• Best of Brony Archives Update - 30+ Animations Added, Now Taking SFM Submissions

    The Best of Brony Animation Archive has had  30 animations added to it's stores as more people submit missing ones, but we are now opening up submissions on Source Film Maker videos. Like animation, we are going to stick to things that are over or around 1 minute in length, and slowly absorb shorter ones at a later date, or create a separate archive for those.

    If you know of an awesome SFM animation that deserves to be on display with the greatest of the genre, head on over to submit@equestriadaily.com and title an email BEST OF, then toss all of them into the post!

    Eventually this will have a hub page on the side bar for easy access. We are working on art for that now.

    Thanks to everyone for helping us fill these up! And for everyone else, enjoy super easy access to the best the fandom has to offer!