• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VI: Day 15

    Being a lover of Toon Link and his facial expression this hit me right in the nerd gland and I had to use it as header tonight! Welcome back once again guys to another night of the ATG! With classes starting up I'm sure things are getting a bit tighter in your schedules but keep it up if you can. Even with school starting you still managed an impressive 161 ponies for tonight, bringing our total to 3599 ponies!

    With the ATG slowly but surely coming to a close in the next two weeks I wanted to say how proud I am of you all. You've shown me things I never thought would be used as entries for this little event and your creativity and determination continue to thrill me even after doing these with Phoe after all these years. From creative use of the prompts provided to the huge range of mediums used I can still say, happily, that you guys have a bright future in art. Whether you just started or are an experienced artist honing your skills, you've all shown me again and again the spirit and raw creative power this fandom has to offer; the things I love about this fandom.

    Now before I get too mushy on you all I have tonight's prompt for you guys! For the most part we've been dealing with ponies fully lit and enjoying Celestia's sun, but now that you've had a taste of the day I would like you to tackle what things would be at night by having you draw a pony staying up late/draw a pony in the dark. It is school time after all and I bet we're all looking at long nights ahead! As usual, find our submitter here.

    Onward to the gallery after the break!

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