• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VI: Day 16

    You've got to love some meta humor, am I right? Don't worry you guys, I'm sure what frustrations you might have are the same frustrations experienced by your fellow artists. Keep together and encourage one another and I'm sure you can keep it up!

    Anyhow, welcome to day 16 my friends! Over the past 24 hours we have received 165 ponies bringing up our total to 3764 ponies! Such excellent work you guys, we're so close to 4000.

    Now on to today's prompt which I hope will give you a bit of a challenge! While we have seen plenty of ponies I haven't seen many other species represented in any way. So, in order to give the other denizens of Equestria their due tonight's prompt is to draw a pony as another species/draw a pony transforming. Hopefully with a prompt like this it will help you broaden your horizons and serve as a fun challenge! As usual you can find our submitter here.

    Note: Another species can either mean animals (cats, dogs, ect), species such as griffons, dragons and the like or fantasy species. Really, as long as we can tell it once was a pony but is something different you can let your imagination go wild!

    Now my friends, on to the gallery!

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