• Nightly Roundup #1361

    With all that information from Thorax you bet Twilight would be incredibly interested in observing a changeling hive. Just watch out for Chrysalis Twi, heh.

    News time my friends! Get it after the break!

    Tonight's Stories

    The First Date - Live Action Pony Video

    A ten minute short with some pretty good quality backing it up, follow Tender Taps as he tries to ask Apple Bloom out on a date.

    Midnight Readings The Winter Walk

    Midnight is back with another story for you guys tonight, so tuck in and have some fun!

    Transcript for Changeling and Dungeons and Discords

    Alan has returned with two new transcripts and a nifty little sheet explaining the whole episode order thing that has been confusing people for awhile. Get them below.




    Ponies Mentioned in "Sally Forth" Comic

    A comic has once again mentioned ponies. Remember when Foxtrot did it so long ago? Man, feels like ages at this point.

    Season 6 and Legends of Everfree Premiering in September in Brazil!

    "Very good days I bring this note where in Brazil premièred season 6 of MLP and Equestria Girls Legend of Everfree in the month of September :D"

    "Try One!" MLP Comic Dub

    Not in the mood for a story? How about a nice little comic dub instead tonight?

    Tonight's Successful Meetups

    Alexandra Carter and Ingrid Nilson Fillycon Charity

    I just had to share this with your staff. I represent the BoSPA (Bronies of Southern Pennsylvania) and wanted to share this photo of Alexandra Carter and Ingrid Nilson (Peppermint Twist And Maud Pie) signing this Fillycon sign that one of our fearless leaders Andrew Miller made for the charity auction today. We went around and pretty much had the WHOLE convention sign this board with the intention “Everypony is important”. The sign will be auctioned off here in a few minutes for the Children’s Charity.

    p.s among the signed was also Silva Hound, Woodlore, Shakeups in Ponyville, Fluffle Puff/Mixer, Fillycon staff, let’s just say it is safe to say everypony.

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    CinemaQuestria's Weekday Events: Monday August 29th to Thursday September 1st

    Check out what on tap this week at CinemaQuestria! Join us Monday for a NEW episode of Pokémon XYZ, and our EEE discussion of the new MLP episode on Tuesday!

    ~~All times EDT~~

    • 5:00p - *SPECIAL* Teen Titans: The Video Game playthrough, pt III
    • 6:38p - Teen Titans (Lightspeed)
    • 7:01p - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [2012] (The Pulverizer Returns!)
    • 7:23p - Pokémon Advanced Challenge (Me, Myself, and Time / A Fan With a Plan)
    • 8:07p - *NEW* Pokémon XYZ (Seeing the Forest for the Trees!)
    • 8:30p - CQ Power Playback: Power Rangers - Lost Galaxy (To the Tenth Power / The Power of Pink) [only SD]

    • 5:00p - *NEW* ~LIVE~ Equine Episode Examination (Dungeons & Discords)
    > MLP is on BACK, and at EEE we're back to discussing the new MLP episodes! Join us every week as some of the CQ staff get together for a live discussion about an MLP episode (or other topics), and you're invited to the roundtable. We'll discuss the various aspects of the episode, and what we liked and didn't like. Everyone is welcome to participate in the discussion in the chat while we talk on stream!
    • 7:46p - Pokémon Advanced Challenge (Crusin' For a Losin' / Pearls Are a Spoink's Best Friend)
    • 8:30p - Wander Over Yonder (The Nice Guy / The Time Bomb)
    • 9:52p - CQ Power Playback: Power Rangers - Lost Galaxy (Orion Returns / The Sunflower Search) [only SD]

    > Join us all evening as the CQ Crew streams games, shows, and/or movies!

    Anything could happen, so make sure to keep checking back all night (or follow our Twitter @CinemaQuestria) to find out all the awesome stuff going down!

    • 8:00p - CQ Power Playback: Power Rangers - Lost Galaxy (Protect the Quasar Saber / Facing the Past) [only SD]

    Have a great week, and see you on http://www.CinemaQuestria.com!

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    [HORSE] The Times They Are a Changeling

    No Second Prances Review Ft. AnY

    The MBS Show Episode 227

    Hey there Bronies and Pegasisters!

    In today’s episode of The MBS Show, we join our hosts as they talk about the news and read your emails. Also they wish a very special girl a happy birthday! It's going to be an amazing episode!!!

    Check it out in the link below!

    Also you can now subscribe to the review show on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.
    - http://bit.ly/mbsreview
    - http://bit.ly/mbssradio

    The Brony Show 231 - The Brony Show talks about MLP Comic 42

    The Brony Show 231 - The Brony Show talks about MLP Comic 42

    Hello everypony. What happens when Pinkie tries to write a story? Only an insane comic like this can tell the tale. Join us as we watch the decent into madness for a children's book.

    Catch the fun here:

    News of the week: https://youtu.be/JClerg3LxeY

    Vids of the week: https://youtu.be/hGL4XIvaW7w

    Be sure to join us at https://thebronyshow.net/ at 6PM PST/ 9PM EST live this and every Monday. You can also join us an hour early for the Brony show preshow and get your brony show starting early. Also be sure to stay after for Crimson's oatmeal galore afterparty. If you want to be part of the show, let us know! Email Circuit at bronyshow@gmail.com and ask for a spot. They fill up fast so be sure to reach us quickly. Also be sure to tune in to our affiliate Ponyville live for the show and more fun things after the show at www.ponyvillelive.com

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Today In Pony History

    August 30, 2011-2015

    2011 - Lauren Faust MLP production sketches.

    2012 - Equestria Inquirer interviews a lot of MLP staff.

    2013 - Honest Pony Trailers - Fallout Equestria.

    2014 - Cartoon Horse Program (Must see in my opinion).

    2015 - Dummies and Dragons animation.

    Twitter: Calpain