• Toy Review: Guardians of Harmony Nightmare Moon, Ruler of the Nightlife

    Behold, you pathetic foals! The dark alicorn of the Night has returned to rule this world and it’s subjects; all the ponies of...this place. Unleashed unto this realm as the greatest, and most anticipated My Little Pony toy ever created, we vow to make the Night last forever!

    Join me below the horizon to see the beginning of the end, her journey into this world, her conquest of the nightlife, and of the glory of Nightmare Moon!

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    Being sent to Borg's house is worse than the moon.

    Here she is; imprisoned no doubt by her sister in this not-very-moon-shaped box. Similar in all ways to the other Guardians of Harmony: Fan Series cardboard entrapment devices, Nightmare Moon’s sports an image of herself with the most apple eating grin she’s ever had. Her palette and that of the background, the debris and desecration that is the Castle of the Royal Sisters, blend well with the common blue box art of the Fan Series. Before releasing her, let us take a moment to survey the rest of her current tomb...

    Resting evil face.

    One side of the box sports the face of one who is completely in control, a ruler to her subjects. On the back and adjacent side, better photographs than what I’m taking here, show her true furious glory! Such as the box belonging to that scourge Celestia, the Dark’s Queen’s box shows her pose is also taken from episode 2 of season 1. While she could be paired with Celestia in some unseen battle behind the scenes as soon as she was released, which would also explain Celestia’s sudden disappearance, her pose is best reflected in this screenshot when facing Twilight...

    "I can't believe you ate that."

    Yes. Magnificent. If you notice, the Mare in the Moon is very much like her onscreen counterpart. The show accuracy is amazing. With a few small tweaks like fleshing out the feathers on the wings and shrinking the neck down, NMM looks better than she did on that very first day on October 10th, 2010. Keep coming back to this image as we admire the physical form of the alicorn of the Night further....

    She'll rule your display lighting.

    The similarities with rest of the Fan Series figures continues with an ambient/display light window on top of the cardboard shrine. Here, the left shot represents Nightmare Moon placed on a dark shelf where she feels most at home, and the right, better shows off her angry scowl as Celestial’s sun pours down around her. I would be careful of which display option you choose to use on your own Princess. Let us finally release her….

    Looks just like the box unlike that Cheesy Velveeta Skillet. 

    Newly awoken, Nightmare Moon unsurprisingly looks better than her box art, unlike her so-called sister Celestia’s box art that needed fancy lighting to set the mood. I have set out a black pseudo nightscape for her to be displayed upon henceforth, and totally not just a black sheet I needed just to keep wood grain from showing through her mane. Preposterous! Without further ado, I give you the 360 of Nightmare Moon.

    A model rotation of the Moon.

    Yeah, you’ve been staring at that for 10 loops now. I know you have, don’t lie. There is a lot of beauty on this alicorn, just like it’s found in the night sky. Perfect choices like the best shade of sparkly purple for the mane and tail, combined with subtle details such as the blue outline on the underside of her feathers, make this an all around amazing piece. Unlike Celestia, the Nightmare Moon has cutie marks on both sides and is designed to be displayed from any angle. If you get the whole fan Series set you’ll feel as though different artists created each figure, and Nightmare Moon got the better end of the bargain. Risking the wrath of the Moon Princess, I will say however that there were a number of imperfections on this particular figure both at the mold injection points, like the one right under her tail, and with what appears to be glue residue in some very random spots making them appear shiny. Since Nightmare Moon is so dark, such imperfections are hardly noticed on her and would be more so on say, Celestia. That is just the picky collector side of me talking but the Lunar worshiper side of me says we must compare the Dark alicorn with older effigies...

    Mirror Pool Luna and see what happens.

    So many alicorns of the Night! Compared to herself, the Guardians of Harmony: Fan Series Nightmare Moon is one of the largest molded figures of the Princess. Even the Funko vinyl Luna isn't quite as tall, though it may be a bit heavier. Also in the shot is a fan created indiegogo Luna plush, and the Aurora World season 1 Luna. At her feet, the first NMM blindbag, the Funko Mystery Mini NMM and Luna, who is on top of the large Funko vinyl. Next to that, is the new blindbag sized Princess Luna part of the new Friendship is Magic collection, which is up for review next. In the background, an enormous Princess Luna by Equestria Plush which you may recognize as a background in many of my shots. Missing from the picture is the let’s-fly-to-the-castle, talking, brushable Nightmare Moon who stands a few inches taller. While plushies will always be bigger, if display size is your thing, then this new Princess of the Night is the way to go. When one’s looking in a mirror, one will always look good. Let us see how our mighty Princess faces off against her sister...

    The greatest of all sibling rivalries. 

    Now the balance is tilted! The white balance that is. Celestia, the ruiner of everything, is ruining my shot. No matter, the better sister shall prevail. Small differences between the pair suggest that different artists did create each piece. Celestia has a very angled face with sharp edges and cheekbones, while the dark sister has a traditional round pony head. Celestia’s armor sticks out from her body while NMM’s is just slightly raised. Even the eyelashes are different between the two. And to recap, Celestia’s figure is really just meant to be viewed from the one angle as suggested by the single Cutie Mark, and the limited wing movement compared to Nightmare Moon’s...

    Flappy, flappy.

    Like the Fan Series Discord, Nightmare Moon has very functional ball joints for her wings that allow for a wide range of movements. This makes her posing in your home while she rules over you, perfect in everyway a Princess can be. And speaking of wings, Nightmare Moon has grown bored of this fawning over and wishes to see her new subjects in this world. Come, then mortals, and journey with us as the dark alicorn explores her new kingdom.

    At her request, she first wants to visit the ponies of this land…

    Here, Nightmare Moon is about to conquer the guardian of the ponies of this land. Harmony can not last here! On to the ponies!

    She is shocked and confused by this enormous pony! Truly there must be something wrong with the water.

    This stallion is quick to recognize Nightmare Moon as his rightful ruler. The Dark Princess will put his strong back to work building her new castle.

    This mare will soon feel the wrath of the Night if she does not show the proper respect! There is too much smelling of the Dark Alicorn!

    There is something wrong about the ponies of this world. Maybe they are more like Saddle Arabians. Regardless, they will obey!

    Gah! You insolent foal! How dare you try to taste the Princess of the Night! You will learn to fear the Mare in the Moon. Remember this day, my not-little-by-any-stretch-of-the-imagination pony, for it will be your last!

    Remember this day for it was your last. The night will last forever!

    Not satisfied with the equine subjects she had encountered, she had the wonderous idea to see how the other subjects of the realm embraced her eternal night. She journeyed to the brightest glow in the sky to find herself in the middle of a bustle of activity. Here the humans of the land relished in the joys of the night; partaking of drink, food, dancing, and merriment! Truly, these are are her subjects and here she shall rule the night!

    The first of many meetings this night. These lovely mares complimented The Dark Princess of the night on her amazing mane and spoke of the fun that her night holds! These is hope for this world yet!

    Moving to another table, the alicorn of the Night found more citizens who enjoyed the night the she brings forth. They plan for many hours of celebration ahead!

    Shortly the peons who wished to find themselves in the graces of Nightmare Moon offered up the drink of her homeland: apple cider. The Dark One,however, is displeased at the lack of thought to bring her a straw!

    These bartenders, craftsmen of the ancient art, served many quality drinks to the Alicorn of the Moon. They have pledged to pursue the acquisition of glassware that is more fang friendly.

    The darkest one gifts her followers with many shots of friendship lubricant. Such frivolity pleases the Nightmare though she does not show it on her face.

    Here is one of this world’s Lunar Guards, here to protect this establishment from harm and keep out those foals who are unworthy to yet partake in this most glorious of celebrations.

    Nightmare Moon is unsure of this nation’s flag colors and will mostly likely change them once she has asserted her dominance on the governments of this world. For now, though, she is happy to procure more elixirs for her growing legions of humans that have sworn allegiance to her.

    There is still so many mares and stallions of this world to meet who will swear their allegiance to the Night. This barkeep swears there are many star themed concoctions in the works.

    Many enjoy this night without the aid of friendship lubricant. This mare enjoys the evening with her best friend and good music.

    In this moment, the Alicorn of the Stars commanded the creation of a drink of the Sun….so that it might be consumed! MUhahahahahahaha.

    This night everypony, err...everyNOTpony was excited to see and celebrate with Nightmare Moon. Her reign of the Night with be without equal!

    These citizens of the twilight led the Dark One to a food establishment on wheels. Wheels are round like the Moon and please the alicorn.

    Here the magic of salsa was applied to tacos which excited the palette of the Night Princess. With a full belly and many memories, Nightmare Moon adjourned to prepare for the conquering of this world.

    She the greatest princess and a fair sovereign to her subject but be warned, should she find you not celebrating her Night at the moment of her dominions rise, she will be most cross with you!

    Final verdict: If you only ever buy one My Little Pony toy, buy this one. Period. Thank you once again for joining me on my journey and review of the Guardians of Harmony: Fan Series Nightmare Moon. Let me know what I should review next in the comments and what you thought of NMM. You can find all of my toy and merch review here.

    You can purchase the GoH NMM online at Amazon, Entertainment Earth and just recently on the shelves of Hasbro’s other retail partners such as Wal-Mart, however their online sites are having trouble listing the correct images and prices. Retail price is $19.99 so shop around.

    Special thanks to wifey Cynder and Star Shield for escorting myself and NMM.

    Equestria Daily reminds you to always celebrate the night responsibly and always designate a bat pony for the ride home.