• Season 6, Legends of Everfree, and More - Liveblogging the My Little Pony SDCC 2016 Panel!

    It's that time of the year once again! The flood of news is incoming as Hasbro reveals all on the media side of pony.  Every SDCC panel plays host to a plethora of information, from upcoming episodes to plans for the future of the show. This year, the coverage includes season 6 part two, and the Legends of Everfree movie,  though it could always have a bit of 2017 Pony Movie mixed in.

    Below the break, we will be battling the horrible convention internet and live blogging everything going on. Expect this post to update, a lot.

    Now go get your SDCC My Little Pony panel coverage below starting at 10:30 AM PST!

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    The panelists have arrived at the panel. They are waiting to be introduced and for the panel to officially begin.

    Panelists in Attendance:
    • Jim Miller (MLP Director)
    • Josh Haber (MLP Story Editor)
    • Tara Strong (Twilight Sparkle)
    • Andrea Libman (Pinkie Pie & Fluttershy)
    • Tabitha St. Germain (Rarity & Princess Luna)
    • Ashielgh Ball (Rainbow Dash & Applejack)
    • Cathy Wesluck (Spike & Mayor Mare)
    • Meghan McCarthy (MLP Movie Co-Executive Producer)

    Yes we have the full Mane 6! SDCC has the Mane 6 on the panel! And Cathy Wesluck!

    The panel has started. Megan has walked out onto the stage.

    Megan is introducing the panelists one by one.

    Cast is on stage.

    Question: What has been the most challenging part of working on pony?

    Jim: Staying alive and Sane.

    Josh: And friends.

    Getting into a discussioin about how challenging it is to think of friendship stories, but then having that ah-huh momenet.

    Big challenge in keeping the quality going up.,

    Question: what has been the most surprising part?

    Jim and Josh both agree on this point: The Bronies!

    Question for the actresses: How do you feel your character hgas evolved over the series?

    Tara: Physically. Growth in her confidance and maturity.

    Tabitha: Granny Smith voice talking about how she's gotten hotter each year. Now Rarity on to Rarity and how she is perfect, but she did get a few shops.

    Ashleigh: Rainbow Dash voice she's gotten 20% cooler.

    Andrea: Pinkie voice: Change what's that!? Fluttershy: a little more confidant.

    Cathy: Spike's muscles have been growning. He's been doing a good job growing as a brave character and keeping the ponies in line,.

    Clip is being shown of the next episode!

    Jim Miller shares the story of how he got Patton Oswald onto the show. Check our post on his previous tweets for the full story.

    Question: What are some of your favorite things people will get to see in the next 13 episodes?

    Jim: The finale, which Josh wrote but he made a lot better.

    Josh: And episode featuring a dragon, a pony, and a lord of Chaos.

    Tara: Twilight going to the wonderbolt academy.

    Tabitha: A rarity episode with various different points of views.

    Ashleigh: The next episode with Patton!

    Andrea: Pony Zombies.

    Cathy: Spike making a friend with a changeling! And he gets his own song!

    Meghan is talking about the Pinkie Pie shorts for Flurry Heart. Voice cast lent their voice to MLP: Puzzle Party.

    Changing gears to Equestria Girls. 4th Movie: The Legend of Everfree. Exclusive trailer now showing,

    Coming October 1st to Netflix.

    Question: did the girls have any camp experiences that prepared them for this movie.

    Tara: passes.

    Tabitha: Went to music camp and got a huge lolliepop from her brother.

    Ashleigh: went to bible camp.

    Andrea: Went to french camp.

    Cathy: Girl guide camp. It was soaking wet, and they played in the quarry for fun.

    Table read with the full cast of an upcoming scene.

    Queen of the hippos... leave equestria. Hungry, hungry, hippos.

    It was a table read of a scene from the MOVIE!!!!

    Movie Character: Somber Serenade. Played by Sia

    Q&A opening. Kids up first.

    Will we ever see Cheese Sandwich again?

    Jim: As long as the show goes on anything is possible.

    Is there a difference between the MLP voices and the EQG voices?

    Andrea: Hopefully not.

    Tara: they don't really change anything when voicing between the two.

    Please, please please make more cytie mark crusasters!

    Jim: Wish granted! More CMC before the season is over.

    Anymore easter eggs from the shows grownups like:

    Josh: we always put in as much as we can possibly put in to let your parents watch the show.

    Jim: and we go until Hasbro tells us to stop. They haven't told us to stop yet.

    When is the next episode coming out?

    Jim: The 30th of this month.

    How many ponies does it take to make an episode?

    Cathy: as many as it takes to change a lightbulb

    JOsh: as many as it takes to make a friend.

    Is Zecora going to be in the movie?

    Megan: I've revealed too much. I cannot say.

    If there is going to be a 5h equestria girls movie, would you add in five nights at fredy?

    Meghan: if we did it we wouldn't tell anyone.

    Why is spike a dog in EQG?

    Meghan: Dogs are better then people.

    Cathy: Dogs are man's best friends.

    How mahy seasons are there?

    Meghan: ythere are six season... that you know of.

    When is there going to be another power ponies episode?

    Jim: He would like to know as well. But like he said about cheese, anything is possible.

    Question about Ashleigh's music.

    She been working on a solo project while her band has been taking a break. Hopefully it'll be out in the next six months.

    Who is Princess Celestia?

    Meghan Nicole Oliver. She is not here but she is very lovely.

    Are we getting any Princess Celestia episodes in the future?

    Meghan: Maaayybbbeee!

    Is there another Sunset Shimmer in EQG?

    Meghan: it's in the rhlem of possibilities. The world has been established to work like that.

    How much is actually done of the movie?

    Meghan: Not enough. She has seen stuff.

    Will William Shatner be a special guest on the show?

    Jim: If an opportunity arose where it felt natural to have him on the show, they would love to have him.

    Will there be more characters from previous generations of MLP in the show?

    Meghan: it's in the rhlem of possibilities

    Any guest star on the show?

    Tara: Game of thrones guest stars.

    Tabitha: Deadpool.

    Ashlegh: Miley Cyrus:

    Andrea: Adel

    Cathy: Opera

    Are you guys going to make a discord throne in the throne room?

    Jim: he has a throne in the show. the one with the thorns. And his chair really doesn't fit the look of the room.

    Any fun convention stories?

    Meghan and Tara jokingly argue about kid napping a brony.

    Ashleigh whitnessed her first brony burlesque show at BronyCon!

    Why is Princess Celestia a Princess but not a queen?

    Meghan: Because Queens are evil in every other thing they are used in.

    Jim: Their form of government is very different from ours.

    What was that shadow in the middle of the sky at the end of th season 6 premiere episode?

    Jim: it was an animation error/

    Will Starlight Glimmer get her own throne in the throne room?

    Meghan: that's probably something that she has to earn.

    Jim (Jokingly): Let me write that down for possible use later.

    Who was the pony of shadows?

    Josh: He's a mysterious shadowy figure... who has to remain mysterious for all time.

    Are you guys going to add any more ponies to MLP?

    Jim: There are new ponies being added right now!

    Will Rainbow Dash ever get another solo song.

    Ashleigh: She believes that Rainbow has some sweet solos coming up.

    How do you spend 9 minutes a day?

    Jim: That's a joke at the office. It's code for going to the washroom.

    Will there be any one off characters/villains return?

    Jim: Nope! Next question. Never, ever, ever.

    Will the ponies ever do a wild west adventure.

    Ashleigh: She sure hopes so.

    Last Question. Will sunset shimmer ever return to equestria and would she join the main cast?

    Meghan: Maaayybbeee!

    Meghan announces Hana Zuki. And ends the panel with sneak peek at the panel. Coming in 2017.