• "Dungeons and Discords": Episode Follow-Up

    I must remember to thank Nick Confalone for the shout out to the MLP Comics produced by IDW Publishing should I ever run into him in person. Never thought I'd see the day where something that first appeared in the comic would ever end up influencing the show.

    I wonder if we'll end up seeing more minor stuff from the comics make it's way onto the show in the future.

    Speaking of the show, we had a new episode premiere yesterday starring everyone's favorite lord of chaos. And an overgrown purple and green lizard. And a monosyllabic red wannabe unicorn.

    So folks, it's time to grab your d20 and roll! Those who roll a 1 or more can check out the follow-up after the break!

    What is it with ponies beside Pinkie Pie seeing the Closed Captioned Box? Clearly they've been spending too much time with her is they can start to break the fourth wall.

    Uh Discord, I know you like breaking walls, but I'm pretty sure Fluttershy doesn't like you breaking the one surrounding her person space.

    Discord: "Fine then! I'll build my own wall in the desert and have Yakyakistan or some other country pay for it." 

    Discord: "Donald Trump is suing me for copyright infringement!? He's the one stealing my schtick!" 

    Fluttershy, I know this is your house and Discord is your boyfriend, but this show is for all ages. So please kindly put the bedroom eyes away and let's get on with the show.

    1. The animators really did make this the dimension where everything is opposite. Thank you photoshop inverted effect.

    2. Making Fluttershy mean never works out in your favor, Discord. You'd think he'd learn that by now.

    3. I wonder if this is also the dimension where Smile, Smile, Smile is in E Minor.

    Apparently opposite world leaves some lingering effects. Fluttershy clearly doesn't care about Canterlot Castle being turned into a volcano. tsk tsk tsk

    Title abbreviates to D&D.  Which is also the acronym commonly used for Dungeons and Dragons, which served as the inspiration for the premise of this episode. Nick, you are a genius.

    Rarity! You're slacking! All those winter outfits are so three seasons ago. 

    Pinkie Pie: Oh, you mean I didn't tell everypony about the huge pony eating monster I ran into back in Party Pooped?"

    Pony eating monster? Pinkie, what the heck are you—

    …oh. Well then. That's certainly a nice little bit of—

    Silver! You just did an episode follow-up! Get out of mine!

    Rarity, you seriously need to let him down gently. Ignoring his little crush hasn't done anything but give the animators more incentive to make him try harder.

    Should I be concerned that I can actually I can actually read the cover of Discord Magazine, or should I be more concerned that Discord's wearing pants on the cover?

    Suddenly I have a very strong desire to purchase a My Little Pony 2017 Calendar (currently $14.99 plus shipping at Calendars.com).

    Discord: "Smellweather! Cancel the rest of my appointments! I have something much more criminally important I need to do."

    Discord, you are late for a very important pony play date.

    I love how the piece of paper he was reading off of just featured a drawing of his face. I heard Deadpool gets the same type of scripts to read off of when he's acting in his comics.

    And now, Presenting the first of what is bound to be several upcoming Enterplay My Little Pony CCG Cards: Discord— Space Jammer!

    That list is also just as long as the number of girlfriends I've had. Yes, I am currently single.

    I've seen this living room before, but I know not where.

    Discord: "Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?"

    CCG Card Number Two: Discord—Princess Cay-Cay of Equestria

    The discovery that Princess Celestia's mane is a cat is troubling for Big Mac.

    Castle of Friendship my foot, this castle is clearly a library.

    Spike, you have a tree stump chandelier hanging over your head which constantly emits light. How are you even doing that with a flashlight?

    And this is a scene that should be familiar to everynerd who visits this site.

    Watching Discord realizes that he's trapped inside a twenty-two minute toy commercial for two different product lines? Priceless.

    For everything else there's Master Card. (Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook only $28.73 USD on Amazon.com)

    I've decided. It's unnerving being able to read text in English on this show. Also, the comics are canon. YES!!!

    Spike still hasn't realized that his crush on Rarity is about as secret as Guys Night between him and Big Mac is to the rest of Ponyville.

    Well, that's one way to zip your lips.

    The amount of details in those characters sheets are incredible. It's almost as if they had a Hasbro owned source of inspiration to work from.

    Don't you just hate it when a zipper becomes defective like that?

     Just look at all the different types of dice they have on the table. The attention to detail on this episode is incredible.

    And two thirds of the episode takes place in this room.

    Of course Discord makes staying in one room amusing, so who really cares. Definitely not Mr. Listening there.

    I did not know that an eraser could go that far into a dragon's skull. Must remember that for future dragon slaying reference.

    Which is a weakness Discord saw since he's such a good listener.

    I wonder if Spike will continue to nurture his talent as an artist. These are highly expressive and full of energy for someone who is very young.

    As Mr. Good Listening Skills has clearly filed away for future blackmail information to send to Twilight.

    Also building a house of cards like that is a lot harder than it looks.

    We have Spike and Big Mac drawn a total of three times in this shot in three completely different art styles and in three completely different perspectives.

    I hope I can draw like that one day.

    Discord, now you're not even paying attention to your gracious hosts. What do you have to say for yourself!

    Now that's better. I know this isn't a solo toy commercial for you Discord, but can you at least try to share the limelight with Hasbro's most popular game?

    This is the only time we see the back of the Dungeon Master's Screen (Only $10.88 USD on Amazon.com) in the entire episode.

    Yes Spike, do continue to tick off the lord of chaos. I know Fluttershy will disapprove of Discord doing anything to you, but even he has his limits.

    Apparently Discord learned from Mickey Mouse what happens when you give a broom autonomy in filling a well with water. For shame. I would have loved to have seen self painting paint brushes painting Celestia Red.

    Spike is actually a pretty fast artist. That's actually a pretty decent drawing of Discord cosplaying as Legolas.

    Spike: "At this point, it's a game. If he gives in, I win. And he knows that."

    Yes, Spike you are a purple dragon. Yes, you live in a crystal palace. No, you are not owned by the Disney company. So quit trying to take Figment's job of explaining the wonders of imagination!

    This is clearly a step up from his former form of imprisonment.

    Spike, Discord rolled a 20. Are you sure it is wise making the spell backfire on him?

    I mean seriously, he does not look happy.

    And now the red one is laughing at him.

    I'm just… going to go… hide under my desk while Discord channels his inner Aku.

    Big Mac: "Spike, you won."

    Rick: "I'm saying it because it's true. Inside of us, we both know you belong with Victor. You're part of his work, the thing that keeps him going. If that plane leaves the ground and you're not with him, you'll regret it. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life."

    I'm more curious as to how a pony with hooves that big can play an instrument like the saxophone with buttons that small as opposed to how Discord pulled himself out of it.

    Are we being desensitized to Discord's mayhem?

    Pony Betty Boop being spun around on the dance floor. I love how this frame is drawn to show her multiple times to in the same moment to showcase the intensity of the spin.

    DBZ used the same type of effect during their fight scenes to really give of a sense of speed and agility during those one on ones.

    As if Discord wouldn't cut in. What kind of dance patron do you take him for? A Gentlemen? Ha!

    Mmmm. Yes, I do think Big Mac likes some bananas!

    And this is why you never take a child into a 1920's dance club. They are far too young to understand the fine art of…

    Wait. Why the heck is Discord looking to pick up chicks!?

    Only Discord could pull milkshakes out of a bar in Las Pegasus. Also, I know those three background ponies are referencing something. Be sure to let me know in the comments, cause I am stumped.

    I don't know why, but for some reason playing poker has really gone to the dogs.

    Discord: "Why yes Spike, I do know what you turn into when you pop over into Doug Land."

    All Discord is missing is an enchanted vodo mask to give him god like powers to reshape reality…

    So that's where the night club's design is from.

    This is either going to be a product from Enterplay soon, or there are going to be a lot of very unhappy MLP Dance Contest winners during the next convention season.

    Like this guy right here.

    Oh dear.

     Oh lordy no.

    And this is where Big Mac realized that ticking off the all powerful former ruler of Equestria and current Lord of Chaos by insisting to play a Pen and Paper Role Playing Game might not be the best idea.

    "Thunder, Rain, and Lightning."

     Spike: "I think I pushed him too far!"

    Spike: "Big Mac, are we dead?"

    Big Mac: "Eyup."

    While Gandalf the Green is a nice look for Spike, the most interesting thing about his outfit design is the five digit hand he has at the end of the staff holding the magical gem. Dragons only have three fingers and a thumb. So is Spike LARPing as a Minotaur Sorcerer?

    Yes Big Mac, you're a unicorn now. I seriously hope we get an episode that explores WHY Big Mac wants to be one.

    Why can't every D&D map have a set-up like this? It would certainly be a lot more fun to play on.

    Now here's a real blast from the past! I didn't notice this on my first watch through, but going frame by frame has let me spot the old grade school Super S that just about every person on the planet has drawn.

    To this day, I'm positive that no one—including myself—knows what it means.

    A Discord Automatic Dice Roller!

     Yes, I actually do want this. Why do you ask?

    The animators were paying attention when they had the skeleton unicorn archers levitate Big Mac as their prisoner. Very well done.

    We've seen the skeletons of and Earth Pony, a Pegasus, and now a Unicorn and Dragon. Why is there nothing in their stomachs like in the previous two?

    Discord: "All this time, you only hung out with me because you felt sorry for me and not because I'm a franchise crossing celebrity?"

    Discord: "I'm not famous anymore."


     —I realize that—

    —it's very hard to—

     —admit when you're wrong and apologize for it. Far too many people ascribe to the notion that the saying your sorry is a sign of weakness, or simple social appeasement. When really it takes a lot of courage and strength to admit when you're wrong and own up to it.

    This is incredible character growth on his part.

    Spike: "Discord, have you ever heard of Live Action Role Playing?"

    Discord: "I'd thought you'd never ask."

    And the heroines of the series, but not this episode return to the Castle of Friendship (now only $20.23 on Amazon.com)

    Do we want to know what horrible scene the girls walked into that causing them such distress?

    Does Fluttershy look adorable in that outfit? Even if you answered no, we're going to find out anyways!

    1. Applejack walked in on her older earth pony brother who is now clearly a unicorn.

    2. Has everyone noticed that Discord's hand is a turnip?

     Wow, we have three physically fit nerds and they're exhausted after LARPing all night long.

    First, I love the fact that Spike drew backs to these character cards.

    Second, he was such a good Squizard until he took an arrow to bum.

    Subtle character interaction like this is something that I love seeing. Discord didn't have to say a word to Fluttershy, just simply nod his head to let her know that she was right. Fantastic.

    Twilight: "Do I have a level forty-seven pegasus dark mage from the fourth edition of Ogres and Oubliettes? Of course not. … What do you mean you didn't ask?"

    The animators even animated the ponies going through a mid clothing transformation. Why is this show so awesome?

    …I think that's actually the first time we've seen pony clothing from this angle. Why do I get the feeling these are going to be made into toys in the near future?

    Avengers! A—

    Welcome back John de Lancie! It was great to have you back on the show.

    Well folks I hope you enjoyed this episode follow-up as much as I enjoyed rewatching the episode over and over again. This is definitely a much better showing for Discord than what we got in "What About Discord" and I couldn't be happier for it. Until next time folks, this has been The Illustrious Q.