• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VI: Day 14

    Leave it to Pinkie to stare down a not so happy bull! You can never crush that filly's enthusiasm, that's for sure. Anyhow, good evening everyone! I hope you guys had a good night off or were excited to catch-up on some of the prompts you missed out on. In total we still got a decent 143 ponies bringing our total to 3438 ponies!

    Now that you're all rested a bit I hope, we'll be diving right back into a new prompt today! Tonight we'll be looking to see what sort of mischief our ponies can get into without getting caught because we'll be drawing a sneaky pony/drawing a pony in disguise. Now make sure to bring back a lot of loot for us tomorrow night you guys, got to keep everything here at EqD funded! As usual you can find our submitter here.

    Now, onto our makeup gallery!

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