• What We Learned from the My Little Pony SDCC 2016 Panel

    The Illustrious Q did an awesome liveblog of the SDCC panel earlier, but for the sake of convenience I'm condensing all the major news points down over here. Quite a bit was revealed, though the staffers were much more vague than usual. We got  alot of maybes out of Meghan Mccarthy! Time for speculation!

    Anyway, get the list of points below!

    Season 6: 

    Get the trailer shown at the panel for Stranger Than Fanfiction over here.

    • Josh Haber wrote the season finale
    • Twilight is going to the Wonderbolt Academy
    • A Rarity episode with "various different point of views" is coming. (Could be The Saddle Review) 
    • Pony Zombies (Confirming the synopsis from a few days ago
    • Spike gets his own song in the Changeling episode. 
    • Cheese Sandwich possible for a return, but not confirmed. 
    • More Cutie Mark Crusaders episodes on the way
    • No Power Ponies episodes planned, but anything is possible
    • Princess Celestia episode gets a big "maaaaybeeee?" from Meghan
    • They would love to invite William Shatner on the show. 
    • Starlight Glimmer will need to earn her throne in Twilight's Castle
    • More Rainbow Dash solo songs coming up
    • Another "maaaaybeeee?" from Meghan on Sunset Shimmer returning to Equestria

    Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree:

    • Get the trailer shown at the panel for Legend of Everfree over here
    • Hitting Netflix on October 1st
    • An alternate world Sunset Shimmer is possible in EG lore

    My Little Pony Movie: