Give aways. 

    My phone automatically created this.


    G1 pony fans can get gave paint too

    Songbird Serenade plush

    For the sidewalk hall of fame

    Season 8 panel about to start... Again

    Lots of cool stuff from the MLP Season 8 panel! I'll do a separate post for that.

    Ah horseapples! My phone died. Luckily there is free wifi and a press lounge.

    Who wants to see a video of the Season 7 "Its Not The Mane Thing About You" clip without an announcer?

    Yes? I'll get that for you then.

    These cardboard cut outs....

    Ran into this Pinkie Pie

    Okay Season 8 Panel take 2 plus better quality clip for "It's Not The Mane Thing About You" is here:



    Some Andy Price doodles...

    The best cosplays all week! Look at that EQD demon Twilight!

    Some of the face painting designs

    The EQD crew!

      Borg want a cracker

    This Fluttershy had a dress with a butt window. No cutie mark lol

    Princess Skystar hippogriff toy. This is new.

    Shrimp cocktail. Seaponies confirmed for omnivores.

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