• Monster High's Answer to Pony - Fright Mares: The Centaurs with Cutie Marks!

    Time for some of that fringe pony news. We reported on Disney ponies a while back, so might as well.

    It's no secret that Equestria Girls is a direct competitor to Monster High's crazy success in the doll market, and Mattel isn't taking that lightly. They have opened up a new line of centaur toys, complete with leg/butt cutie marks.

    Even their prices are similar to the Equestria Girls dolls, at least over on Amazon. I wonder where this will lead? Are we going to see Monster High girls wander through a mirror and come out as ponies in a limited theater release or straight to DVD movie in the near future? I don't know a whole lot about them, but I wouldn't mind some monster ponies.

    Get a mini comic thing below. 

    Thanks to Rachel for the heads up!