• Celestia Character Discussion - Ideas, Theories, and More!

    Celestia has a long history with our fandom, taking many different forms and roles both good and bad over the show's many seasons. She's been a staple of the fandom's artwork, stories, comics and more and while her popularity might not be as great as her sister's she still holds a special place in many fan's hearts.

    Hot on the heels of a fantastic episode co-starring her, interest in Celestia and her alter ego Daybreaker are high! With all this fresh information some much needed life was breathed into our Princess of the Sun. So with what we know I'd like to ask you guys what more are you looking forward to featuring Celestia down the line? Would you like to see Daybreaker outside a dream? What do you think of Celestia?

    Discuss anything and everything Celestia in the comments gang!

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