• Music of the Day #682

    Sometimes Luna just wants to be a cat.

    We have a smaller Music of the Day for you all today. Go get six songs below!

    [1] Source

    FruityFusion - Undreamed (Original Mix) by FruityFusion

    Instrumental - Trance / Melodic

    [2] Source

    Welcome Solitude by Alexey Kotlyar

    Instrumental - Piano

    [3] Source

    New Reverian - "Redwood Robin" by New Reverian Music

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [4] Source

    Daniel Ingram - It's Gonna Work (Fidzu Remix) by Fidzu

    Remix - Electronic

    [5] Source

    Totalspark - Night Sequence by OfficialTotalspark

    Instrumental - Dubstep

    [6] Source

    Mantlegen & Einarx - _RARITY (NSFW Mix) by Magnus Records

    Instrumental - Bass House

    (NOTE: NSFW Vocal Chops)