• Ponycon is Back this January 2017 with a fantastic new location!

    After saying farewell for what appeared to be the final time, Ponycon has revived and is hoping to bring to you guys a Ponycon experience like none other! Returning in a brand new location this January in the State of New Jersey they hope to welcome you guys back for another round of pony fun!

    Check on after the break to learn all the details!

    Ponycon, the Northeast’s My Little Pony fan convention is making a surprise return with a great new, easy to get to location that includes hotel and convention center all under one roof!

    After carefully considering multiple locations, Ponycon will 2017 take place at the fabulous Ocean Place Resort and Spa in Long Branch, New Jersey from January 27th through the 29th.

    This venue allows Ponycon to operate all elements of the con in one great location including programming, food, entertainment, hotel and other amenities like a pool and spa.

    Early supporters give conventions the lift to get the ball rolling and Ponycon will offer the lowest ticket price (a three day Friday-Saturday-Sunday Early Pegasus ticket for $65 LIMITED TIME ONLY!and the best hotel room deals. See and buy our limited time lowest price available room packages while supplies last. Check out this great facility on our new website Ponycon.us

    There is plenty of parking for those who drive and it is close to the Long Branch New Jersey Transit train station for New Yorkers who depend on mass transit. There is even a courtesy shuttle from the train station to the venue!  

    Voice talent and MLP:FiM creative staff guests are now starting to be lined up so stay tuned for more announcements and get your lowest price tickets NOW!

    At the closing ceremonies of the February 2016 Ponycon convention, owners Keith Butler and Karen Wills announced they would not be able to produce another Ponycon. The economic ability to host this kind of high quality, fan organized, grass roots convention in New York City was just too much to overcome. They felt Ponycon needs to remain affordable for fans and families so we can inclusively celebrate the magic of friendship together.

    In this case - NOT all good things must come to an end. A few months ago, Keith Butler and Alex Davidson were discussing how much they missed producing Ponycon. You may remember Davidson as the emcee of Ponycon but he was also art director and one of the behind the scenes people helping create the look and feel of the con.

    After polling team members and some past sponsors, Butler and Davidson decided to join forces and revive the much missed convention.

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