• Kelly Sheridan Heading to Ponyville Ciderfest 2016

    Ponyville Ciderfest has added yet another show staffer for their end of October celebration! Kelly Sheridan, voice actress behind Starlight Glimmer will be attending. Head on down below for Glimglam!

    Just because her character has changed her ways, doesn’t mean you won’t get an “equal” chance to meet our next Guest of Honor at Ponyville Ciderfest 2016. Please welcome Kelly Sheridan as our next Guest of Honor!

    Character art by Britt Fields
    Background art by Kelsey Carlson

    Looks like Barley isn’t too happy about being dressed up as Ken, but “Barbie” sure appreciates it! We have a feeling he’ll be getting back at Caramel for laughing at him though. Hopefully he doesn’t do anything to her Princess Dress!
    Discord isn’t the only reformed villain you’ll be able to meet this October! Just as much as the fandom was excited to welcome Kelly Sheridan back to My Little Pony last season, we are excited to welcome her to Milwaukee! Kelly joins the growing list of Guests of Honor that we have for Ponyville Ciderfest this year; which includes John De Lancie, Jenn Blake, Peter New, Jim Miller, and Willa Milner! Badges and sponsor badges are still available if you would like to meet them this October!
    With more than 20 years of voice over experience, Kelly Sheridan has appeared in numerous animated series and features including Ukyou in Ranma ½, The Scarlet Witch in X-Men Evolution, Diana in Martin Mystery, Sango in Inuyasha, Theresa in Class of the Titans, and numerous roles in My Little Pony Tales and MLP G3. Most notably, she has worked for Mattel since 2001, playing the voice of Barbie in the majority of their feature length films. Recently she can be heard as Mystique Sonja in Hero 108, Hisako in Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-men, Sersi in Neil Gaiman’s Eternals, and Starlight Glimmer in MLP: FiM.
    Kelly is a graduate of Simon Theatre University’s Theatre Program and loves creating theatre with her home grown troupe, Genus Theatre. The rest of the time she can be found travelling, playing ridiculously complicated German board games and sampling premium tequilas.