• Celestia Day - Open Art submissions

    Open art time! As with all themed days, Celestia day includes the usual open art compilation, and we got a TON of stuff this time. 68 images in all! All corners of the fandom have contributed their awesome Celestia celebrations.

    Head on down below for it all.

    [1] Source

    [Practice] Summer sun celebration by girlsay

    [2] Source

    Celestia Day 2017 ! by ShutterflyEQD

    [3] Source

    Sun at the beach - Redo by DarkDabula

    [4] Source

    Sunbutt Day! by RupertBlueFox

    [5] Source

    Celies in the sky by Katakiuchi4U

    [6] Source

    What Was Made by DarkestSunset

    [7] Source

    Celestia v3.0 by StartledFlowerPony

    [8] Source

    Daybreaker by Infernapelover

    [9] Source

    Morning Stroll by BubblegumBeats

    [10] Source

    Daybreaker by ptitemouette

    [11] Source

    Celestial Grace by MarzKartoons

    [12] Source

    Celestia Cosplay by Metallic-Roselle

    [13] Source

    Changing Shift At Summer Solstice by Ragmo

    [14] Source

    Solstice by SaturnStar14

    [15] Source

    Power by SaturnStar14

    [16] Source

    Inaugural Summer Sun Celebration by Kikyuu

    [17] Source

    Princess Celestia drawing by moshifan62

    [18] Source

    Celestia by Kappetapp

    [19] Source

    Celestia and Day Breaker by IronBeastz

    [20] Source

    The Royal Sister by IronBeastz

    [21] Source

    Daybreaker by PerplexedPegasus

    [22] Source

    Celestia Day 2017 by Netburst-Celeron

    [23] Source

    Celestia Day 2017 - Second Submission by Netburst-Celeron

    [24] Source

    Princess Celestia lose all her stuff in Ms-Piant by sallycars

    [25] Source

    by novasparksart

    [26] Source

    Summer Solstice - Celestia Day - 2017 by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen

    [27] Source

    Just For You by VanillaGhosties

    [28] Source

    Celestia by Zevhara

    [29] Source

    Day Breaker by Zevhara

    [30] Source

    Celestia by Pony-from-Everfree

    [31] Source

    Notebook Celestia by DON2602

    [32] Source

    Hail-o, Princess Sunbutt! by DON2602

    [33] Source

    Little Star [+Speedpaint] by xThe-Bubbly-One

    [34] Source

    Happy Solstice Day 2017 by DataPony

    [35] Source

    Summer Solstice by ApalrieusCentauri

    [36] Source

    Fresh by YewDee

    [37] Source

    Celestia's Day Off by LifesHarbinger

    [38] Source

    2 Best Sisters by TimeLordOfTheMoon

    [39] Source

    Young Princess Celestia by Infernapelover

    [40] Source

    Summer Solstice 2017 by Jdan-S

    [41] Source

    Celestia vs Daybreaker by DrCreatioArtGallery

    [42] Source

    Celestia Day 2017 (Unshaded) by DerpyMadness

    [43] Source

    Celestia Day - Crown-less Celestia by Robony6

    [44] Source

    To Break The Day by TexasUberAlles

    [45] Source

    by jen-neigh

    [46] Source

    The Maternal Sun by Zanefir-Dran

    [47] Source

    Sun Queen by TsaritsaLuna

    [48] Source

    Princess Celestia Sunrise in MS-Paint by sallycars

    [49] Source

    Princess Celestia Princess Luna HUG in Ms-Paint by sallycars

    [50] Source

    WiSELY Celestia MY little Pony by sallycars

    [51] Source

    Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle in Paint by sallycars

    [52] Source

    Summer Celestia by Seiya-Meteorite

    [53] Source

    Paladin Celestia by Brownie-Bytes

    [54] Source

    Illusionist Nightmare Star by Brownie-Bytes

    [55] Source

    Royal holidays by Lunar-White-Wolf

    [56] Source

    Daybreaker by Lada03

    [57] Source

    Not A Morning Person by mystic2u

    [58] Source

    Princess Celestia Colored Pencils by MLPpencilArt

    [59] Source

    Twisted Sistas by SilversThreads

    [60] Source

    Princess of The Sun by REMcMaximus

    [61] Source

    Reality by hazeyhooves

    [62] Source - Wissle

    [63] Source - Wissle

    [64] Source - Daybreaker

    [65] Source - Gammapony

    [66] Source - AspieFluttershy

    [67] Source - Nameless Warrior

    [68] Source