• Rarity Day on September 13th!

    Rarity is lying in wait because Rarity Day is finally upon us! That's right gang, in celebration of our best marshmallow pony she is getting a day to herself during New York's Fashion Week in September! In order to give you guys enough time we'll have the day towards the tail end of the week on September 13th, giving you all two weeks from today to dig up the best Rarity content you can find or create and send it on in!

    As usual we will be accepting anything from art, crafts, music, and more for the event! All you have to do is send your email into submit@equestriadaily.com with the subject "Rarity Day" followed by what you are submitting (example "Rarity Day - Artwork"). This greatly helps with our sorting!

    I'll make sure to give you guys periodic reminders as the two weeks tick down! For those of you curious as to which ponies still need their day this year we have:

    • Sunset Shimmer - September 22, Fall Equinox
    • Pinkie Pie - October 7, World Smile Day
    • Applejack - October or early November, Cider Season
    • CMC - November 20, Children's Day
    • Luna - December 21, Winter Solstice

    Thanks for listening everyone and thanks for participating in these little appreciation days so far!

    Twitter: Calpain