• Celestia Day - 15 Of the Biggest Celestia Animations!

    In no particular order, we have 15 of the biggest Celestia animations the brony fandom has conjured up over the years. Some are full of feels, others are completely stupid and ridiculous. There is something for everyone here. Get a refresher, or view them for the first time if you are new. Of course, we also have an archive of the best on the side bar if you are really new.

    Go get them below.

    [1] Source

    Lullaby for a Princess Animation by WarpOut

    [2] Source

    Celestia is best princess by ForgaLorga

    [3] Source

    Fall of the Crystal Empire - MLP Fan Animation by SFS Animation

    [4] Source

    Two Best Sisters Play - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood by 2Snacks

    [5] Source

    Two Best Sisters Play - Resident Evil 4 by 2Snacks

    [6] Source

    Two Best Sisters Play - Persona 4 by 2Snacks

    [7] Source

    Two Best Sisters Play Portal 2 by 2Snacks

    [8] Source

    [Animation] Know Your Mare Ep. 5 (Celestia) by BogyleBronies

    [9] Source

    Friendship is Magic Bitch by Skaijo

    [10] Source

    Friendship is STILL Magic by Skaijo

    [11] Source

    April Fools' day in Equestria by L.Y.R.A. Animations

    [12] Source

    My little pony: Prelude by tiarawhy

    [13] Source

    Battle for life [animation] by killme2paza

    [14] Source

    Princess Celestia Being Deep [♫ Mary France ♫] by Viva Reverie

    [15] Source

    Luna's Banishment - Deep Edition [SFM] by Argodaemon