• Celestia Day Tumblr Spotlight: Ask The Solar Destroyer - A JJ and Calpain Ask Blog

    Hey guys! Some weeks ago my good friend JJ and I really fell in love with 'A Royal Problem' and came together to start a new tumblr starring Daybreaker (me writing and JJ arting). It took a lot of planning to get it ready for Celestia Day, but we've now got the intro up for all of you to hopefully enjoy and we're currently taking questions to answer in future updates.

    The tumblr takes place in an alternate universe where Nightmare Moon wasn't defeated and, having found herself cornered, Celestia embraces the power of Daybreaker. Expect silly, fun and occasionally risque updates to come!

    Tumblr will contain mature themes, so a heads up!

    Ask The Solar Destroyer

    Twitter: Calpain